Gearin’ UP for Crazytown [UPDATES 7-17-17]

[Ok, with so much happening, some older UPDATES ARE IN RED and the newer ones in BLUE. We were just gonna delete this post since it’s a mess, but what the hell.] [Latest energy updates at the end.]Sorry, folks. We were wrong. What we thought (hoped) was an eradication of the darkness in the July 1st wave looks to have been just a temporary push-back, … Continue reading Gearin’ UP for Crazytown [UPDATES 7-17-17]

The Saturday Experiment

Since we have a little time to think and chat and experiment, we’d like you to try something with us. We’re going to do it, too. We’re NOT Ascended Masters, so we need the practice as much as anyone. That said, let’s try a Brother J exercise. Today is Saturday, so we’re calling this the Saturday Experiment. Just for today… imagine that everyone around you … Continue reading The Saturday Experiment

The Event Illustrated V: COSMIC FIRE

Let’s get right to it. The COSMIC FIRE portion of The Event (which may have more parts to it, we’re not sure) is coming for us around Halloween timeframe. You heard it here, first. This is perfect timing, really, given how some elements of the population typically use this season as an excuse to delve into and propagate darkness. This will no longer be allowed. … Continue reading The Event Illustrated V: COSMIC FIRE

Welcome to the Post-Historic World [UPDATED 7-2-17]

Dark entities? Neutral/bad ETs? POOF. Gone. THIS IS THE FIRST SITE TO REPORT THIS. Some credit, please, reposters. Folks, something has happened. We’re not sure if what just happened was The Event, or one of them, but after tremendous energies last night @ 8:15 pm PDT (even the M’s were nauseous)… the dark beings/entities plaguing the earth are ALL GONE. Completely. POOF. Even the dark … Continue reading Welcome to the Post-Historic World [UPDATED 7-2-17]