Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! This morning (Sunday) in a meditation, one of the Meowracles saw what looked to be a glowing orange/white/yellow sphere in their whole vision, rolling from side-to-side. Then they saw this at SpaceWeather: What does this mean? Probably something good. What it really means is that it’s time for CAKE. It’s always time for CAKE. UPDATE: Then we had this big WHOMP: UPDATE 11-3-16: Anyone … Continue reading [MGNOWOWOWOWOWOWOW][UPDATED 11-3-16]

SOC’s Meditation Primer [UPDATED]

Meditation typically does not involve putting a sock on a tree, but you never know. Preamble What is meditation? We’d say it is literally plugging yourself into SOURCE, but you were already plugged into SOURCE. Meditation is communing with SOURCE, and remembering who you really are: a tiny teardrop of spirit in an ocean we call SOURCE. It’s actually pretty simple. What to Do While … Continue reading SOC’s Meditation Primer [UPDATED]

Meowracle Sings for 10-6-16

THIS is just awesome. Some of the CATs were feeling down in the dumps when someone started singing the song in their head: “GRAY SKIES ARE GONNA CLEAR UP,  PUT ON A HAPPY FACE.” Then we saw this: ============ October 6, 2016 The Cabal Took The Bait! If you are wondering about the Julian Assange October Surprise Fail, Think Again! It now appears to have … Continue reading Meowracle Sings for 10-6-16