TASK #3: “Keep the Faith!”


We sat down and asked for some guidance and… we got it: a special message from Brother J…

“Keep the Faith!”

Seriously, he just said that to us.

WE CATs are known for never giving up. It’s one of the prime reasons we’re here. And WE — like all of you — are the ones who are helping steer and propel this massive free-will freight train… and we need to keep doing it.

We are ALL moving in totally unknown territory. No one on the Spirit side had any idea things were going to happen like this. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing, just keep this train rolling in a positive direction as fast as possible and hang on. Meditate like never before. If you fall down, GET UP. Leap, Sam, LEAP!


Those doing this with all of us are racking up major life points, removing the need for countless lifetimes to reach SOURCE. Not only are we getting more MIND from SOURCE — it’s one of the perks of wearing the white hat — our WILL, when paired with LOVE, is the Juggernaut of Juggernauts. It is unstoppable. The whole universe (and some of the Omniverse) is watching all of us, and cheering us on. Don’t stop now.

Spirit asks all of us who are conducting and engineering and portering and washing bottles on this this pell-mell SOURCE-LOVE magilla-rig to keep doing it. GO THE DISTANCE! Ju-Li… DO THE THING! (Ok, that was perhaps too obscure.)

CATs never give up, even when you’ve given up on yourself… unless we fall asleep in that damn corn again.

PEOPLE WILL COME, RAY. Just don’t let them step on us, ok?

So. You’re tired, right? Well…


We’re talking to ourselves here, too.


41 thoughts on “TASK #3: “Keep the Faith!”

  1. We are inside a ‘containment’ with say a 100 walls, now from outside they see that they have dismantled say 97 of them and soon it will be 100, from the inside we see the same wall (last wall) and feel nothing is happening. we do feel the dismantling of every layer but then we see the last wall and feel nothing has happened. so the outside folks can just say “Keep the Faith!” because they see the progress.

    The above just ‘came through’ .

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    1. Oh I used the dreaded word ‘soon’ again, sorry

      I have a date but lets just say “within this year” = soon

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  2. Thank you Cats and M’s. Too tired to think but just wanted to say how much you are appreciated! This blog keeps me going!


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  3. Oh I forgot to mention, last night whilst meditating I had pressure on my forehead like somebody pushing a finger really hard against my head! It started on the left and moved to the centre of my forehead where it ‘throbbed’ for a bit before disappearing! Very strange sensation. Not unpleasant just odd! I also saw some kind of sacred geometry when I closed my eyes, it was quite faint but definitely there… Blues, purples and pinks! It all happened with when I focused on gratitude for everything. I went through a list in mind and gave thanks for everything I could think of including the traumatic experiences and difficult times too. It was like something gave way, like a door opened, it was pretty amazing! 🙏❤️🙏

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  4. I must be unique or my past life was in the future. According to my visions, everything is on track. I never get dates, but all my visions (which are all personal) come to pass.

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  5. If waiting means that people we love dearly won’t be left behind, it is well worth the wait! I am still working on some people in my little corner of the world. Let’s all go together! Thank you for the pep talk, Cats and M’s. Hugs!
    Love you all ❤
    ~ Sharon

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    1. You do realize that you wish/fantasize it to be this way? I mean, you have just made up/fabricated an acceptable for you meaning for the long waiting period we are all quite fed up with? ‘Coz you don’t REALLY know why we are stuck in this sorta infinite waiting loop and whether we are waiting for a benevolent/right reason at all. However others may like it, the fact remains the fact- this making up of meanings is nothing else but a creation of virtual reality which is a blanket solution to a seemingly permanent situation and that temporarily solution works along the same lines alcohol and drugs do.


  6. wow…. G R E A T
    and a cat has seven lives!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE to all here on board

    Alnitak from the Orion stars….

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  7. That white kitty, rather plumpish, jumps VERY well,
    I wonder why it says “damn!” (wet paws?)


    Today’s Gaia Portal says “The Universals are PLEASED”!
    “Humanity is freed as Hue-manity rises.
    Fascinations with soaps is abandoned.
    Light fliers arise.
    Seminaries reopen.
    Placids are called.
    The Universals are pleased.”
    We should be pleased, too. Things are moving in the right direction.
    This is not clear:
    “Fascinations with soaps is abandoned” – meaning, no more soap operas?
    Just wondering…

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    1. ‘soaps’ more like : irrelevant or illusionary stories, pre-occupation with obsessively peering into other’s ‘bubble’ worlds / or rabbit hole stuff…..

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  8. Wow the ringing in my ears and head is crazy today!

    So what happens at the end of step 12 now? Do you CATs and M’s see anything major happening this year now?


  9. Still keepin’ that faith here!

    This morning’s GaiaPortal. As usual a few very clear lines that make me jump for joy, a couple cryptic ones and a headscratcher (soap? but I like soap. I’m sure people around me like that I like soap. LOL!)

    Humanity is freed as Hue-manity rises.
    Fascinations with soaps is abandoned.
    Light fliers arise.
    Seminaries reopen.
    Placids are called.
    The Universals are pleased.

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        1. Yeah a full blown addiction to flavor of the week drama that’s been hand crafted for your enjoyment. Mmmmm, tasty meaningless BS.

          “Hear what people are saying about x!!!”
          “Listen to the SHOCKING testimony from some random guy you don’t know!!!”

          It all reads like…

          “Get all emotional about some shit that wont matter next week and well do it all over again… forever!!! XOXO”

          So yeah… Gaia portal better come through this week or I’m gonna make a mess of somebodies shampoos and conditioners!

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          1. Wizards Potion, thanks for being in touch with reality and bringinging it up. I too can’t tolerate any more nonsence on any of those topics any more. It’s like ppl are willingly choosing any wrapping that looks positive, promising, and sparkly without bothering about the actual content behind it – which seem to be either absent as such, toxic or some kind of another honey trap.


          2. Well thanks for being you, too. I appreciate it! It’s all way over-cooked at this point. Just focus on what brings you joy and the rest will assemble around you.

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  10. A cougar, the large cat that is, was out in the streets here last evening.
    I woke up at 5:55. A dragonfly, squirrel and titmus greeted me. The eagle flew so close I could almost see his eyes as he landed in a treetop 25m away.
    Huge signs.
    Just now a truck with a crane drove by. The company was called Crane and something I don’t remember. Cranes lift things up.
    I’m ready to be lifted up.
    It feels all of us are ready.
    Let’s go.

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  11. This other site may or may not post my comment, so here’s the whole thing:


    The beings Blossom was talking to said that they had to stop what they were doing because the ca8al would’ve launched nukes and destroyed much. Universals have to honor free will — on both sides. Even insane ca8al dickheads have free will. And they would’ve chosen to use it to destroy this planet. Showing restraint doesn’t mean conspiracy.

    Having spoken with these beings, I can safely say that what you’re saying is rubbish. No one “stole the light” from us. The light is inside you. This other light is to stimulate and wake your inner light up. It’s not a conspiracy. Stop the 3D thinking. The only red flags are in your mind. Let ’em go.


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  12. the galactic wave is on her way
    and we can feel the acceleration
    photon light and frequency
    all the old patterns are crumbling

    it’s gonna be a mssive bliss out
    and we gonna be high for a while

    well I am high allready
    even without galactiv waves
    cause I am a star being

    how beautiful was the moon this morning
    she was smilling to me
    and Orion just over me
    and Sirius
    there is great love out here for us my wonderful cats
    we recieve great love from all the corners of the Universe

    the Universe is just responding to our love

    and the great galactic wave is coming
    but in the while we are enjoying our life
    our beautiful olive tree with Autumn Crocus

    I have not to figure it out “when” it happend
    my frequency of love is my asking
    and I know that great love is real
    it comes to me by law of attraction

    for all of us


    1. Yes, this is what I know to be true as well. The Event will throw us into a very dream like reality for a little while and then we will pop out of it on the other side and Mofos will be like “WTF just happened to me?!?!” And that’s when the real work begins. Right now you just sit back and enjoy that Bob Marley Legends CD for 10000’nth time and get yo discernment on…

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  13. “Keep the faith”, as simple as that. I can certainly do that! In loving gratitude for the message brother J, CATS and M’s.

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  14. Today’s joy consists of prepping the soil to receive the new alliums, astilbes, and hellebores that are due to arrive tomorrow. Useful work and it certainly is more productive than gnashing my teeth and being extremely crabby.

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  15. Thanks, I caught a 5:55 last night, and some ones around me are talking strange. Me and Nikki like It. Peace/Harmony for All


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