The Missing Missile Mystery is Missing [UPDATED]

Sorry, folks. Stories like THIS… are a bunch of crap. There was no missile headed toward Hawaii that was shot down. It’s just the PTW trying to scare people with yet another fake distraction… though at least no one died this time. HOWEVER… this happened right about that time:   Our Guides are telling us that this is literally recorded FEAR, recorded by a meter … Continue reading The Missing Missile Mystery is Missing [UPDATED]

Dream Warrior CAT Techniques

Note: Please don’t throw babies and swords… at the same time. Hooboy. Since the calamari (what we call them, you know who) have only 17 days of existence left  (hopefully), they’re ramping up the dream mayhem. Almost all of the CATs were attacked last night — all night long, even after waking and going back to sleep — but some good came out of it. … Continue reading Dream Warrior CAT Techniques

WHOMP Snapshot for 1-6-18 [UPDATED 1-7-18]

Wow. Had to show you all this. In the first six days of 2018, we’ve seen pretty serious WHOMP-age, the cabal “detained for questioning” at Gitmo (and worse), a 4.5 earthquake in the SF Bay area, and now a (conjured, PTW tantrum) “superstorm” on the East Coast and the South (getting their last digs in where they can). We hope everyone’s safe and warm. Big … Continue reading WHOMP Snapshot for 1-6-18 [UPDATED 1-7-18]

EVENT Step 8 Countdown (and Step 7 Recap) [UPDATED 1-19-18]

So, Step 7 happened. Actually, it kinda happened before the countdown finished (except for one CAT who got flattened on January 2nd), but oh well. Some of us got hammered, here and there, some of us were hot-and-cold (literally), some of us had ice cream. You spins your bottle, you takes your frame-of-reference smooch.  Enter Step 8 STEP 8 is supposed to be THE BIG … Continue reading EVENT Step 8 Countdown (and Step 7 Recap) [UPDATED 1-19-18]