That BOOM in Northern CA? [UPDATED]

Fig. A: “Boom.” After one of the M’s reported in the comments of a previous post about this, we realized that NO ONE had reported this, so… we’re reporting it. And it sounds weird even to us. About 11:00 pm PST on Saturday, February 25th, 2017, there was an inexplicable and highly substantial BOOM sound that echoed all across Northern California, startling local residents. Those … Continue reading That BOOM in Northern CA? [UPDATED]

Lingua Franca: ORANGE

Hmm. Your time is coming, so… it’s time to get ready. (You should be excited.) Let’s start with something fun: where your language came from. (Language is basically software.) You want Disclosure? We got your Disclosure right here, pal. We had M3 ask their guides how to say, “ORANGE” in Pleiadian. They said: M3: It sounds like, “AH-RAN-GHEEE.” Ah-ran-ghee? Folks, the lion’s share of earth … Continue reading Lingua Franca: ORANGE

40 Days & 40 Nights [UPDATED]

The title of this post doesn’t mean we’re suggesting epic rains and floods are coming; we’re already seeing that as part of this version of earth being allowed to return to normal. Instead, this post is… well, just a suggestion. A very important suggestion. We suggest folks dedicate the next 40 days and 40 nights (40/40) to meditation — when you can, not all the … Continue reading 40 Days & 40 Nights [UPDATED]

CAT Check for 2-18-17

Well, there it is, plain for all to see: HAARP being used against the Oroville Dam (that concentric radar/energy signature right over the dam). The PTW have made their choice against the American people very clear. The PTW and MTW (Media That Was) have chosen their lane. We bid them farewell and wish them luck on their inevitable timelines. We’d hoped they’d make a better … Continue reading CAT Check for 2-18-17

CAT vs Snake [UPDATED]

Think of that snake as a falsehood, not Cobra himself. Someone needs to set the record straight in terms of posts by the person calling himself/herself, “Cobra.” They’ve been putting out more and more disinformation, lately, and we’ve had enough. As clairsentients, we KNOW when someone’s lying or passing on misinformation, and some of the answers Cobra’s been giving in interviews have been just plain … Continue reading CAT vs Snake [UPDATED]

CAT Check for 2-9-17

A check-in/update seems in order.  All is well… where it counts. Like Trump or not, the de facto “military” government now in place in the US is keeping the peace, and will be meting out justice to the justice-challenged. There is no avoiding it. (M3 said: “If you’d gotten the other candidate, you’d be embroiled in a terrible war right now, and it would be … Continue reading CAT Check for 2-9-17

Rare Repost: Light the Way

A rare repost that nicely encapsulates what’s presently going on; can’t say we feel as ‘exclamation-post-y’ as this writer, but we appreciate the tone and message. Ashtar: Light The Way  Greetings, Beloved Family!  We are here with numbers so vast that it is an incredible – and yet credible because it is REAL -an accompaniment to what you have called forth here on Planet Earth, below, … Continue reading Rare Repost: Light the Way