The Pain of Doing Nothing


We were advised by Guides not to interfere with 3D weather…

…and that the energies involved had to be allowed to do what they do. Ok. But it’s hard to watch while HAARP is used to whip these storms up. You can easily see pulsed microwave heating of the eyes of these two storms. That energy swooping in at the end of the animation is Wave X energy. But… perhaps all is not as it seems…


You can really see it here (below) on the right, between Africa and S. America:


And these spikes are that Wave X precursor:




There’s a lot more to what we’re seeing than meets the eye.

More as it happens.

Don’t you just love technology? No, we don’t either.

16 thoughts on “The Pain of Doing Nothing

  1. Ooooh, I love the kitties on the stairs (especially the one on the banister, sitting in the nothingness …)


  2. The truth of the matter is very and very few have a clear and unobstructed vision of how many elements are involved in any given global process that is supposed to change certain things and how many things will really be affected by the outcome of any given process that is currently unfolding. So, unless one has an unbeatable certainty and immence clarity coming from the core of their being, I’d suggest to interfere only with the happenings that deliberately intend to interfere with your original truth and integrity, compromise your wholeness and confuse you in order to weaken. I suspect that meditation and awareness these days are the ultimate self-defence capable of demonstrating an appropriate offence if needed at all.

    P.S. That’s interesting, as I typed a full stop at the end of the last sentence, there was a massive thunder outside- but no lightening and no rain.

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  3. I’m not sure what your guides are intending or who they really are but I don’t stand around to watch harm imposed on the innocent & not at least attempt to bring aid. Unheard of.

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    1. No one is being harmed. This is an illusion. Healing energy for the earth (illusion) is necessary for whatever reason. Are you really going to second-guess the Oversoul?? Good luck with that.

      We all intervened in the last hurricane and perhaps made things worse. It’s ultimate hubris to think that we know everything. Trust in the plan that you agreed to before you even came to this life.


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      1. Two important points; ALL IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS. and we do have the ability to alter these storms. I live in the heart of where Florence was predicted to hit. Soooo many folks answered the call to help calm the storm. She was altered alright. And whereas she did not hit as a Cat 4 as planned, instead she hung around for 5 days and provided a comparable energetic service, with different results. Michael is on his way here now. No interventions requested this time. Trusting that ALL IS PERFECT AND PERFECTLY DONE.


        1. Good point, the weather is a cocreated expression of collective consciousness. even down to the extreme weather being artificially manipulated. Florence was supposed to be catastrophic but an intervention was requested and answered by us. I’m also hearing that no intervening is being asked for re: Michael. 🖤


      2. Exactly, my guides told me that the last Hurricane was meant to trigger the global changes we’re all waiting impatiently for, but that lightworkers naively prevented it through prayer.

        Calamities are nature’s reset. Death is an illusion. We are immortal beings. Until every person on Earth is no longer afraid of death – their own and their loved ones, change will not come.

        Cheer the storms on, let mother nature do her thing, she’s crying, throwing up, pissing and shitting out all of the abuse that she’s been enduring for eons.

        – Ryan Moalemi

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  4. Wonderful, Sophia. Two comments though:

    1. The Court with that particular seal is NOT the highest court in the land jurisdiction. Fortunately.
    2. In the beginning was the Love Story. And the Love Story was/IS REAL and true.

    Those revelations are for another day and another Platform. But for now, some liquid refreshment.

    Love and blessings to y’all. Be safe.

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  5. Perfection is just not possible here; we all make mistakes, all the time. That’s not the point; the point is doing our best, whatever that happens to be right now. Everything is fine either way; Source always knew, the house always wins.

    Like some of the cats, I have serious issues with neutrals. Could be that we’re learning something, could be that the perspective changes by itself once we’re out of here.

    Each situation is unique and local knowledge runs circles around any plans we make. Without empathy we’re lost.


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  6. Finally, here is a joke that explains it all. Someone in this or previous chat was asking about why the cats and not any other species run this site, are given the preference and the most of our quality attention. Here is why:

    A dog thinks: ‘Hey, these people I live with feed me, love me, provide me with a nice warm, dry house, pet me and take good care of me … THEY MUST BE GODS!’

    A cat thinks: ‘Hey, these people I live with feed me, love me, provide me with a nice warm, dry house, pet me and take good care of me … I MUST BE A GOD!’

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  7. Being neutral in every situation is in my opinion the highest thing we can do


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