Timeline-age, Stargate-age, More Fake Moon Landings, and A(nother) CME [UPDATE7]


Good grief, what a day. We had an “energy thing”/timeline jump around 4:15 am PST this morning…



…which some of the CATs didn’t feel at all, while others REALLY felt it. Still trying to figure that one out. Here was CAT7’s experience, either in-the-moment, or prophetic:

Sunday I slept A LOT and managed to sleep through most of the night. This morning’s waking dream was returning from vacation and finding quite a few people just missing. Many were getting ready for school, but I found, as did others, that we no longer needed to attend school. We were free to work where we wished and doing what we loved. (Morning dreams tend to be prescient / prophetic). I awoke sooooo happy.

Understand that I save strong language for strong situations — holy freakin sh*t. This morning, after getting breakfast for my dog, I went back to sleep because I was barely here. I was so energy-messed up that my dog had a worried look. I passed out and then began two hours of rescuing people from chaotic situations. In the last part, I was in a boat looking for people and animals that were popping up in the water. I dragged them to the shore. Finally that was done and a series of dark and ugly images flashed very fast before my eyes like playing cards. I had the impression these were ones who did not come through.

Maybe we’ll get clarification on this in tonight’s meditation/dream cycle.

There was also a stab of something residual around 12:15 UTC, which some people felt as extreme emotion:


More on all that after we figure it out.

Also, someone accidently got the following pic (after two normal pics) when they were trying to take a picture of rainbow clouds around the sun:

screen shot 2019-01-07 at 10.55.01 am

screen shot 2019-01-07 at 11.07.23 am

screen shot 2019-01-07 at 11.08.31 am

Thanks to the commenter who pointed out the video. The eponymous 333rd MrMBB likened the above to a stargate… which is indeed what it looks like, but… that’s not exactly what’s captured here. We’re still not sure what it is. This is an artificial construct… but it’s not a portal, exactly. It’s kinda… “vacuumy”… but… well, we’ll let you know when we find out. How’s that for vague?

[UPDATE1: Ok, it’s just an exit portal, and a rather primitive one. It has a weird suction to it, which is why we said, “vacuumy.” Yes, vacuumy is a word. Now.]

Speaking of vague, we have this crapola from China:


Man, that’s embarrassing. See it, yet? Here’s another:


Taking a page from the NASA playbook, the above image was taken on a closed set. You can see the curved back wall in both images:

See the edge of the curved backdrop? And no stars?

We guess they feel justified, considering the U.S. faked their moon landings, but the liars club is a lousy club. Next you might see a joint multi-billion dollar NASA/China “return to the moon” boondoggle to pad ca8al pockets, while at the same time paying off those countries that have data showing the U.S. never landed on the moon. The lunar ETs are NOT nice, folks, so this kind of joint program would be nothing more than a very expensive PR stunt — like it was last time. The SHIFT to 4d/5d will moot this little drama.

Speaking of that, we just had another (smallish) CME…


…and that region is rotating toward us. This one isn’t earth-directed, but we will probably feel its spiritual effects as early as tonight, and more over the next three to five days.

Here’s the close-up, just like the last one but bigger (thanks SB):

screen shot 2019-01-07 at 10.52.25 pm
Again, it looks like it came from a spherical object (that wasn’t the sun). Check out the video.

Krikey, what a day.




And another TWO timeline jumps:


NOTE: We edited the title of this post. We’re just that way.


Thanks, Patricia (in comments). We checked and you’re right:

screen shot 2019-01-07 at 10.55.01 am

That stargate *is* an exit portal being set up. That’s why it didn’t feel exactly like a portal to us, and felt “vacuumy”: it just wasn’t set up, yet. The Event must be close.


Another timeline jump early this morning.


screen shot 2019-01-10 at 1.23.27 pm

Observe those interesting striations.


[Note to CATs: The Pontese meters are knocked out.]


And another:



And more:




Here’s that GRB. Wow.


97 thoughts on “Timeline-age, Stargate-age, More Fake Moon Landings, and A(nother) CME [UPDATE7]

      1. Sorry, didn’t understand your comment? are you saying the article is not what you ‘see’? I mentioned clearly that it what will happen in 3d

        clarification please…


          1. I concur with CAT Eds. I’ve always been sent the very same higher information as well. On our Highest Timelines here, all of that 3D crap he described, will take place AFTER the great Timeline Split. (of the Event)
            And there will be some descending post-SHIFT 3D timelines that are absofreakinglutely HORRENDOUS.

            Also, Mr. M — know that Monsieur Whitehawk here is only presenting to us HIS personal Timeline, based on HIS own frequency level, right now.
            This particular 3D/4D reality will only apply to those who ‘match’ him. In frequency.


          2. Yeah, the multi-timeline thing is tough for people to grok, even when they’re seeing it for themselves. There are infinite timelines. This is why “telling the future” is impossible… EVERYTHING’S possible. Poodles really CAN fly!

            -CAT Eds.

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  1. I hope you will be feeling better very soon. I, too, had the exact same symptoms last November. It last weeks and I thought it would never leave me. It did, of course, and I know many others are also experiencing this strange ‘flu’.

    I had a horrible dream, last night. My dreams have become more real than fantasy (as in, less surreal that you would expect in a dream).

    I was with many people, some I knew. We all ‘realised’ that we were dying and some people were dying in horrible ways, killing each other, as a favour (something I did not understand). All of us thought we would make it but, as more and more people disappear, I realised that I would be one of the ones who would die. So, I waited and waited but nothing happened. Then, we all congregated in a small room to wait it out but still nothing.

    Somebody came in and told us that it was near now and, from that, I assumed that it was only a matter of time before I was killed. I joked that I would die surrounded by Himalayan salt (one of the products I sell) and, indeed, I was surrounded by large rocks of it.

    My best friend was with me and he assured me that everything was going to be alright but I was afraid that he might be wrong.

    I awoke feeling like I had been through the mill.

    I HAVE noticed a falling away from me of people that have brought me a lot of hurt. My mother is a narcissist and, last summer, I finally moved away from her (physically and mentally), along with several members of my family (and even some friends). It has brought me a certain amount of peace but some loneliness.

    I am now living in a wonderful house, surrounded by my books. It also has a garden (something I have wanted all my life). I am happy to be here but I cannot help but wonder if this is the Universe have a great joke with me. I finally get a thriving business and a lovely home but it may soon be all gone when the event happens.

    I am not normally a negative person, quite the opposite. I just feel everything is up in the air right now and I do not know how it is all going to land.

    I also have been suffering with tinnitus for some years (my best friend also suffers with it, too). I believe this is part of the ascension process.

    Thanks for listening. I just wanted to jot some notes down in case others are also feeling the same and will obtain some comfort from knowing they are not alone.

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    1. Ahh. A house full of books that smells like coffee… and *someone else* has already fed the cats…

      Oh, and it’s not tinnitus. You are correct: you’re being upgraded.

      And don’t worry. Just imagine exactly what you want and there it will be.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. Awakening has proven to be quite lonely for me as well. I have had tinnitus for over a decade and it seems to be getting worse as we get closer. I am happy for you that you are doing well in some areas, thats wonderful! I am isolated and can’t find work even knowing how much I have to offer.

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  2. “The eponymous 333rd MrMBB likened the above to a stargate… which is indeed what it looks like, but… that’s not exactly what’s captured here. We’re still not sure what it is. This is an artificial construct… but it’s not a portal, exactly.”

    I was saying the SAME THING yesterday when I saw it.

    Some of MrMBB333’s YT Commentors shockingly displayed some enlightened intelligence, and said, “It’s the STAR/Sun, that is the stargate.”
    (nearly pooped my pants with glee! FINALLY…they’re getting it)

    However of course 99% of the idiot lightworkers only ‘saw’ a “baby” in the Sun a few days ago….while I immediately saw the black Triangular Stargate/Portal:


    My Higher Self built a Black Triangle Stargate for me (above my bed) back in 2012….showed me how it was done, how to build it with 3 activated merkabas (with counter-spinning toroidal fields) — and then bordered the entire triangle with a Rainbow Prism.


      1. Shaddup or I’ll kick your @ss right through that Portal 😁

        Joking funny Universe — just yesterday there was a rare genius YT comment, that we should get someone who could As(s)tral Travel at will, to volunteer to go through the Sun’s portal and report what was on the other side….


        1. SOURCE is just inside the sun. Read that again. You go in there, you’re not coming back. Why would you want to?

          The sun is very very special. There are only a few stars like it in this galaxy. The other one is Sirius. These aren’t just portals, they’re SOURCE portals. SOURCE is RIGHT THERE. Some of us are becoming *living* SOURCE portals, walking around the various earths.


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      1. Why are you waiting for something to happen outside of you?
        Everyone will ascend according to their personal frequency/upgrades, it is an internal thing, it happens because you want it and you do everything to raise your vibrations, in harmony with Gaia …
        You are the god spark,

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        1. @antoniatailor
          And yet, it is a Consciousness Ascension, of all of us, unified as One.
          This is even the meaning of the One Grand Event.
          Gaia herself is also reborn in our Oneness.
          It is the conscious acknowledgement of us all,
          that separation does not exist.

          in LOVE


          1. That’s RIGHT, antoniatailor — ‘personal ascension’, such as you just described, does NOT apply here….it does not work (try it, you’ll see), it is totally ineffective because your Higher Self will stop you, literally right at the dimensional edge, and lock you there…because we were dopey enough to do something that had never been done before, and that dopey thing is we trapped ourselves in this prison by BINDING OURSELVES TO A COLLECTIVE.

            Based on all the many failed Earth Ascensions that were tried, it was decided based on highest probability of success that we the Highest Energy Light Beings must be locked in all the way to THE END (and not allowed to personally ascend and escape), in order to accomplish this mission, no matter what.

            And Higher Beings just don’t DO that — agree to bind themselves to any Collective reality…they know better.

            One incredibly smart man once asked BASHAR, “Why the HELL would we do something like that to ourselves? Bind ourselves to a Collective? Trap ourselves like this in the first place, and to such a DENSE Collective, even??? What were we thinking?”

            The answer was,
            “Because we knew we had the option, of choosing WHICH Collective, we wanted to ascend with.”
            (i.e. We’d create the Highest Earth Timeline possible for ourselves/humanity, and go with *that* one)


          2. This depends on the agreements you made coming in to this life. It doesn’t matter how advanced you are, if you agreed to come to the 3d to help — and stay there… there is where you’ll stay. Make the best of wherever you find yourself, and do the best you can for all, because you came here to do just that. This is what angels do. You do the hard work. Some are allowed the choice to move, to help on that fresh level, some are not. In some cases, if you refuse to do the work, you will be removed from that body and another will take your place, if your role is important enough. The “Collective” is YOU. You are/will be helping YOU. You aren’t bound to a Collective, you ARE the Collective. This is why many came to this time and place. Some have already ascended, and have “vibrated down” to take these bodies… to help… and they will return UP after their job is done. This isn’t a prison, it’s a classroom. So… learn.


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          3. Dear oro,
            I am not a follower of the Law of One.
            What you say does not preclude what I am saying.
            Yes, we ascend with Gaia, as I mention it in my comment above,
            But raising your vibrations is YOUR job, not Gaia’s …
            I have the feeling Gaia is ahead of us (higher vibration), ans she is pulling up with her those who are aware and awake …
            There is good info about what we are currently experiencing on the YT page of Sovereign Ki:

            Scroll down, listen to what Lauda says in “Reclaiming Consciousness – The Final War and the Dissolution of Illusions” ( it’s approx. 18 min; I am not posting videos any more, the CATs and Ms prefer reading instead of watching).
            But then again, it’s a free choice …



          1. Oh, that was part of my response to someone who was asking for a “date”, i.e. an outside event … scroll up …



          2. back @ antonia
            oops – that’s a misunderstanding
            i capitalized trying to cut it short – make myself clear
            happens sometimes in writing
            i do not know the Law of One
            A sphere of Collective Consciousness is an advanced state of evolution.

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  3. That’s reassuring, I also had a boat dream, came out my “house” and water was rising, I was running around trying to get everyone one out, rescued a child from the water, ended up on a big boat then was on a hill driving a car boat up it, I expect there was more in-between but I don’t remember. I remember waking up and thinking I thought I was done with boat dreams.


  4. wow, thank you for showing those photoshop tricks – a revelation for me! But then i had to laugh, seeing that the dramatic race between NASA and China is in the end a photoshop tricks race!


  5. no matter which way you look at it, i find it impressive that china was able to make a teeny little probe land on that bundt cake. or is it a cinnamon powdered donut? either way, kudos! no WAY could they have done that with the air conditioners flipped on while filming.


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    1. Ah. What we forgot to report was that YES, China DID send their probe to the moon… and sure, it was destroyed and never landed, but they sent it in a way no human terrestrial agency has ever done: they somehow found and used a *PORTAL* to send it there. That’s impressive. We didn’t think humans could do that. But the achievement was ruined by the petty ETs who think they own the moon. (Of the four or five ET factions on the moon, two are digging like mad… for something… but they’re hiding it from us. Must be some artifact there, or they think there is, from the Old Ones — aka, “The Progenitors” — who came through the system a looooong time ago.)

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. would those “progenitors” be the same group that is referred to as the Sphere Alliance/Blue Avians or “Ancient Builder Race” by folks like Corey Goode and David Wilcock? I know you tend not to read other sources, but I thought you might know of the group I’m referring to.


        1. Maybe. The ones we saw were very very old, billion of years old. Funny, we never saw the ETs finding what they were looking for. Other ETs are just mining some specific minerals. A few of those on the moon (those responsible for crop circles) may make it to 4d/5d, and if so, we will all call them friends. Look at (real) crop circles carefully: they contain coded information. You’ll be able to understand the codes on a certain level, set up within you before this previous lifetime.

          As for the rest… having been lied to far too much for our liking, we no longer read “Goode” and Wilcock; while the latter unwittingly passes on other people’s lies (a lack of discernment we find annoying), he also tends to trot out his “NYTimes Bestseller List” status every time he opens his mouth. No, thanks.

          -CAT Eds.


  6. I thought long and hard about wading in today, so here goes: I have been stating for some time about where I live. It has been intentionally raised in vibration. I sent the gang a photo portfolio so they could see what I’ve been talking about. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that WE are ALL perfectly capable of doing the same thing. My take on all this is that we have no worries, so don’t worry. We can do this. (too many thisses, I know) With all said, this mountain valley in which I live has once again subtly shifted. My thanks to Whitehawk’s posting, but Council, see the previous above statement.

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  7. Another blather from me: Feeling ABSOLUTELY wonky and not here today. Good god! (don’t know if this is result of stuff Lisa talked about post-eclipse or if it’s general whompage. She did say to allow a week for integration.)

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  8. You say ” telling the future is impossible” BC of all the timelines. Is this why I’m on my 4th call w lisa g…she can’t see anything w me. She saw knights of the round table talking about my future…but then that’s it. She’s going for a 4th time.

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    1. @duganknows — That is actually fantastic news, and a ‘heads up’ for The Event about to blast off.

      Lisa Harrison reported twice in her videos, that Higher Beings said there was a complete cut off of Time starting 2019 and onward….that it was “blank” and there was no record of Timelines once we hit 2019.

      That was a HUGE (The Event) “aha” moment for us all…

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  9. Feeling so unwell. Ulcerative Colitis symptoms flaring, exhaustion, nausea, pain, really weak, struggling so much.

    Sending Love & Light to everyone, hope there is an end to this ughness soon…xxx

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    1. Thanks, Cats! I’m wondering if anyone here has read Paul Selig’s books. The latest one is The Book of Freedom. I highly recommend checking it out. It’s grounding and offers excellent guidance for these times. An adventure awaits, yes, but all is well.


      1. JB,
        I just finished “The Book of Freedom” a few days ago and have read all of Selig’s books. I do not know it is related, but have had 3 days of low grade nausea and disinterest in world events since it’s completion. I have no control over the choices of others, nor do I care. I guess that is the ultimate freedom. No depression or need to fix/care take/ convince anyone of anything. Just anticipating awesome future ahead filled with Source surprises for which I have no current reference point. Cay


  10. Tonight’s fortune cookie:
    “Good news of a long-awaited event will arrive soon.”
    Thank you Golden Bowl Fortune Cookies – that’s the best one ever!!

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  11. Well it’s the middle of winter here in NE Ohio and we had a F1 tornado less than a mile away from me. I was taking a shower at the time and came out hearing the sirens screaming. No warning and the sirens came on after the fact. Took my mom into Cleveland and got chased back home with a huge thunderstorm and wicked lightening. Then just as I’m coming close to my home we had a huge ice storm in a 48 degree day that had topped out at 53 earlier, hubs said the ground was covered completely with ice pellets. Freaky day.

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      1. the sister-sun talk has always unnerved me. i wonder if it aligns with the 4th extinction, to be done by fire. i also wonder if that said extinction would be the doorway to the 4D and away for the 3D. after all, wouldn’t it be better to move on/burn than to stick around scratching by in the aftermath? either way, talk of this sister-sun scares me to be honest. idk, maybe I’m still carrying around baggage from that big wave i encountered in the Mediterranean eons ago. who knows.



        1. Don’t think about that kind of thing. Only think positive things for you, and for others. Let the fear go. When the fear thoughts flash, grab them, attach rocks to them, and drop them to the center of the earth. All is well.

          -CAT Eds.


  12. I was wondering…how do you know if you’re going to 4D earth or not?
    All I know is, I feel that an event is coming and afterwards people will be nicer, we’ll all have superpowers (for lack of a better word), we won’t use money, working won’t be required, there will be amazing technologies and we will explore the stars.

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    1. We personaly are not really allowed to know for other people. Some of us were told that we would def go, along with our families, but when we asked about other people… Guides clammed up and said they couldn’t say, that it was like asking to know when someone is going to die: there are some bits of knowledge we’re not allowed to have, as it interferes with people’s paths. However, if you’re feeling what you say you’re feeling, then that’s a serious indication!

      Note that we *used to have* these powers that we’re to get (and are getting right now); they were removed at the last upheaval. Some of them may seem familiar…


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  13. Wow, my computer restarted waking me up at 2:22 am… checked SR meter for some reason – is that big black line a big timeline jump??? edging into more whomp-page?

    Last night ((Mon/Tues) asked for 5D or more healing session (was thinking of the things mentioned of/for after event healing things for people); felt I needed/wanted it before because of how I’ve been feeling… saw/visualized some things, not sure if that was part of the asking. I woke up with INCREDIBLY sour places around the top of my head (not crown) – difficult morning…

    lily144, feel better, luv ❤ … J, too – all the best to all the rest of you, too. Noticed changes in family and a neighbor friend had a purge here and is sleeping over – yup, stuff happening…
    luv to all,

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    1. We’ve actually had THREE timeline jumps since… Monday? They’re getting more and more dramatic. As is the feeling like I’m spread out across multiple timelines… because I am! Very important to meditate through this time, and plug into SOURCE.


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    2. you can’t see it in this small image, but I clicked on the image here and it’s there – then I just clicked the back arrow to get back to the site… sorry…


      1. – Cats Eds, weird, sorry.. the date on my graph was 9.01.2019, I don’t know how a different one was posted… not that it matters that much.

        here’s the Russian site today…

        black line left of whompage…
        Love to all, Kg

        P.S. months ago I used to have body vibrations, now I have body earthquakes…

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    1. looks just like the tri-state area. you could play tic tac toe in the sky. I’ve never heard a plausible reason for this being done. never. nothing that rings true.

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    1. That was the weirdest thing I ever saw… and I’ve been around the internet block.

      Cats, I know you’re not suppose to tell others whether they’re going to NE or not, but for me could you perhaps communicate it to me through a series of blinks? I’d prefer not to be on a planet with the insane.

      I feel bad for the actors.

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    1. I’d like to note that apparently the baby was in fact a doll and the arrest was a “Social Experiment” to see how the police would react (whatever that means)

      Gee, I wonder why they needed to do this “Social Experiment”, out in the open, next to a busy street. Arresting a woman wearing a yellow vest with her child.

      Display of force? Nah.


  14. Phew! It’s a relief that my “not being all here” yesterday had a reason. It’s kinda tuff being spread over so many timelines. Thanks, as always for the info.

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  15. I was thinking “why can’t I see the stargate in the sky?”, then I remember it’s been cloudy for the last few days. Lol.

    Hopefully they are visible (and that the photo is not a photoshop or lense flair) once the clouds clear here.


    1. No, we know what’s real and what’s photoshop. And you probably wouldn’t be able to see those with the naked eye. There will be countless versions of these all over, if that’s the way things go. (That one-way portal might’ve been a test, btw, to be used only in case things suddenly go south.)

      -CAT Eds.


  16. Hi Cats and group,
    RE the portal: Is it attached/tethered to the sun? How did MRMBB333 happen to capture the portal? If I tried could I duplicate it? Did the Sun just happen to be passing it and lit it up for the camera and it’s in a fixed location or does it follow the sun?


    1. Hm. We don’t know where that one goes, it wasn’t hooked up, yet. It probably doesn’t go to the sun, as that would be too much SOURCE for most people. Someone accidently captured it while taking pics of the sun; the first two pics showed nothing.

      -CAT Eds.


  17. No I know, but is it attached to the sun like an anchor? If I try to photograph the same portal at any time of the day, could I?

    Or is it in a part of the sky that the sun just happened to pass?
    Where is it located?


      1. so I took two photos and I got a weird photo. It looks like half of the eye of Sauron. it’s black. like there’s a line extending on either side. picture a Black hole and cut it in half, standing vertical, beside the sun. There’s also, like, an absence of light beside it. I don’t know, it’s weird. Please don’t tell me I’m seeing it bc I’m going there. Can you guys look at it?


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