Wow. All kinds of things happening.

Folks, this recent activity was not a timeline jump, it was part of The SPLIT between 3d and 4d; we’re not sure where we are in the process, but we’re definitely IN it. This is NOT 4d, though; we’re in the split beforehand. Energywise, things are what we in the Energy Trade call, “UNSETTLED.”

Here’s yesterday:

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 10.41.31 PM

There it is. We were also calling it The SHIFT, but for the terrestrial space-time platform we were all using there is now an obvious SPLIT between realities — even though we can all still see each other and communicate. It’s weird, we know. It was kinda there before, but it’s really there now. Will we have a big dramatic light show for the final SHIFT? No idea. Is The SPLIT The SHIFT? NO.

Could be that the scheduled events have changed — again — for whatever reason. It’s all in our greatest good, though, so no worries. That’s the easy one.

[FYI, now that we know more, we’ve edited this piece, removing some of our own questions and suppositions.]

Anyway, still lots of zeroes in the Muon Dept. (this, from yesterday):

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 2.38.23 PM

We didn’t set up this meter, so we’re not exactly sure about why some detectors are returning different energy values; then again, subnuclear particles are a little odd; they change even as your mind (and you can probably guess why). More from yesterday:

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 10.36.26 PM



Someone is really flicking that switch ON then OFF.


And this is today:

Peat and repeat.
M is for Meow.
Interesting modulation.
Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 8.59.33 AM
Muon shift still ongoing…

Here are more current energy readings:


WHOMPs in spots.


This isn’t timeline jumping — it’s SOURCE SPLITTING realities and working out new timeline landing sites… while we’re all sorta still together, like spaghetti on a plate.




Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 9.14.59 AM

Glad we’re not SOURCE. Oh, wait… we are.

Here’s the Mexico City riometer, which has NEVER returned an interesting value in the XX years we’ve been checking it:


The sun, meanwhile, continues to strobe (slowly; this is timelapse remember):

Check out the strobing.

And this happened, we’re looking into it:

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 9.25.37 AM
UPDATE: Ah, just part of the Taurid meteor shower.

And we had another GRB:


AND there were also noctilucent clouds seen over the SF Bay Area last night (!). They’re normally seen over the arctic:

This is a combination of pulverized meteor dust and Wave X energy.

Uncle. That’s enough for one post.

Clearly, it’s time to bring in the space bilby.

GET THE SPACE BILBY! (Or is that a rabbit?)


We’ll be in this box. Let us know when this all stops.


So, do a check with us: How are you feeling today? Something happened and it was the M’s who picked up on it first, then we all realized it. You might be able to tell by how you slept last night, and how you woke up.


Oh, and NO, we’re not on 4d, yet. We’re on the ramp. Anyone who’s saying they’re 4d or 5d are sadly mistaken. Anyone who flames us on this will have their comments deleted… and their vibrations lowered (by them, not us!), sorry.


Uh oh…

Hundreds Of U.S. Flights Canceled As GPS-Based Aircraft Navigation System Fails

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 4.30.17 PM


Wherever we are, we’ve finally solidified a timeline — for now:

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 10.39.27 PM
Note the higher level — and how long it took.

It’s been quite a day:




We’re going to bed.


Ok, we tried putting this off, but we’re weak. We had to know. We had to ask (AGAIN) about the… incipience… of The Shift (which is of course the denouement of The Event)… and… we still see it being a slow thing… almost painfully slow. Why is it taking so long? Meditate and ask SOURCE yourself. Let us know what you get. 😉

This is like graphing an ascent of Mt. Everest one weekly step at a time, describing the ground, the boot, the sharpness of the crampon, the amount of fatigue in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, the stress fractures in the bones, the endless prattle of spiritual metaphor…

181 thoughts on “The SPLIT is NOW [UPDATE5]

    1. Yup. It’s a LOT of energy. We are HUGE beings, with only this teeny tiny bit of us in these eeny weeny bodies. Add too much of our true selves too fast…. Still, it might be entertaining… if we were all wearing Winnie the Pooh suits, exploding all across the landscape.

      “Oh, Pooh.” [BLAM]


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  1. Hi All, feeling better today, last night was better, except for the BURNING and itching toes and fingers – fingers a new addition to this. I was able to sleep some eventually, waking to a family member having a small-ish meltdown.
    Thank you all for the hugs and love – they make a difference!

    Cats and Ms etc, in a short perusal of the update 5 matter mostly what I ‘got’ was the word ‘protection’, not for those of us aware, but the billions that are not. and kinda got a sense of if billions all of a sudden got all the body ails’ we’ve been experiencing, burn’ spots(me), etc. it surely would seem an Apocalypse scenario to most – whoowee, the media frenzy then, lol. Also, got a smiling, “It’s not slow” … Reference to SOURCE time sense? Be under advisement – any perceptions of mine are likely to be inaccurate or wrong.. 🙂

    Peace and forbearance (wonder why that word came?),


    @Cats and Ms, etc – we love and appreciate you all… ((( ❤ )))'

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  2. I asked about the shift and got the image of velcro being slowly pulled apart, there are apparently lots of hooks to untangle 🙂

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  3. I find it funny how this ‘shift’ thing is becoming like 2012 (what people thought it was). I think your guides don’t want you to know when it will be, lol.
    For all you know, ‘the shift’ is a lie being told in order to get people to do something.

    Sorry if you take this negatively. I mean it positively.

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    1. Well, The SHIFT is real (slow), but Guides aren’t necessarily keeping secrets from us: they just don’t know. There are too many variables. What with free-will negative and free-will positive and free-will clueless SHIFTING toward a more positive tack through the time-space froth. And then there’s the fact that this is SOURCE doing everything. Many beings have trouble communicating directly with SOURCE, since SOURCE is SO far above us, on infinite levels. We can talk with Guides, and ONE… but they ain’t SOURCE. They’re like scale models. Well… they ARE SOURCE — we all are, as an Extension of SOURCE (monopod!). But SOURCE is also Its Own Thing: A total mystery, even to higher order beings who’ve spent millennia studying SOURCE. It’s literally impossible for us to think like SOURCE, so communication remains elusive, in its current forms. Believe it or not, that mind you’re using to think and read right now… belongs to SOURCE.

      -CAT Eds.

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  4. Covered in chemtrails here. Disgusting and depressing Making my eyes hurt. Last night woke up and saw Jupiter right outside my window! SO bright and close; they say you can see 4 of the moons w. binocs. I went out on the porch to look, could see other stars, too, but a lot of “cloud-cover.” Looked at the kitchen clock when I came back in. 333 as I was star-bathing;-)

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  5. This just in, and just because: My brother told me that his grandson, who is 5, has the nickname The Foreman at his daycare because he’s always saying he knows everything. So his uncle asked him the meaning of life, and his reply was ‘love.’ Bodes well. 🙂

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  6. I gave it 80% odds that you would censor me (as per your Frequency-Lowering pattern of behaviour) because you dang well knew I hit RIGHT ON THE MARK, with my analysis.

    Plus, you don’t want your reinforcing “followers” to have access to this higher knowledge because it makes you seem inferior…and your Earth game is all about maintaining your current *superiority*.

    The Ascending and Ascended Masters have found you to be very sadly entertaining — but ultimately, stubbornly close-minded, unworkable and uncooperative towards the rest of us in this ascension team…there is no 5D harvest, with you.


    1. We didn’t censor you. We didn’t have the energy to fight your sad little “I’M RIGHT AND YOU’RE WRONG” missive. Think what you want.

      Actually, you caught us. We’re really here to take over the earth. We have already seized all the catnip and our minions are rolling in it and pooping on your carpet. Earth conquest complete.

      -CAT Eds.

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  7. I think it’s going so slow because we have to live it. I don’t think we can get there directly from here. We have a lot of joy to embody and learn to live. When we can surround ourselves with that, despite where everything on the outside is trying to steer us to create, then we are close enough to make the leap. We’re getting there, one realization and application at a time.

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  8. Roughly 10 (+/- 1 hr) hours ago, something major happened in the higher dimensions.
    Has anyone noticed anything?

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    1. What do u mean something happened 10 (+/-1hr) hours ago in higher dimension!? First, I failed algebra, B. I was probably asleep, maybe I was there in the higher dimension when it happened, but my consciousness self can’t remember. Can you refresh? 😊

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  9. Feeling better update – realized this afternoon that almost ALL of my ‘burns’ have healed 95% or more – even those I received yesterday – they have usually taken a week or more to even start healing and go through a number of stages. I WOULD look forward to a night without them.
    Something different with my veins since last evening; they have become much darker and protruding – like weight-lifters get, hmmm. * shrug *

    be well all,


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    1. Well, Cupcake, It’s probably due to our length of stay here on this wondrous planet. I find sooo many things going on with my tired old carcass that it’s become an internal running joke. I , as you, just shrug my shoulders and get on with it. I’m at the stage that I don’t take any of the external seriously. I guess that achieving 74 lofty years has it’s perks. Keep your chins up as I always say and never, never loose your sense of humor. This is just a game of awareness achieving. Woohoo! Hugs to you.

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      1. @J, thank you my friend – I like being a Cupcake – can you make Key Lime cupcakes? …would poppy seeds ruin them?
        The times that concern me most is when I can’t find my sense of humor – I’m always so pleased when it surfaces naturally once again – it’s more the real me… and effortless…
        I don’t really look for reasons or answers anymore about much of anything – I ‘ask’ if there is something that seems to or might affect the family living conditions like the recent $s/rent issue, but not really concerned, just feels like something will work out – Mostly seeing what is next coming to my awareness – maybe a better word now, as suggested from somewhere in my life, is just NOTICE (esp since ‘awareness’ is getting such a charge on it nowadays.

        As to upkeep on our personal ‘homes’ – I don’t know if something I came across or theorized/perceived, but if we’re ‘busy’ elsewhere(s) or with other duties there may have been a lessening of energy delegated to embodiment of our personal body/homes, so some deterioration – like abandoned properties/houses – always saddened me how fast they ran down without people around to care and keep the energy creation going for them…

        Luvvies and huggles back atcha, J –
        btw- happy birthday and congratulations on your 100% success rate of surviving 74 yrs here… I feel I have earned the survival of my almost 70 yrs, lol… although not always with grace or gratitude

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  10. I so hope that I am on track for 5D… Not really experiencing a lot of psychic events.
    Hubby and I are both still wiped out literally! Dizzy, tired, heart palpatations and very weak. Today, I heard what sounded like my deceased father just outside my window. I thought it must of been my husband and I just misheard the sentence, but no, my husband was in the next room on the computer. I went outside and looked around for anyone that might have wondered up on to our 2 acre parcel and there was no one there. Funny thing is, the sentence was of the sort and tone my father would say. I wrote the incidence off as a Government Spoof “Voice of God Technology”. and went about my day. It was only until I read Cats tonight that I am wondering if I should rethink what I had heard.

    Rescued a kitten today from a grocery store parking lot. Saw where someone had sat out cat food and I began sending out feelers for a kitten, I did not feel them and remember being saddened that I had missed them.
    As hubby loaded the groceries and we settled in, I again looked up toward where the food had been set out and suddenly there was the kitten! She was a lovely 8-10 week old Tortie and she wanted a home. Told my husband to stop the car and nearly flew through the car door and back up toward the kitten.
    She was doing everything she could to charm the 2 young women that were reaching for their shopping baskets and saying “Where is your mother little one?” From behind I said, “I’m the mother,” and picked her up holding her close to my neck and chest. I had scooped her up so quick I barely remember doing it and within a blink of an eye we were on the way to her new home.
    She was covered in car grease and smelled of exhaust fumes, every time she nuzzled me she left a dark brown streak on my clean shirt and pants. You know what? I could not have been happier, I am going to call her Gaia.
    When we got home, I cleaned her up and we both took a very nice long nap. Truly, it was love at first sight.

    Cats! A question for your guides “Please” Can we bring our fur babies with us! They are family.

    Much Love,
    I Love Cats

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    1. @ I Love Cats. That’s so lovely. Brought tears to my eyes that you rescued the kitten. Well done and give her a hug from me. 😺😘

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  11. I sometimes wonder what colored glasses some people are seeing through these days… Ha ! – reminds of the song, ‘Classical Gas’ by Mason Willams… wait for it pun time – IRRASIBLE GLASS…
    A wise man (not WISE man) once told me to listen (with that detached noticing) to what people are trying, or insisting, they tell you about yourself as they are likely telling you more about themselves than yourself…

    with that I wish you all a good night…
    be well,

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      1. @ Cats, Since teen years had always wanted a Native American flute – when I moved here to ‘A city Different’ (it’s motto) in 2006 I had money for at least a year or two – the first thing I bought was a 6+ft X 2+ ft metal lion sculpture complete with long bushy strands of metal mane. the metal sculpture place just happened to be next door to the motel I first lived at out here… the interesting thing about this sculpture is that it’s in the exact position, including crossed paws that I drew of the lion that guarded a bunch of parts of me that hid in a pit, in a cave system due to the abuse I experienced – a lot of parts lived in that extensive inner cave system… So, you can imagine when I saw this lion in that exact pose… 🙂

        The second thing I bought was a flute from a Native American flute store – yup that’s ALL they sold… I can’t remember the tuning. but most people were recommended the A to start out with – easier?, but I think the one I was drawn to was a lower G? much bigger flute… It’s been in the closet since moving into shared quarters with family. – feeling the urge to get it out – BUT, like singing, too inhibited and concerned with ‘bothering’ people to practice (read, enjoy) doing either. Don’t think I could play ‘Classical Gas’ on it anyway, except maybe on NE…

        Maybe I could figure out a way to send you a picture of that Lion… – no reason, just to share him… he’s quite magnificent, of course…


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  12. about my dream above:

    I felt a kind of crackling in my body
    and so I was knowing: it ist starting now
    it was a very exciting feeling

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  13. To Cats, Ms and all the insightful readers of SOC, thank you for sharing your experiences. I am a long time reader but have not commented until now. Your information helps my son, who has insight to many higher order things, and me put the puzzle pieces together that we receive. Your site is something we look forward to reading. Stay safe. Sending Love.

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  14. Hi cats and all- yesterday and today have been a tough slog again, after a couple of days of actually having energy. I wake up from very complicated busy dreams that dissipate on waking and I’m trying so hard to remember but like a wisp of smoke, nada. I feel achy in every single cell of my body, bones, muscles, teeth, I guess I’m just a rootin tootin transmutin fool, but I guess that’s what I signed up for. I have realized my garden ambitions for this summer aren’t gonna happen though, just keeping up with what I have is pretty overwhelming these days, especially trying to do anything after work when I’m totally exhausted – weeds can be beautiful, right?

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    1. I eat some “weeds”, plantain, purslane, jewelweed, dandelion, etc. They look good out my door. Peace.

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      1. Thank you for reminding us that ‘weeds’ are really plants whose values have not yet been recognized. You are indeed one of the fortunate clear seers. Enjoy! 🙂 ❤

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    1. We talk with Brother J every day. We ask him and Guides to enjoy every moment with us. That said, we’ve divested ourselves of religious overhead. There is no sin. And the various Mr. Nasties are toast. We also prefer calling God “SOURCE,” as it removes said religiosity. But you’re most definitely right: Brother J is more than a religion. He’s our brother. His example was to show that all of us can do what he did — and continues to do.

      -CAT Eds.


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