Into the Sparkly Blackness [UPDATE~FINAL-FINAL!]


If you haven’t already gone, you’re about to.

Lisa Gawlas said the “black doorway” or “black passageway” that lots of us will go through will be on or around December 5th — but some of us have already either gone through, or went into it and came back to tell the tale. It’s interesting. And exhausting. But worth it.

We’re calling it the “Sparkly Black Doorway” …’cause that’s what it was like: gold and silver and white sparklies in seething blackness. It’s definitely nothing to fear… unless you’re ca8al, maybe. (Ahem: It’s never too late to start back toward the light, just hang a U turn; esp. YOU, woman with the spooky eyes. Make a good choice.)


Some meters are already showing energy events — which is what you’d expect since we have two (small) CMEs inbound that will hit at the same time (so, basically, that’s “sparkly” energy coming in, now). Here’s the 7 meter muon out of Siberia:

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 10.40.44 AMScreen Shot 2018-12-03 at 10.41.19 AM

We’re picking up more space-time chop right now; we feel it in our frontal lobes:


We’re guessing that folks will be experiencing the Sparkly Black Doorway of destiny tonight and tomorrow night.



Well, here’s where we had our headache:

See that pinch around 1:30 UTC? Ow.


More as we find it.


So… it that it? Or just the first part?


Hm. There’s gotta be more.


Ugh. Spoke too soon. Muon gut agony.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 10.14.38 PMScreen Shot 2018-12-04 at 10.14.51 PM


Aha! There it is:


There seemed to be two or three serious energy transitions in this one “doorway.”

Well, enough of that… till next time, anyway… ugh.


Well, there was a tiny timeline adjustment at the end of everything:


Everything worked out. Make sure you still have all your limbs. If you have extra ones, we have a job for you…

178 thoughts on “Into the Sparkly Blackness [UPDATE~FINAL-FINAL!]

  1. Holy wowzers vivid dream/visions this AM!

    After being blasted awake around 3, I drank some water, laid and breathed.

    When drifted off I had a series of very vivid/lucid experiences that felt entirely “real”. One of them I even noted that I was glad I was awake to listen/accept what the guy next to me was saying, since I was was about to trip on my shoelace or pant leg.
    Another one, I was laying on the couch where I live “now” as well as the couch where I lived when I was a kid simultaneously… as if, one “eye” was seeing each scene. I feel this one was a letting go of “home”, in order to be “home” here, and now, forever ❤
    My waking one, was watching my wife walk out and give our son his morning bottle… though once I came to in "this" reality, she was still in bed and it was I that got up 😛


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      1. Hahaha, I believe this is a deja vu to a post from 8 months ago 😉

        Later WILL arrive, internet. You shall see!!!!!


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  2. Aha. We just did a powwow and there are some little things and some big things. Of the little things, it looks like we shifted to a timeline where Schumer and Pelosi do NOT step down (as we saw before). We saw one timeline (that most of us used to be on) where the Dems lost the House in the last election, and it seems that the PTW then went into Punisher Mode and started causing mayhem everywhere… which none of us wanted… so, some of us were moved here… wherever HERE is. Yay!

    BUT… there’s bigger news that we’ll save for the next post. 😉

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. It seems to me we are at zero point where there is huge potential … as a matter of fact, it is endless, so we have lots of opportunities … and traps, too …
      Listen to your intuition ❤

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  3. Huh. Ever since we crossed that ‘gateway’, I feel quite different. More in control of myself… I didn’t even suffer during the process of getting through it. No stomach pain or nausea, or anything. Just a bit of toilet time!

    I’m back to my normal peaceful self, and anything that was still haunting me before no longer has the same effect on me. Whatever happened, it definitely was good!

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    1. Mmm… we don’t like to use the name “Jesus” because of the religious overhead associated with the name; J has little to do with religion, in our humble opinions. (That was something created by Saul, and perhaps Joseph of Aramathea on a different tack.) But that’s who we’re talking about. We all knew J 2000 years ago, but we weren’t apostles or anything, we just followed his teachings. Some just call him “J” today, but his real name was Yshua (accent on the 2nd syllable). Back when he was alive, we all called him the master, because if you met him, he was The Master. makes CATs look like cat zygotes. And yes, his middle name began with an H. 😉


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      1. J got his supernatural skills during the time he spent time in The Himalaya’s where he visited Inner Earth and was taught by an advanced civilization of higher dimensions. Cfr. The expeditions of Olaf Jansen, Admiral Byrd, Helena Blavatsky (The People from the Blue mountains.),…
        J was accompanied by his wife Maria Magdalena. Poor woman never gets mentioned even though she was the brightest of all 13 apostles. Nor do their children. How convenient…
        Ah well, the Vatican is about to fall, no time left anymore to come clean.
        Wouldn’t December 24th be a nice date for that to happen. What a lovely Christmas that would be.
        One can only wish. 🙏🏻

        Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,
        Oh what fun is to know,
        The Vatican’s going away.


  4. Thought I’d give it a rest for a day to integrate “stuff” I was awakened at 1:45 on Dec 5 morning. I was required to write down what had happened.(which I seldom do) In the live action, I said goodbye to all my relatives, neighbors, and friends in my past life. I then set off on foot for the journey. I had 2 “companions” accompanying me. Long story short, we came to a junction (which I assume was the shift) and met up with great bunches of other people. Everyone was in “holiday outing mode” We all co-mingled and exchanged pleasantries and then I turned and resumed my path in another direction from most others. I then was awakened. Lisa told me that none of the old “stuff” would travel to the other side of the 5th. I assume the “dream” was a representation of that statement. On a whole other note, 3 flowering dogwood trees were planted yesterday just because.


  5. Wow, that was a rough one. I mean, they all have been in their own special way; but we’re clearly building up to something, I can feel how they cut deeper and deeper.

    Considering all that we’ve gone through so far, and despite regularly whining about it taking to damn long; if this went any faster I would have probably lost my marbles by now.

    In between the breathing and the growling, there’s been a lot of not so pleasant memories over here. Feels sort of like like I’m wearing them down, gradually chipping away at whatever is still causing issues from wider and wider perspectives.

    Life must seem pretty weird by now for those still sleeping, and we haven’t even started opening presents yet. I’m going to miss Italy, she’s not going to survive what’s coming.


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    1. No, even the normies noticed this last one; they ALL felt it and most have been talking about it. Then there was that Wave X quake on 11/11 which was caused by all of us meditating. People are waking up FAST.


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    2. Italy is the place from where all human civilisations began and where all past human history will end in order to make place for the birth of the new transgalactic multidimensional human race. It is the “zero point” , the birthing channel, the point of no return, and the theatre of explosion of new unmatched creativity for the entire humanity. And it will begin this year and expand in eons of time.

      We have known for a long time that Central Europe is the geographical region of the new city of light New Raetia, which I have been building consciously since 2005 – 2007 (and subconsciously much earlier), when I saw for the first time its 5D contours in the gentle hilly rural landscape north of Munich where I was underway with a horse gig and felt as if I had transcended into the medieval past or into an indefinite future where all past, present and future timelines merge


  6. My migraines are intensifying and lasting for hours w imitrex! Sinus infections not going away w anti biotics! Losing money galore to greedy HOA! Not sleeping. And when I did, I did not dream of the doorway you talk about, I dreamed of coughing up green/black sludge. I’ve been crying all day for no reason! I’m normally a very happy person that cheers every one else up. WTH?

    I guess this is a good thing …one ear gets high pitched tones a few times a day And the left ear gets clicking noises. If these are “downloads” what is being downloaded? CUZ I could really use some help

    And now you say the house will remain with Pelosi even though there was voter fraud!? Injustice is the one thing in life that has always bothered me.


  7. this early morning at 5 h UTC I noticed a black color with sparkling (eyes closed)
    I found it interesting, cause I never saw anything like that.

    The sparkling with open eyes in the air I am seeing since many years and I love it.

    But this was different and I mention it, cause yoy *cat’s* wrote abpout the sparkling on black….

    The eneries are very powerful and I love all that waves coming in and cherriesh the LOVE. Today I cherrieshed the sparkling and went to our usual coffe-shop in the morning and ordered a Berliner cake – that’s the portuguese option with vanilla cream…. and I was thinking: it taste like SOURCE

    I send lot’s of LOVE to everybody ❤



  8. Alright, I got another fascinating one to share from early this morning.

    I was vivid, overlooking and interacting with a scene with a handful of frogs sitting around in a cave, and they were phasing in and out of the plane I was viewing. They felt evolved, sages of sorts, for their species. One of the frogs begun to communicate to me, shared we would like to show you something. I agreed.

    The scene shifted and I was observing two humanoid amphibians, as if a cross between frog and human. They were swimming in the ocean near a dock. They were both young, a male and a female. The male seemed slightly “older” and was sharing with the female hunting skills. They were able to catch some prey, which was a young human child that was wondering on the dock alone. They pulled the child under, and I saw how they would wedge the body under the bottom of a boat, and then they knew it was ready to eat when it begun to sink.

    I was observing this scene from a “higher” vantage point. I wasn’t human at the moment, and could intricately feel the emotions of the frog-beings. They felt perfectly aligned with love as they hunted, as if watching an expert native american hunting a deer. There was no vengeance, anger, greed, etc. It was done in balance, like a farmer killing a chicken to eat for dinner.

    The next part was when the body begun to sink, and the male shared with the female it was time to retrieve it. She swam towards it, but since she was young and slower it was sinking quite fast, so she begun to chase it deeper. She finally caught up with it at quite a depth, and this is where I felt her emotion of fear and worry kick in — when a larger sea creature began to chase HER for food. She was eventually able to escape, and this is when I snapped awake.

    Reflecting, I realized so much about viewpoint and perspective… this is a vast universe. And I’ve been around the block, per se, in many forms.



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