Your Whammy for 9-28-18


The Oversoul and Guides love communicating to us via music. They do it all the time. It’s like a game. We used to find it annoying when we didn’t understand what was going on, but now we get how the song communicates not just words and concepts, but also tone and mood.

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Wearing the WayShower Hat: It’s Fun!


For those who are “WayShowers,” that is, showing the way (you know who you are) for others to follow in terms of The Event and what’s really happening in the world, you’re basically wearing what we call the WayShower Hat. There’s one on every block… er, hemisphere. Soon to be more!

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Extreme Meterage for 9-26-18 [UPDATE5]

Yow. These might explain some symptoms. Oh, and this happened around the same time:   UPDATE1 See the Spheres taking up station around the sun? They do this a lot, keeping the Wave X/Event energy in check for the time being. They have our grateful thanks in keeping us from being totally fried (by unshielded SOURCE energy). And when they’re done…   UPDATE2 Things are … Continue reading Extreme Meterage for 9-26-18 [UPDATE5]

Scenes From the Pre-Event


[Above: A rare ship-less pic.]

Some people were allegedly photographing ships around the sun, but… better images have been flooding in for… YEARS. It’s happening so frequently now, in fact, that we were kinda shocked. We’d been keen on this back in 2012-2015, when Da-da first showed us, but after NASA de-res’d the Stereo satellite images (they used to be AWESOME) — and intentionally destroyed the Stereo B satellite — we stopped looking.

Well, we started looking again.

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