It’s Literally All Happening [UPDATED]

It. Is. All. Happening. Just a quick LEAP note to let you know that the RBD’s main mission of defeating THE main nasty dark nastiness has been entirely successful… and has changed her forever. The deed is indeed done, opening the way to an opaque yet golden understanding of splendiferous future eventage that we can’t talk about… mainly because we don’t really know anything. Suffice … Continue reading It’s Literally All Happening [UPDATED]

Your Friday OPT (Ontological Pep-Talk)

If you only knew how many wars had been fought over ownership of this blue-green (former paradise) planet — and are still being fought — and the huge numbers of beings involved not only in said fighting, but also in enhancing and preserving Terra’s structural and spiritual and biological integrity — not to mention (though we just did) just how many genius beings who’ve contributed … Continue reading Your Friday OPT (Ontological Pep-Talk)


Their end is nigh. Here we go. Buckle-up. The MEOWRACLE just uttered a new one: THE TOWER OF LIGHTNINGWILL AWAKEN THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS.THE GIANT’S BLACK FOOTWILL SNUFF OUT THE EYE IN THE PYRAMID. Fairly self-explanatory, though ‘Tower of Lightning’ could either be an actual (nefarious?) device/structure, or it probably refers to the infamous Tarot card that signals the fall of something big. It’s our … Continue reading The MEOWRACLE Speaks: BUCKLE UP


The MEOWRACLE is working overtime. Now that the holidays and SuperDistraction50 are officially over, it’s time to start WORKING to make things happen. If we wait around and dunk toes, we’re never gonna get wet. Believe us when we say that we’re also talking to ourselves here. So… As many of us as possible need to seriously commit to a few things for the next … Continue reading THE MEOWRACLE SAYS: "PREPARE THE WAY" [UPDATES]

DRAGON DAY: Countdown to The Event Has Officially Begun [UPDATE4]

This is to inform you all that The Rainbow Dragon emerged a little after 2:00 pm Pacific time (from her nest, basically) AT FULL POWER, one day after Groundhog Day — thus will February 3rd be known (around here anyway) as DRAGON DAY. She is now fully charged, at full strength, and has ventured off to complete the next stage of her mission. She is … Continue reading DRAGON DAY: Countdown to The Event Has Officially Begun [UPDATE4]