Your Basic Fairy Primer

A still from a video of about 18 fairies taken by Da-da in his backyard. Though thiswas taken through a screen, they actually twinkled like that, in silvers and golds. While we’re all waiting and transforming, we thought some of you might be interested in this. We saw some questions in the comments on Lynn and Da-da’s latest Five for Friday and wanted to chime … Continue reading Your Basic Fairy Primer

Your Heliomancer for Friday, 4-21-17 [UPDATED]

Well… this is either Witchiepoo entering or leaving the scene. East witch, or West witch? A Native American holding a pirate flamingo?  Sometimes a coronal hole is just a coronal hole. Note that 12651 (formerly 12644 or AR2644) and 12652 are now sync’ed up (whereas 12652 was on a timeline below 12651); these programming snarls now occupy the same latitude/timeline. If they merge, break out … Continue reading Your Heliomancer for Friday, 4-21-17 [UPDATED]

Your Heliomancer for 4-16-17 [UPDATED]

This is interesting. Not only do we have a wizard currently performing some charm on the sun, front and center, we also have one of the bouncing heads from “Spirited Away” at his feet — AND the StarBaby from “2001” moving into frame. Something is happening here. 😉 Oh, and to recap the comments from the previous post: There will be no WW3 (sorry for … Continue reading Your Heliomancer for 4-16-17 [UPDATED]

Warm-up for The Main Event?

So, we can now tell you that we were told that “it all begins on 4/2,” hence the ’42’ thing, and the subsequent 40 days of meditation. Looks like it’s borne fruit: we’ve had three solar flares in the past 24 hours… but ignore the fear in the link. Here’s what it looked like, energywise: We know that extreme sol-ar activity in Sol, our Multi-Dimensional … Continue reading Warm-up for The Main Event?