Meterage for Monday, 10-15-18 [UPDATE1]


We had a short white squall and a timeline jump last night (well, some of us did).

A bit of ho-hum, really, after all we’ve seen.


Kiruna’s readings are rather interesting:


The 30 Mhz returns are thinning out, while 38 is getting vibe-y. What does this mean? Your guess is as good as your guess. Of course, the 16th and 17th timeline jumpyhouse approaches, whatever that will bring.




The latter energy BLOOP corresponded with our feeling energy pressure in (former) heart chakras and 3rd eyes/crowns. Chime in if you’re noticing anything.

That BLOOP also echoed here and there:




And at least the Lycksele BLOOP seems to have come from…

This is a HUGE energy blast from a portal near the sun.


And again.

…this energy burst, which looks like super portal energy. Some BIG ENERGY came through (FYI, those little dots are from that energy, those aren’t ships).

What else? Besides an upward trend in muons (yay?), we’re picking up some ‘space-chop’, either due to the space we’re hurtling through at 50,000 mph or the pre-Event energy coming from the sun. Same difference.



Nothing dramatic.

Oh, and we find it interesting that we’re now being surrepticiously viewed by all manner of white hats and black hats alike, in a number of govts, who have included us into their morning briefings for high hat X… when they aren’t stealing the data and conclusions as their own. Tsk tsk.

[FYI, the Medicina meters are all stuck and need rebooting.]

And finally, Canada’s looking WHOMP-y…


…but Suzy Q’s donuts in Ottawa remains mercifully open; a VERY bad place for a diet.

More as we develop. In the meantime…

A little help?


So far, Piedmont is off the reservation:




And the Midnight Tomsk WHOMP is starting…


More as it develops. If you haven’t looked at this, look now: BUCKLE-Y BUCKLE-Y.

26 thoughts on “Meterage for Monday, 10-15-18 [UPDATE1]

  1. Heart palpitations and headache/pressure at the crown and forehead, since last night. Also weird lower back pain that’s mimicking a kidney infection. Overall feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone and can’t find my way out. Thanks for keeping us informed, at least I feel like there is letgitimate reasons for these symptoms.

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    1. Yes! We just had all those — and at one point, absently wondered if we had a kidney stone. It eventually goes away… to be replaced with something else. One of the M’s experienced bi-location: they saw themselves talking to some of us, but from the ceiling, live, as it was happening.

      -CAT Ed.

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      1. Made me think of the SNL character Roseanne Roseannadanna “It’s always something!”. Seriously the past couple of months have been relentless with the changes and I read from others “things are about to pick up” energetically.

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    2. Oh yes, I woke up around 03:30 last night with heart palpitations; I thought, that’s it. I felt like the kitty at the top ( I mean frightened). That was quite a big whoomp.
      Thank you for the update!


  2. Pressure in the heart/chest region this morning. Then about a couple of hours ago, I felt a migraine coming, didn’t materialize then felt like there were spiders crawling all over my head. eekkk..


  3. I confirm, plenty of headaches around the crown and forehead for most of the morning, it calmed down in the afternoon. It wasn’t particularly unpleasant, but man, if I could feel it!

    Other than that, I feel as out of it as you guys may have been lately. I’ll call it “existantial kerfufflage”. LOL!


  4. Hmmm, lower back pain again, joints hurt, no sleep, my bed felt like it was buzzing last night! My hands have been really dry and sore for goodness knows how long. Just feel utterly spaced and as if my head is in a vice, blurred vision, misty air even inside, just altogether odd and surreal, or real? Oh and seem to be getting the feeling more often that the earth is moving under my feet or should I say swaying! L&L x

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  5. Oh and I forgot to mention the ringing in the ears and the feather touch I sometimes get on my arms! Peace x

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  6. Hello All!
    I have been having lower back issues and dizziness. And (I don’t know if this is relevant) itchy hands. I felt extra dense/heavy when I woke up this morning. But I just found out I am expecting again, so it is hard to tell what is energy related or not. Come on Event!!!
    Love You All ❤

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  7. Well, let’s see… Body buzzing with energy, exhausted even after 9 hours of sleep, hearing very loud but invisible cicadas, and dizzy as hell. Are we there yet??

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  8. Btw, folks… since this is feeling like an energetic gateway we’re going into (we’ve all already been feeling it, if you’ve been reading the comments of this post and the last few), it might be a good idea to eat light the next few days. Might be easier to take. We’re going to have a little fruit in the morning then fast through the rest of it. Be sure to drink plenty of water. This is already starting to feel uncomfortable. (In fact, some of us feel kinda nauseous as we write this.)

    CAT Eds.


  9. Greetings CAT(s) & M’s!

    14 & 15 during day I would be sitting at my lappy, & my heart-beat would increase in speed, & then decrease in speed, 4-5 times an hour. I’m thinking “hello upgrades”! and that I have to go through this.
    Today is 16th & after intermittent sleep/tossing & turning I woke up & felt as though I was walking/moving through “dense” space inside my apartment. I also feel as though I am on the edge of a cold in my sinuses. Yes, I have drunk powdered Vit C in water. Ears not leaking today.

    Weather is not Spring weather for this time of year. Melbourne has “dry” Summers (Melbourne Summers were dry 20-odd years ago) & the weather is feeling as though I’m back in Brisbane. Humidity & humid & overcast but still with a “chill” in the air. I’m trying to intuit the “vibe”/energy -out there-.

    I’m sporadically seeing white orbs in the air. I just miaow at these “orbs” & my intent is to miaow to say “hello-miaow”. Sometimes I see “orbs” that have the colour of blue. Sometimes I am seeing a “flash’ of light, & the colours are white or blue. I’m not seeing any other colours. Up until a few days ago, I was only seeing these “orbs” & “flashes of light” inside my apartment. I was a a local grocery shop & I was in the isle & I saw a “flash of light” & I’m like “waaat”?? (no, I didn’t miaow at it in public!). I said “hello” to it mentally, & it was gone as soon as I thought “hello”….

    CAT(s) & M’s – thankyou very much for everything that you are doing for us! **hugs**


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  10. Hi CATS & M’s
    Love this site and all the insights, graphs, & pics! It’s helped me navigate this wild and wacky trip we are all on, thank-you for all the energy you put into this blog : )

    I was awakened around 4:30 this morning with a loud knocking, like someone was at my door, but it sounded like it was right next to my head. It happened two other times this summer, but later at night. Those times freaked me out a bit more,(it was really dark out). I was wondering if anyone here has experienced this recently, or if I’m just hearing things….!
    Thanks, J

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      1. Thanks CAT Ed’s, that makes a lot of sense! I’ll try it next time ✨
        Blessings, J


    1. OMG, the knocking…it has happened to me as well, more than once! The dog barks too, but no one is there (theoretically) when I open the door. All the other “fun” things going on as well…it’s relentless…weary


      1. I often hear my dog bark… and my dog is asleep in the same room with me! One of the M’s saw themselves up at the ceiling watching us as we had a conversation with that M!

        -CAT Eds.


  11. Just to be different i had lower front pain when i woke yesterday (15th). Also palpitations and episodes of weird woozyness in my head. Felt like I was lifting off from my body. Sinuses playing up but amazingly no headache, just jabbing pains in my head. Lots of hot spells too. Still getting the woozies today but not so much. Hoping i get to the 18th in one piece as its my birthday then and I’m being treated to a gong/sound bath!

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  12. So I very often have all the symptoms everyone else reports here, but the last few days I have been feeling the lymph system under duress (it seems). Very aware of nodes, and it’s throughout the whole body. Kinda freaky. And the cicadas in the ears. Great way to describe it. Forget sleep. Just a few hours at a time. And very, very weird jabs and aches in the lower extremities. Anyone else?


  13. On the 16th I felt like I was hardly in my body, totally
    dizzy, kidneys hurting, lower back and sciatic driving me
    nuts all day at work then when I could stop the work, took a little walk in the woods
    and it started to release and I rescued myself on the couch
    holy jeepers this is hard work and I know it might get harder but
    I am up for it.

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