Day 3: A Little Secret [UPDATES]

Currently, big time X-ray love is coming from 2644, the upper timeline group. Interesting.

A snapshot of the sun right now. See those two groups of sunspots? Those are two separate timelines!


Here is another view, beneath the surface if you will:

UPDATE 4-1-17:

Lots of energy activity at the moment. Looks like we had a little M-class flare. Look at the current D absorption!

Many of us have headaches, today. Other meters are showing activity:

The above one is in Ottawa, which is usually pretty quiet. Here’s the Russian Schuman Resonance:

Not exactly WHOMP-y, but significant. That D absorption thing is interesting.

Station K and A indices are up.

This one is really interesting.

The whole dayside right now is getting some X-ray FLASH-love right now from the upper right sunspot group (the higher timeline one). It’s easier to see on the timelapse. Here’s a still.


LOOK at this beauty:

BAM. What does all this mean? It means that extra re-coding info is bathing those on the daylight side. Nothing to be alarmed about. Energies continue to be HIGH in interesting ways… but ways that are tough to quantify, effect-wise. Look at how the Wave X energy is LOOKING like a wave:

All the M’s are saying their third-eyes are pulsing, perhaps setting up something significant for Life, the Universe, and Everything. Ahem.



18 thoughts on “Day 3: A Little Secret [UPDATES]

  1. Can you guys elaborate on all of this a little more if that's possible please?Sorry to be a biff…Also, am I right in saying HAARP is separate to chemtrails?Many thanks.Mark


  2. Wow, I love the images. The sun is one amazing thing. Two timelines in one sun. I hope that's a good thing. Or at least not a bad thing?


  3. No, ALL TIMELINES come from the sun, at least for this locality. It's our multi-D projector.~M3


  4. Nope. We're being intentionally for the rest… chemtrails are spray aerosols (usu. aluminum, or some other soft white metal); HAARP is a system of microwave projectors that convect the atmosphere and earth's upper crust, depending on the frequency. Quite primitive, actually. -CAT Editors


  5. I thought there were also radioactive elements included with aluminium such as barium? Both of these have an cumulative effect on the body and brain, designed for the slow kill, agenda 21.And intentionally mysterious doesn't put food on the table, get grandma her medicine or clothe the whipper snappers 😦


  6. No, “intentionally mysterious” keeps Team Dark from delaying the inevitable; if we're not sharing something, it's for safety reasons for the one or the many.-CAT Editors


  7. Agenda 21 is dead. It's been stopped. There is literally nothing to worry about, anymore. The crazies are either dying out, defecting, or being rounded up. Turn your attentions to where they need to be: that is, UP.Also, we can't know anything for sure, since even those beings “on-high” don't know (or aren't telling). We spot patterns and give people general counsel as best we can when it comes to us. We don't hold anything back unless we're specifically told NOT to mention something.~M4


  8. Thanks, as always, appreciated.I was speaking at length a month ago with a Druid friend about mystery. It is what propelled us both in trying to understand everything we experience, but we both agreed if we ever discovered the meaning of everything, we would have lost our purpose in a sense. It is a bitter sweet dalliance, almost futile. Like a cat i suppose, always searching, always curious, but always aware that the thing that nourishes our life the most could also end up destroying it….Here's to the unravelling of the mystery, yet never discovering everything!


  9. Actually, once you learn, it's time to teach. You always learn more by teaching…-CAT5


  10. I had a dream last night. Not sure what it means. Face of an Asian woman and the name Dedi. All I remember now is that name and the face and I realized in the dream that 'dedi' also spells died. Been busy all day but just typed in the words dedi and asian and what comes up is something about a server (for computers). Anyone have any ideas let me know. Will continue my search online on 'dedi' '


  11. I'm seeing in my dreams numbers and names … don't know how to put them together!


  12. Thnk you agszilvia. I did find that the other day. Along with something about timelines. But now I can't find that online!!!! In the dream I asked if dedi was me in another timeline. And the answere was yes. And dedi was dying. I have figured out what it all means. Dedi timeline dying.


  13. Thank you for your help. We know the answers within and with a little help from our friends we can figure it all out at times! ��


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