Event Step 7 Check-in

FYI, Step 7 WHOMP-age is beginning (that terrestrial meters can measure). There’s been activity up and down the spectrum within the past two weeks, but it was more unmeasurable and ostensibly personal. All one need do is meditate for a short period of time to realize that EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT. Better. Infinitely so. But we keep watch at various meters to see if it’s quantifiable … Continue reading Event Step 7 Check-in

A Pleiadian Xmas Card

Merry Disclosure from the Pleiadians! [NOTE: Sorry, looks like our explanation caused someone somewhere to mess with this post.] These videos from 12/22 are of a Pleiadian “mothership” and smaller craft… um, EXUDING their presence… which is a good thing. It’s not a SpaceX launch, as has been reported to control the narrative. The Pleiadians made sure everyone could see. Check this out: Note: PLEASE … Continue reading A Pleiadian Xmas Card

The POUNCE: Ears Back

There’s SOMETHING… UNDER… THERE… This is too good to keep to ourselves.   We were chatting with M3 and she said something really interesting in terms of the SoCal fires: the PTW are making these increasingly bold moves in order to trap… THEMSELVES! They’re unwittingly setting themselves up to be caught in such a horrific way that they can’t escape. The subtle stuff, the passive aggressive … Continue reading The POUNCE: Ears Back

Your Upcoming Holiday Step 7 (and 8)

Mmmm… tree… And just like that, it’s the holidays and time for tree chomping. Step 6 is over and… turned put to be a quiet and rebuilding step, with some episodes of extreme torpor we hope we’ll never see again. Talk about falling asleep in the middle of a sentence, ug. The Step 7 Countdown is up (unless you’re reading this post in the future). … Continue reading Your Upcoming Holiday Step 7 (and 8)