Scenes From The Event, Step 3: 9/23 to 10/1 [UPDATED]

Wow. Wow, 9/23 did not disappoint. Wow! (This is the Tixie meter in Yakustsk, btw, 11 hours ahead of EDT.) UPDATE 9-26-17 4:00 PM PDT Energy is still pegged. UPDATE 9-27-17 12:00 PM PDT Energy is STILL pegged! Wow. Note that this is only one source. UPDATE 9-28-17 9:00 AM PDT Energy has finally dropped. Phew. Six or seven days of WHOMP and circumstance, as … Continue reading Scenes From The Event, Step 3: 9/23 to 10/1 [UPDATED]

CATs Around the Fin de Siècle [UPDATED 9-21-17]

Something’s happening. Here’s a recent CAT exchange:M3: Either because of, or despite the TWB absence, there’s LOTS of ET activity right now. I saw a portal up about 5000 feet flash green as a ship exited (I only saw the portal, not the ship). Anyway, as I visualized the green, I heard “GO, GO, GO!!” Something is trying to get here in a hurry. Odd … Continue reading CATs Around the Fin de Siècle [UPDATED 9-21-17]

Moon Landing Hoax Photo Breakdown

This monumental lie just sticks in our craw, not to mention the “examples.” The following is a post Da-da did with Lynn at Psychic Focus back in 2015, but this drill-down vanished (TWICE!) and had to be totally and painfully recreated… which we finally got around to. Da-da was kind enough to let us use it here. You’re probably aware of some of this, but … Continue reading Moon Landing Hoax Photo Breakdown


No one will believe any of this, but we don’t care: put simply, we won. It was very stressful. We were brazenly attacked by the TWBs a week ago (three-ship sneak attack at 2:00 am), which forced us to (peacefully) scatter their ships all over the quadrant… but they came back, revenge-minded, and had to be liberated from their troubled existence. We did not do … Continue reading Phew