The Event Has Begun; Break Out That Bad Unicorn

Aha. Batman is CAT5! Two things we’re definitely sure about: The Event has officially begun, and We aren’t sure when The Event will happen. Talk about duality. Bear with us, here. THIS… is the official (public) beginning of The Event: This energy originates in the region of the Constellation Hercules; basically the direction of Polaris and the Little Dipper. That region of space will slowly … Continue reading The Event Has Begun; Break Out That Bad Unicorn

That Auto-Schadenfreude Smoking Jacket

Exhibit A: The Auto-Schadenfreude Smoking Jacket in action. One of the M’s posted a comment in the previous post… and it’s so good, we’re making it its own post. A commenter recently commented, “Trying hard not to fall into the judgement current that’s picking up speed, in terms of the cabal. Looks like things are about to pop.” And the M we all call “AM” … Continue reading That Auto-Schadenfreude Smoking Jacket

Dragons Over London [UPDATES2]

Wow. This is an incredible video. No, this is NOT a bunch of pigeons with LEDs strapped to them (though that has been done, as crazy as it sounds). It is, instead…  …a SQUADRON of dragons! (This was the term they themselves chose, as… well, frankly, dragons are feisty and like to fight.) So, this DRAGON SQUADRON was swarming over London as an anti-monarchy thing, … Continue reading Dragons Over London [UPDATES2]

Latest from Gaia Portal & Notes [UPDATE2]

Notes From Aboveground Some of you may start having dreams about packing things up and throwing some things away, like the last day of school. FYI, we saw dragons showing off in the upper atmosphere last night. They don’t look like dragons at that altitude, but instead as bright lights that FLASH (like an explosion), then fade… then FLASH, then fade… if we maintained high-end … Continue reading Latest from Gaia Portal & Notes [UPDATE2]

Your Basic Meterage Update [UPDATE2]

How long can we keep this up? Lots of us awoke last night at our respective 3:00 am’s, as the energy was heart-racy/palpatational.. though most of us DO sleep pretty close to what could be called “cosmic conduits” in the earth. (It’s funny how that happened; it wasn’t intentional, at least not consciously.) Basically, when the energy is high in the earth’s cosmic neighborhood, it … Continue reading Your Basic Meterage Update [UPDATE2]

One Last Appeal for The High Road

Now, more than ever, it’s increasingly important to take the high road in all things. Don’t get caught in petty squabbles; don’t get caught in the Duality trap, the Justice trap, the us-vs-them trap, etc. Stay focused on SOURCE, and on the world you truly want — and what you want to do on that world in terms of STO (STO is actually service to … Continue reading One Last Appeal for The High Road

What Light From Yonder Solstice Window Breaks? (or, "Buckle-y Buckle-y William F. Buckley")[UPDATE1]

We’re rounding the clubhouse turn to The Event… Ok, we’re seeing some predictive meterage of late, so it’s time for a meter post. And since we’re about to enter the Solstice Window… Oh. What’s the Solstice Window? Typically, energy ramps occur 10 days prior, and 10 days after, your basic solstice. But this 2018 Summer Solstice (June 21st at 6:00 am EDT) isn’t just any … Continue reading What Light From Yonder Solstice Window Breaks? (or, "Buckle-y Buckle-y William F. Buckley")[UPDATE1]