Task #2: The Library


Things are really happening, now. Note that, if you’re interested, all kinds of info and training are available… in the “Central Library”:

After some insight into the new-and-improved “interface” we all — you, too — seem to have, some of us tried to access “The Central Library” (aka, the Akashic Records) in the following way:

  1. Figure out in advance what you want to know. Be specific. Have this info-track clearly in mind before you start. Use a sample subject to start.
  2. Do the G+P+C thing and get in the zone (otherwise who knows where you might wind up, or who you’ll talk to), then…
  3. Clearly think: “Now, I want to be in The Library.”



We did the above and were there instantly. It looks like a college library… at a really really nice school. In Heaven.

The Librarian is very nice. He’s an old guy (who’s probably REEEEEEALLLYY old), and hugely advanced, krikey.

Those of us who went were instantly greeted and asked what we wanted to look up. M2 spoke first (as M2 is wont to do):

“SOURCE. I’d like to know all about SOURCE.”

We were instantly shown a white wall, very tall and wide… and… a little bunch of grapes next to the wall. Grapes? Ah. Those “grapes” were were shown… are individual universes of the Omniverse! WHAA. And as we watched, the “wall” became an infinite glow-y white thing… in all directions. Wow. Welcome to SOURCE.


That’s enough for now.

Note that the Akashic Records, or “The Library” is literally inside the Mind of SOURCE. It’s a little complicated, but we brought our Memory of SOURCE with us into the illusion, and that’s basically SOURCE. And this Memory (aka, The Holy Spirit, Uncle Ho, etc.) remembers. everything. we’ve. done. here. All of us. THAT is the Akashic Records.

You can easily access this, too. Just concentrate in advance (so you’re clear on what you want), G+P, and please be polite. Not many living people use The Library (while they’re AWAKE).

Oh, and please try to fall sleep in your own section.

CAT3 always sleeps on books about CATs.

37 thoughts on “Task #2: The Library

  1. Sheesh, talk about big brother!

    What would happen if you looked up, looking up yourselves, looking up yourselves?



  2. I’ve been looking forward to this post.
    Oh, and now I see why people say you look smart and brainy in spectacles – just look at the kitty at the top! For a second I thought he was going to ask me for the key to this site, oh, my … it must’ve been an optical illusion…

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  3. Oh. That’s what that is.

    Just meditated (despite being very tired and almost falling asleep). Saw myself, as usual, getting closer and closer to something… but it turns out that I’m NOT getting closer and closer to something: In actuality, a very very big multicolored WAVE is headed right for us. And fast. It’s right on top of us. (The question is: What’s “fast” mean in what I saw? Today? Tomorrow? Xmas?)

    Hm. We did see pumpkins in terms of The Event. And we DO have a Halloween countdown going… hm.


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    1. It is already here.

      I’ve been meditating with the wave for a few days.

      The most interesting part I’ve been dabbling with is, “moving” my body without … effort (?… I believe you’ll know what I mean, if you know what I mean)… but instead, essentially imagining the place I want my body to be and allowing the innate to do the rest for me.

      This, is an ongoing practice.

      Humanity is going to learn how to crawl… stand… walk… etc. the “light” way.


      P.S. if you find yourself in your body but everything feels “stuck”, use the above to “imagine” yourself moving. fingers and toes… then limbs… blah blah blah. The Event is going to be a very interestingly perplexing “time”… I foresee a lot of pyschic yelling from people simply wanting to move.


  4. Something BIG is definitely here. I can feel it. I feel so WEIRD!

    Just trying to finish off a book I’m writing and have been hit by some tidal wave of energy. Bam! Cannot get my fingers to type properly!

    I feel as if I just have to stop and sit and stare vacantly at the wall for a while….

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  5. I can’t wait to try this! I am still a very beginning meditator, but sometimes I AM able to see things “on the inside of my eyelids” pretty clearly. I once read a blog that stated that Trees were a library but I have not been able to connect to determine if that is true (mainly because I don’t know how to connect yet).

    I have sooooo many questions! Woo hoo!

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    1. I guess I am not ready for these “advanced” features. I didn’t go to The Library” but I did enjoy my quiet meditation, as usual. I’ll keep practicing and hope I get there soon!


    2. You accessed the unalterable Eternal records or Source. They are open to everyone as of the summer of 2015.

      The Akashic records were corrupted. They are unreliable.


      1. We accessed records at The Library, with J running interference; we’re inside a SOURCE envelope at all times, even now. We used the word “akashic” just so people had a point of reference. In the exercise, we don’t have people use the word “akashic.”


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  6. So what about the rest of us with no perceivable symptoms? When the wave hits, will we even notice anything, or just find nonew postings from the cats on this site?


    1. You aren’t having any symptoms at all? Hm. This isn’t exactly cause for alarm as a couple of CATs typically have no Wave X energy symptoms — because they’re already at a high level; born that way.

      As for this web vehicle trundling unmanned down the road after Wave X rolls through… Wave X has already been rolling through, over and over again, for years now… and we’re all still here. We have no idea what’s going to happen. If Spirit wanted us all to know, they’d tell us… and we’d tell you. If we aren’t told something, it’s for a very good reason. Some things we can’t know, as it’s not in our best interest.

      -CAT Eds.

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  7. Phew, whatever that energy was (it’s not on any meter we can find, except for all of us!), it seems to be dissapating — for now. We actually expect high energy about 2-3 days prior (and a day or two after) full moons and new moons. You might want to mark your calendars to keep track, adding a lunar data feature to them. We also track pagan calendar events (like samhain, etc.), to keep an eye on the ca8al and their “13 Days of [insert pagan festival]” before every pagan date, with bloodshed in the form of “disasters” as step-ins for formal ritual sacrifices during those times. Sick puppies.

    -CAT Eds.


  8. I feel like something just snapped. I occasionally (especially lately) spontaneously vent energy and frustration over how icky everything is by, erm, roaring. It seems to clear the air and bump the frequency a notch. Let’s just say I’m happy we live in the country side surrounded by several other odd characters, otherwise I’d be staring at soft walls and drooling by now. But tonight was different; whatever that was, I’m glad it’s over. Something beyond powerful is moving under the surface, that’s for sure; pacing back and forth like a lion in a cage.

    And when I’m not roaring like a lion I’m growing wings, literally. It’s been sneaking up on me over the last few months, sharp pains and muscle ache around the shoulder blades. Had no idea what to make of it until tonight when I could actually feel them, or more like phantom pains from missing them.

    This is one seriously twisted trip.
    Mental note: NO more ascensions, just NO.


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  9. Just the “usual” blind staggers, could barely walk, day was stunningly gorgeous, joyous, and sublime. (How ’bout them adjectives) Tried to nap, but was too wired to sleep. Here we are! EEEeeeee!

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  10. My neck is swollen. I am afraid that I have either swollen lymph nodes or a malfunctioning thyroid. Ouchies. Anyone else with this problem?


  11. Ha, I had a “library” dream two or three weeks ago…

    I was on vacation alone, without wife and kids, on a mountainous area somewhere in Portugal (never been in Europe in real life). I was amid a group of tourists and a local guide who was taking us into this “moorish castle ruins”, which was in fact a very well preserved medieval building, albeit completely empty of any furniture or decorations.

    I asked the guide to be shown the castle’s library, and she answered as perplexed “What library, there is no library, don’t you see this is empty?”. Then I proceeded to take the group into a large room with many columns and walls, that were built in such a way that the light entering the windows produced strange visual effects, so that you got easily lost, like in a labyrinth.

    Then I searched for a while, until I found a column that had some steps carved in a disguised fashion, and started to climb until I got into another room upwards. The walls were packed full of books, parchments and whatever kind of written records. There was another stairway, and I was anxious to get to the upper room.

    After climbing another couple of levels, I got into a tiny room with just a small desk, stacked with books. To my deception, I found they where not the ancient books I was expecting, but were rather early XX century.

    It is not usual for me to remember my dreams, but this one was very bright. Either I’m been shown something, or I’m reading too much Borges. Sorry for any odd choice of words, english is not my native language.


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  12. Whoa! In the UK here so it’s morning. What a evening/night. Gave up on writing due to the BAM!

    Stared at the wall vacantly for a while. Managed (just about) to get a bath and get to bed. Slept for a couple of hours then BAM wide awake but completely dazed!

    Currently sitting zombiefied on the sofa trying to get myself up again but muscles are feeling like they are made of sponge!

    What I wonder is how can the post lady carry on posting, how can all those folk outside carry on, well carrying on? I feel like I have been glued down!

    Oh joy!

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