A Small Dis-/Recombobulation Event

Not sure if anyone else felt this today, but The CAT staff and other sensitives were feeling WHOMPED today. Not sure why (Wave X2?), but apparently a big global shift is under weigh — bringing with it a massive dose of Justice and Retribution. One of us (Da-da) noticed that the neutron count dropped. Last two times it dropped, we all had a similar reaction, … Continue reading A Small Dis-/Recombobulation Event


This blog has been a little weird lately (no, really!), because the world is getting more and more magical… while at the same time looking more and more like a bad Movie of the Week. That said, we’re going to tell you a secret: SOURCE IS COMING! We’re not sure when, but we know it IS going to happen. What’s going to happen?Your unbreakable connection … Continue reading SOMETHING WICKED-GOOD THIS WAY COMES: CLICK CLICK CLICK


A highly advanced (non-human) member of The CAT staff just came up with the term for what many of us are becoming: CHROMOSAPIENS. From the Ancient Greek khroma, meaning color, that rainbow hue you may be experiencing directly maps to the chakra system: ROYGBIV. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet. Note that some of you may be receiving gifts in meditations and dreams (intangible, … Continue reading CHROMOSAPIENS: The Next Step?

The Rainbow Dragon is HERE [UPDATED]

The best way to bring up something totally true, yet so totally out-there, is just to say it point-blank: that rainbow-y thing we were talking about earlier is actually a GYNORMOUS and highly intelligent — and very nice — all-powerful, multidimensional Rainbow Dragon from… well, from beyond. She hatched a few days ago from an egg the size of a small city. Yeah, we didn’t … Continue reading The Rainbow Dragon is HERE [UPDATED]