When It’s Time to Change…


…it’s time to rearrange! Who you are and what you’re gonna be…

Apologies in advance. Spirit decided that some of us needed this whammy to get a point across re: the upcoming “BLACK DOORWAY” on 12/5, so… our whammy is your whammy. Blame Spirit, not us.


AIIEE!! Make it stop!


23 thoughts on “When It’s Time to Change…

  1. Aha. Some of the CATs have new visitors popping in and poking around: Watchers. They look like TWBs (not as tall, black hats, white and bald), but are good/neutral. (TWBs have a look on their face of disdain, like they think they’re superior. Lame.) The Watchers have been watching us (humans) for a very long time.

    It is lovely to note that the TWBs will NOT make it past the upcoming “sparkly black doorway.” The energy will be too high for them. Some of us have been in this energy and it’s nothing to fear. Those who went in feel quite calm and assured, actually — and yes, totally energy blasted, but in a good way.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Yup! It is continuing to be a very interesting process of transformation. ( I like to be classically understated nyuck, nyuck, nyuck! Sorry, I seem unable to stop channelling Curly from the 3 Stooges)

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  2. No sleep with intense energy last night. Champagne bubbles turned into electrical surges. For any other human lightening rods on this site, “Life Flo” magnesium lotion helps with the surge spasms. I do not know if it is the minerals or vanilla fragrance that brings cookies to mind, but it helps in grounding. Cay

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    1. Well, one of the CATs (a female) insists that hot fudge sundaes help. (Don’t they always?) Basically, if you *think* something helps, it probably does… unless it’s drugs or alcohol, or something negative. [Hint: When you eat the hot fudge sundae, ask Brother J to enjoy it with you. Takes the curse off. Or if you have to do something that’s not going to be easy, ask J to enjoy it with you.]

      -CAT Eds.

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  3. I want to tell about my dream last week
    a dream in a dream…. about a huge solar flash
    I was waking up and all was pure light around me
    but there was something…. like a presence of something/someone
    that scared me.

    Later Bashar (Darryls Anka) came to visit me and I told him the dream
    and he didn’t make any comment on it….

    what do you think @cat’s ????

    I love Bashar, but Iguess he is 4 D not higher
    and we humanity go higher now….

    love A.


    1. Ok, we did a quick powwow and… we were told to put this back to you. This was SOURCE, coming through at the time of The Event… but you need to meditate and see why you’re having fear. This is actually a very very very old reaction to SOURCE — one that we have had, as well, at one point in the past — and it goes back to all of us (as One) thinking that we did something wrong. We didn’t. SOURCE is NOT mad. SOURCE cannot be mad. SOURCE is LOVE. LOVE never gets mad, or seeks revenge. LOVE loves. So, meditate on this and let us know what happens.

      Ack, too many comments!

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. @The CAT(s) That Lived

        I meditated and had clear dreaming this afternoon:

        It’s a cognitive dissonance I have…. on one hand fear to dissapear in an ocean of light
        I want to save my consciousness and maybee it comes from my Rudolf Steiner indoctrination, cause I was born in an anthroposophic familly.
        On the other hand what means 5D…. and being truth to myself 5D is maybee only an upgrade of this construct and nothing more.

        So exit and return to source is the REAL…. in comparison to 5Dimension… is nothing more than the executive class in this space – time simulation?

        I have to become very clear about it. I only get aquainted with matrix is the great illusion so drastically a couple of month. Before some month, it was cristall clear for me to go into 5D. To the *NEW EARTH*

        But is 5 D not a trap from certain ET’s Illuminatis?


        please cat’s write me something. Give me a hand that pushes me out of this confusion dilemma.

        love A.

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        1. 5D is no ET trap.

          At the time of The Event, we will go from 3D to 4D, stay there for a while, then some will go to 5D after a year or two, if they want. Some will slip back down to 3D, as they won’t be able to handle the vibration or the total lack of constant cellphone entertainment.


          All of this has changed and the plans are totally different, now. There can be no predictions as things are too all over the place. Anyone who says otherwise is either deluded or selling something.


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          1. @The CAT(s) That Lived

            thank you cat
            to trust in the process may be the best we all can do
            I will research more in my dreams now….

            love A.

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  4. I keep imagining it’s like tomorrow land where we will all just pop up into the wildflower meadow, by the river that leads to the forest.

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  5. Funny, I woke up with the distinct message “Be the light”. I’ve been meditating and asking guides for help in determining my path. I’ve made a habit of asking this before falling asleep. I seem to get clearer answers in dream state. Well I got my answer and it’s what I expected all along. I’ve always been a nurturer, ever since I was a child. Was kind of hoping for something a little more super hero-ish! Be the light, hold the light! I always remember a bookmark I had in the 70’s with my astrological sign Aries and the words, “A strong soul you are, brave and true, a beacon to those who come after you.” Thanks CATs and M’s, sonething about your messages and cat memes always lift my spirits!

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