Grounding UP — The PULL [UPDATE3]

Going UP…

Some of you may now be experiencing what we’re calling “The PULL” in meditation, when you set a grounding cord to the New Earth, and/or to SOURCE, you feel this upward PULL. Some have been experiencing this for a while, while others are getting it now. Ground UP!

 Additionally, we’re continuing to see interesting activity elsewhere. Here’s a current snapshot:

Recent Moscow SR meter timeline jump.
Energy saturation from zero all the way up to the higher frequencies.
Cosmic energy increasing.
More timeline jumpage.
And here’s an energy vortex snapped in Oslo (that Mr Laughs over at SpaceWeather
called an “anti-solar arc”; whatever).


We didn’t want to mention it, but… you know that recent royal wedding? There was a dark ceremony done BENEATH that altar at midnight, the night before. This is always done before these big public cabal events in places like this. Very sad.
The royals are striving for mindshare, but they’re sadly just sliding into last place. Talk about going DOWN.
Going UP!

UPDATE 5-25-18

Some interesting new meterage of late:

UPDATE2 5-26-18 10:00 pm PDT

WHOMP all last night and perhaps one starting again tonight.

Timeline jumps.

UPDATE3 5-27-18

Just had a red WHOMP; let’s see if it continues.

67 thoughts on “Grounding UP — The PULL [UPDATE3]

  1. Thank you M2!! I thought about the same thing that it would be a luxury and complete happiness. And also can’t wait, so that’s why asking a lot of questions. Thank you for your patience.~K


  2. Hm. That is tough. I'm still wrapping my mind around it, too. I feel like, visually, many things are the same, and even after the split these items around us will look the same, it's just the energy will be very different. We always hear that we are spiritual beings living a 3d existence, and this new earth feels to reinforce that (the focus is on our gifts and not the physical stuff, BUT physical stuff will still be there). Many problems of the 3d earth will not be coming to 4d.~M3


  3. You speak to me right now. I may be feeling peaceful, content and patiently waiting for the Event to unfold, but… I can't lie about the fact I've also been growing weary of how things work in this density. Like being exhausted from a battle I've been fighting for eons, unexplainably enough.I tire of all the pointless violence, suffering, discrimination, and artificial scarcity. For once, I would really want to exist in a world that works for everyone, without a Cabal to mess it up for everybody else. Perhaps the Event itself is the answer to my pleas… all I want is for myself and my human family to thrive in harmony and peace. I'm not just crazy for desiring this, am I?-Francis


  4. Every single CAT feels the exact same way, Francis. We're beat… but never beaten. We are, after all, near-infinitely feisty. We are most looking forward to being rid of all the various attacks. (TWBs again last night.) -All the Pretty Grumpy CATs


  5. Trust me, there are plenty of us out here feeling the same way.I don't see much, but I feel everything; even being in the same room as certain individuals is getting unbearable, getting out of there is like hitting the surface and gasping for fresh air after a deep dive energetically.I realize that none of it can really hurt me unless I allow it; but this is a tricky game, as long as you have buttons they will be pushed. And I'm pretty sure we're just getting started, this ride isn't slowing down until it's over.Fall a thousand times, get up a thousand and one; as the saying goes. Every time I get back to the center I'm stronger than last time; imagine how rock solid we're going to be by the time this is over, what kind of self confidence pulling something like this off inspires.Be well,sifu


  6. Wow! I really liked this. Also, in this article, she referenced her post about the Naga/Water Element energy from 2017, almost exactly a year ago (off by two days). It's a long one but I was drawn to that too, interesting of note in this one from last year, she discusses seeing the re-birthed Gaia named “Graysin”, a snippet: “When Gaia’s elements dissolved and her energy signature changed from old Gaia to the new Gaia, she received a new name. This name is Graysin. … The purpose of Graysin will be very different and difficult. Gaia was about extreme duality. Too extreme. As we know, things here where so abused and the split became so far apart that it made it almost impossible for people to reach the levels of higher attainment. Graysin will have duality, but it will be mixed and that is why it is called Gray-sin. Sin is the sine wave of science and astrology. It was easy to know good from bad here on Gaia, but it will not be easy to determine this on Graysin. Graysin is Gaia’s higher incarnation and will be a harder school.”This resonates strongly with me as to what “4D Earth”/”New Earth” will be, still containing duality… though different, upgraded… As in, it is the next stop on our voyage to the “5D Earth”, which I believe will be where duality is no longer capable of existing.I am curious of yawll's take on how these pieces all fit together?love/lightJoshua


  7. I read a few other articles on the subject written by other people before seeing this one. Which part(s)are ridiculous, just curious. Thanks Cats and M's for sharing.


  8. Interesting dream early this Sat. morning. I was in a meeting with some other people when it was interrupted with an excited commotion. In the garden(not mine in waking, reality, but dream or real reality) Anyhoo, in this incredibly lush, verdant garden stood a vast array of sweet children singing the most incredible song as a tribute for the job well done. I still choke up when I think of it. A first of its kind of dream for me! Wowza!!!


  9. Hey Cats & MsThat's a lot of conditions Cat12. Cabal vibration is very low. I thought most of the cabal is not even human. So actually everybody and their grandma is going to 4d Earth. I might even find my harassers there, hummm.Do you guys know if black magic and any other woowoo will work there?Sen


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