Advisory: Stay Off the FEAR BUS

Don’t take the ride. FYI, folks: The PTW are up to something… but we don’t see a nationwide blackout, as predicted by some sites. More like a false flag in the southeastern US for two main reasons: the PTW wants to deflect The Event Step 5 (ha!), and they want to wipe away the growing HRC/DNC blowback. Don’t take the bait, and send light to that … Continue reading Advisory: Stay Off the FEAR BUS

Bad News & Good News [UPDATES 10-26-17]

Ok, this is just awesome. Ok, don’t shoot the messenger. Here comes a bubbleburster… at least it was for some of us. It’s certainly not bad news, but we were disappointed when we found out. After some clarification from Guides, we now have a better handle on what’s to happen AFTER The Event. To whit: none of us will be going to The New Earth. … Continue reading Bad News & Good News [UPDATES 10-26-17]

Your Step 5 Countdown (and Step 4 Recap) [UPDATED]

Well, isn’t this refreshing. The PTW’s dark machinery and “magic words” are now so weak that we can openly predict and advertise upcoming Event Step 5 without worrying about cabal blockage! Welcome to the future. Thus, the new countdown has been posted (which leaked earlier! oops). It is time for some serious Giving of Thanks. All the False Flags in the world won’t stop … Continue reading Your Step 5 Countdown (and Step 4 Recap) [UPDATED]

Timeline Bucklage

Here we go again. Buckle up, folks. Timelines are bouncing all over the place. Lookie… Italy …breaks in telemetry (here) are actually timeline jumps. Italy the day before (this was around the archon eradication time). Ottawa Neutron meters from all over. While some cut out, the one in Mexico went nuts. And then a GRB… …and then a BIG eight second GRB that just happened… … Continue reading Timeline Bucklage

The Archons are GONE

Bye. For the first time in a looong time… millions of years?… there are no more archons in, on, or around the Planet Earth. The archons are GONE. They’d been forced away from the Earth and were hanging out around the moon — and were feeling surprisingly invincible — until they messed with some of the Meowracles’ dreams. So, we asked our higher order friends … Continue reading The Archons are GONE