Dragons vs ETs Over Nevada [UPDATED]

Ok, we have to make this its own post, it’s so amazing. The M’s finally looked at this in depth. We started the video at 2:18, where the raw footage starts, as it’s much more dramatic. Folks… those are the TWBs (what we call the Tall White Bastards, nasty ETs) fighting with…  rainbow dragons! Now the weird part: we know those dragons! They are the … Continue reading Dragons vs ETs Over Nevada [UPDATED]

That White House DISCLOSURE Easter Egg [UPDATED]

Juuust a little creepy. Ready for a scavenger hunt? You’re gonna have to act fast. You know who you are. We are putting only POSITIVE intent into this, so hopefully positive people will be able to use this information in a timely way. Ready? Start moving that way NOW. There really is a secret stash of information hidden in the White House , secreted there … Continue reading That White House DISCLOSURE Easter Egg [UPDATED]

Event Timing, etc. [UPDATED 2-17-18]

Here’s the latest from Sophia, another psychic, in her most recent newsletter Q&A, asking questions of some beings she recently connected with. We thought you’d find this interesting: Q: “How about ‘The Event’ date? Do you have any prediction for this EVENT?”A: “This event is a moment that cannot be precisely predicted. Not if the definition is assumed to be a human activated one with … Continue reading Event Timing, etc. [UPDATED 2-17-18]

Immaculate Reception [UPDATED 2-14-18]

Just a quick note: Step 8 is now finally over. It felt so… internal. The next one — Step 9 — feels more about receiving something (energy, knowledge, connectedness), but… we’re not sure when or what that might be, nor how BIG. How’s that for vague? We’re still processing what just happened (and also dealing with the idiot TWBs again).  Some have suggested that The … Continue reading Immaculate Reception [UPDATED 2-14-18]

That Big Question Mark

We here at Schrödinger’s Öther Cat believe in full disclosure (unless the info represents some form of danger to you). That said… we have to admit, we don’t know what’s going on. Late last night and this morning, some of the M’s had the following exchange: ================================== M2: “Is it just me, or does it feel like something is about to happen?”M3: “I always sorta … Continue reading That Big Question Mark