Another night of high energy Wave X fireworks and Yet Another Timeline jump (YATJ). Seems we jumped away from…

…another political/war kerfuffle. Note that each time a new timeline is created (by SOURCE, basically), there’s still a YOU on the old timeline… and on every other timeline that exists where you’re alive. At last count, we saw 12 main timelines, but it changes all the time, and the number isn’t important since there are near-infinite timelines. (As some timelines become either obsolete or unnecessary, they’re seamlessly “healed” by SOURCE.) As some of you know, you are a huuuuuge energy beings (part of a gynormous single energy being, and extension of SOURCE), so you can be easily split amongst all those different you’s. How this all factors into long-term consciousness upgrades and contracts is, like SOURCE, beyond human comprehension. Anyway, it is interesting.

So, here’s what happened.

First off, if you look at the standard NASA feeds, it looks like nothing happened:

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 11.23.21 AM
The PTW are experts in showing you absolutely nothing and making it seem official.

Meanwhile, here’s Kiruna, showing the energy spike/jump:


Then we noticed this muon detector:


Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 11.22.08 AM
They went to 11.

And more muons:

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 11.32.53 AMScreen Shot 2019-07-04 at 11.36.54 AM

Can’t say we’ve ever seen muon activity like this, but then again this meter has only been active since 2016.  It showed up elsewhere — again, on meters in other countries:





This from the Swedish riometers.
Three neutron spikes, recorded in S. Africa.


To us it sure felt like the next Rip in the separation between 3d and 4d. We’re guessing this is what July (and August, and September, etc.) is going to be all about.



Sorry, everyone got busy and those CATs who had web duty got lazy. There was another timeline jump on the 5th:

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 9.07.20 AM

And we forgot to check MIMIC on July 4th and 5th… though all of us and all of you felt it and talked about it at the time.. look at the Wave X soaking:

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 9.59.38 AMScreen Shot 2019-07-06 at 9.59.55 AMScreen Shot 2019-07-06 at 10.00.10 AM

This is going on right now:

Note the dots around 100 Hz are now more of a solid line on information.
We’re feeling this in our heads.



Raw USGS data (note the depths):

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 10.28.43 PM

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 10.29.13 PM

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 10.29.57 PM

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 11.01.07 PM
The above is the only natural earthquake shown.

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 11.01.28 PM

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 11.01.46 PM

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 11.02.02 PM

The PTW were unsuccessful in starting WWIII, so they’re back to creating fake disasters.

Speaking of fake disasters, the PTW have chosen their party in the United States:

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 10.45.19 AM
Note the absence of the Stars and Stripes — or any flags. They did this in the 2016 election till people pointed it out. Unity is the last thing they want.

We’re not being divisive, merely making an observation. This was the first July 4th ever (in the U.S.) that was seriously downplayed by the MSM. The PTW see the flag as a symbol of past unity, so they will downplay or eliminate or burn it at every turn. It won’t matter in the long-run, but it’s . They have been toast for some time. We already see Mr T winning the election on ALL timelines… though we hope The SHIFT happens before that; no one here wants to experience the mudslinging kerfufflage.


A spike in energy is predicted for 7/8:

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 11.19.01 AM

This is a legacy graph, so let’s see how it does.


Wow. We’re getting bombarded right now, according to the meters; the energy is increasing… but we aren’t feeling anything.


This is a solar flare.
Energy spike at 19:30 UTC…
…which hit the earth’s magnetosphere around 21:50 UTC.

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 5.19.55 PM


Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 5.20.58 PM
And the energy is getting heavier and heavier.


And here’s the energy bounce off the earth’s cystalline core:







More as we find it.


117 thoughts on “YATJ #57 [UPDATE5]

  1. Had 2 6.4 earthquake’s within 3 minutes of each other in the Mojave Desert of California. We felt them here in South Orange County. Lots of aftershocks too. Near the China Lake WD…Ridgecrest…

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  2. For the last 2 days and nights I have been feeling the fine vibrations within my body which are noticeable when I sit or lay down. Also these past few days seem to be in slow motion. 6.4 earthquake in Ridgecrest, California which is in the desert with small population. I did not feel it in Ventura County. Cay

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        1. Oh, that CAT sleeps WAAAY too close to a portal and the energy almost took them away. The human heart is an energy organ, first and foremost, and if you’re asleep and get too much energy without consciously grounding… you can get zotzed… but it’s a pretty rare event, something we’re always on the lookout for (that’s why your heart beats faster when the earth gets swamped with energy, but with portals it’s 100X more). We typically wake up and ground immediately to dispel the energy, but this CAT was out of their body on some assignment and got back late. They’re fine, now, thanks for asking.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. I’m so glad. Thank you for the explanation. There’s a portal in the field at the end of our garden. Food for thought re my strange variations in heartbeat. Much appreciated.😊

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  3. Just about the time of the big 6.4 quake in the Mojave Desert this morning … and the aftershocks are still continuing. It was so big they even felt it in Las Vegas and out at the beach in LA. Shallow, about 8Km, tells me it was NOT Gaia-sourced, but evil meanings sourced. The timing can NOT be coincidental. For all you cool and crazy American Cats and kittens, Happy Independence Day xoxo

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  4. Some people are up-in-arms about the recent Ridgecrest, CA earthquakes. Three things:

    1. The Sun and the Moon’s alignment often causes a small increase in tectonic activity, due to the gravitic tug.
    2. Wave X energy is blasting into the core of the earth (and bouncing off into us, and has been for some time), and that energy going into the planet’s system has to affect something. This is why we”re seeing more portal (BOOM!) “safety valve” activity, as the earth understands that many of us are awakening spiritually, and doesn’t want to disrupt our progression with a natural disaster.
    3. 6.4 magnitude quakes can be a little frightening to those unused to quakes… but this is the modern world, and most things are built to withstand lots more energy than that. Little quakes like this also help relieve pressure on the faults SO THERE IS NO BIG QUAKE. Californians typically breathe a sigh of relief when they experience little quakes.

    -CAT Eds.

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  5. Question:
    Was it always this chaotic with changing timelines?

    These days I often notice when it happens. It’s a feeling and an inner knowing, which allows me to see the change in action.

    In my mind, it’s perfectly possible that the changes where always happening and I was just to busy and numb to notice.


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    1. We weren’t tracking them before, like we are now… but there weren’t a 100th as many in the past to track. They came along more infrequently, but could still be felt. But now that the negatives keep trying to do so much negative, SOURCE isn’t about to let us lose our positive momentum.


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    1. You might feel differently if you were on the one we jumped from! The nuclear war one before that one was nasty. But I kinda know what you mean. What’s more fascinating, to me, is the healing of past and present events because of the mantra work you all have been doing. SOURCE actually edits past and present history, thus impacting the future in a positive way. Some things some people won’t need to do or experience or learn because they let things go — and inspired others to do the same.


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      1. @~M5,
        That may have something to do with my over-night, Intense – Esp early this morning (7/5 ). I woke to the birds at which point I usually get up and close the window – This morning when I did that I noticed 🙂 my ‘night clothes’ were VERY damp – like I’d had an extreme fever and the fever had broken – had to change – Also there was a strong feeling of being/feeling different (has more of my HS been integrated) – Also wondered if there had been a BIG TLJ, bigger than any I’ve been conscious of before and I had a sense that I’d forgotten or a lot was now missing from the previous timeline… Personal, global or both?

        A few things from last night – very tired in the evening, not hungry – also with others on the relationship with food… don’t care, anything will do and not eating much –
        At one point I had the urge to look at the time, I started to get extreme eye pain headache and stomach-ache type pain, but more in solar plexus. – it was 9:19 pm MDT – wonder if it was the double 9s or progression 9, 1+9 = 10…9, 10
        My usual , which I’m now going to call adrenal response welts, were blooming intensely everywhere with added heat around those areas, new, and nose starting to hurt again.

        Had a look at Schumann when I woke a while ago – well that es’planes 🙂 a lot…

        much love to all,

        Thank you Cats, Ms and all your extra helpers – MUCH gratitude –

        @J – I watched 9, interesting coincidence (I'd just had to look at how many) bead game related videos on YT before going to sleep –

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        1. Dear Kathleen,
          I do not want to be alarmist, it is true that these energetic changes produce strange symptoms to all of us, which would drive more than one “traditional” doctor crazy.
          But it does not hurt, to see some things with Muggle mind, and to make sure to rule out a 3D disease. As I was reading you, blood poisoning came to my mind … because I have suffered it and it almost killed me, since I attributed the symptoms to an energetic blow and only went to the emergency room when I was almost there in shock.
          I leave a link for you to read it, if it seems good for you..
          Surely it is a matter of the energies. But make sure, please. We need to be all alive at this time.
          With Love


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    2. See, I never find it boring when attention and the intention of pure hearts makes the collective consciousness activate. Denise Le Fay coined the term: stair steps is what we are ascending on, and the ultimate place where our high hearts want to end up is a place where fear has no purchase, colours are brighter, and loving peace is the norm, helping to lube our imaginations and therefore our own creations.

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  6. I’ve still had the deja vu’ off and on since the 2nd. And last night’s dreamtime, I was 14, and then later in another dream I was 11. It’s like I was being regressed… or backed up… or unwound… not sure.. strangeness though. And everytime I get so down that I want to leave this play early, I get directed to something that gives me a little hope and keeps me here. It’s all very strange. Got suggested last night to just go with the current, stop fighting the river. So I guess that is what I will do. Hope everyone had a nice holiday. 🙂

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  7. Along your path
    You meet some friends:

    You also meet others who do not walk your way:

    I am responsible for what I say.
    I am not responsible for what you understand.


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  8. I have to laugh. This bucolic rural area has been hit with newcomers. In the 12 Fourth of Julys that I have been here, I’ve never experienced the level of insane fireworks explosions that I experienced last night. It felt like a war zone. Good practice for mantra and love bombs. ( So much for my smugness) Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!

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  9. WOW!
    It was a big one!
    I felt so sad for a few days and in a huge distress! It came soooo out of the blue!
    Today I feel a bit better…

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  10. Much Love to All, that energy pulled My butt Down in the middle of the night. I’m just starting to get back up to normal. I felt My whole Everything Was horrible. So All morning I spent with Minky and in the garden/yard. Gaia has been great to Me as well. Peace.

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    1. @ Christopher. Same here. Had a weird collection of different heartbeats. It took half an hour to settle it down after grounding, protecting, deep breathing and asking brother J and guides for assistance. Unsettling. I went in the garden first thing too. Hope you and any others that have been affected recover soon. X

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  11. I been dizzy and lightheaded since 3pm PDT on the 4th. Felt drunk all day and some of the night. Still have the occasional spinning room, nausea and mild headache…… small annoying headache in the third eye chakra.

    Good thing I took today off…. scared to drive if it happens while I’m driving …..

    Resting and meditating


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  12. “SOURCE isn’t about to let us lose our positive momentum.” I JUST LOVE THAT. Keeping it positive with the mantra that is so life changing PLUS the positive momentum! Appreciate all of you here!

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          1. I do the Mantra for the ones trying to create disasters, and envision the intended victims working together in loving cooperation creating solutions in every way.

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  13. My cat alerted me to the quake rolling in last night and then sat at the window on guard all night. About 100 gallons of water sloshed out of the pool as it was a roller. I am not aware of any other damage in Ventura County Ca. Cay

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  14. Update 1: ditto.
    I just told my mom (who has an ulcer by the way, remember 2 weeks ago: back pain-stomach-healing) that the meters must be going wild because I felt like a mixture between very high energy and passing out. Tingles in the head too.
    Besides that, the world’s largest pimple is brewing on or in my nose. More as it grows.

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    1. Stefan
      I am having issues with my nose too, when I eat acid fruits.oranges give me blisters on the inside of my nose and nasal canal.
      I crossed acid fruits off my list of safe food. If you need to drain an infection ( I was told by a massage therapist ) to put a thin piece of russet Potatoe on it with a band aid (preferably organic with skin or just the skin would work too) by morning its drained. And to my surprise It works ! I even get splinters out with this.
      The sun seems to be drying out my mucus membranes. I am drinking and drinking alkaline water and netty potting.

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      1. @milifiori,
        Wow , wish I’d known about the potato trick the last couple of WC Fields weeks as I nattered on incessantly about my painful nose, lol – everything in it’s own time – what finally/majorly started mine healing was the night we were introduced to the love ‘bombs’ I tossed two SOURCE heart bombs to my nose, so much better the next morning and now 85% healed and some final fine peeling, like from a sun burn – sun burn, guess so….
        As to drying out – for the past year?, or more, my nose at the little bridge thing that then dives down into the sinuses would dry out crack and not heal just (TMI) ooze very slowly bloody plasma and crust then crack again – every so often it would heal completely overnight for no apparent reason then start all over after too short a time – my WC Fields weeks when I couldn’t touch my nose for pain helped let those heal – hope they stay that way – Also, same time frame (year or so) dried out mouth in extreme – no matter what liquid intake – that has improved since the eclipse.

        In a way I’m sorry I’m not the only one, so no one else has to experience, but somehow comforting to know I’m maybe not hypochondriacally crazy… 🙂
        Apologies for being all graphic and share=y.

        Be well, my lovelies,
        much love,


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        1. @ Kathleen. I’ve had the nose stuff too, sinuses etc. Improving now, but still there. I kept muttering “what’s with this nose problem”. I mix up grapeseed oil, tea tree and various other essential oils and use them inside my nose every morning and the outside skin sometimes cracks halfway down. If I don’t my nose bleeds slightly. I wondered if it was a legacy of living in a large city for the first 35 years of my life and working in the centre. The air quality was yucky. However it’s worse this last six months and I’ve lived in the countryside for 30 years now. I don’t get hayfever either. Oh well. We find ways to cope. As you said,just helps to know it’s not only you.😉

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    2. I understand how you feel my nose has given me alot of trouble with all the stress we under from the sun, I guess… so I talked to an old friend thats a Holistic Nurse Practitioner that I run health issues by and she said it sounds like a sensitivity to Yellow foods (not pale yellow like bananas) but oranges , pineapple etc. So I have to avoid pot lucks or I regret it.

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  15. Gaia Portal❤️ I wonder what ‘Tellurides’ are?!

    Much love x

    Angelic contrasts are presented to the unawakened.
    Starkness of the diligents is viewed by the empires.
    Seething plantation items are released.
    Tellurides come into view.

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    1. Tellurides have to do with mineral elements like gold, silver, copper, etc.. Maybe they are associating mineral elements with our spiritual gifts??? When I think of a plantation I think of slavery and the things associated with that. Could be slavery items are being released. Just going with my feelings here.

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    2. @Lily, and All –
      Hmmm, bananas are grown on plantations, too – now I’m picturing bananas flying off, flapping their peels, toward the mining town in the mountains.

      Telluride is a town in Co. that mined several minerals –
      Found this tidbit – a certain 4 letter mineral/metal, might bear some significance…

      “Gold telluride ores, treated commercially in various regions in the world, most notably Kalgoorlie, Western Australia; Vatukoula, Fiji; Cripple Creek, Colorado, and Kirkland Lake, Ontario, exhibit slow leaching kinetics. There are many telluride mineral species and the most common gold bearing varieties include calaverite, krennerite, sylvanite and petzite. … This chapter presents information on the composition and properties of gold telluride, the assay method, the processing methods and the latest developments. Roasting followed by cyanidation proved to be the preferred method to extract gold from telluride ores. Ultrafine milling of a flotation concentrate followed by cyanidation replaced roasting because of environmental issues. The first application of this approach, at KCGM (Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines), presented significant challenges in terms of high consumption of cyanide and losses of gold in leach residues. These issues were overcome by conducting cyanidation with a high concentration of lime and the addition of lead nitrate.”

      I left the quote so wordy because I found it amusing they considered the high use of cyanide with lime and lead as the preferable environmentally sound processing method than roasting. 🙂
      *sheesh !! *


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      1. Kathleen, Wow, you learn something new everyday! Never knew that!

        Hmmm Gold and bananas. Bananas are yellow like gold and aren’t there supposed to be ice cream flavoured bananas discovered before The Event?

        Not sure where I’m going with this, dog tired today!

        Much Love ❤️🍌❤️

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  16. Does anyone know if what is happening
    to ourselves, on the other more horrendous timelines, could be effecting
    us. In addition to my usual feelings of being woozy, clumsy and very tired, which have improved a little in the last
    couple of days, I usually have panic attacks from about 3 to 6AM every morning. Everything I have used to help
    myself doesn’t work well anymore. I have had far more challenges, in my life, than my Normie friends, but have usually, for the most part, been able to
    deal with them. Now it is almost more
    than I can stand. The fact that I will be
    78, in a few months, probably doesn’t help
    either. I want to keep going but don’t know if I can.

    With love and best wishes to all,


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    1. You could be experiencing some feelings from other timelines, or you’re sensing what others around you are experiencing — or both. it’s difficult to tell. When you feel the panic, think “SOURCE… SOURCE…” and breathe through it. In with the bad air, out with the good air… 😉

      You can do it.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. Sending love Pamela❤️

      I keep getting terribly anxious for no apparent reason and the exhaustion, well I think we all know that feeling! Seems to me that the only solution is to call in Source Light, AM, Brother J. Ground & Protect, so glad I know to do this AND The Mantra!


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      1. Lilly,

        Thank you so much for your kind,
        loving thoughts – they mean a lot.
        How exciting that you got a rag doll
        kitty! When I lived in NYC, and I first
        brought cats home, they would usually hide in the daytime and then
        come out at night to seemingly inspect and map every inch of the apartment. Once that was accomplished they would come out
        and take over! I think Willow Puss
        needs a little time to settle in.

        I would like to suggest that WP have
        either a microchip or collar with a
        name and phone number. My dog,
        Blackie, was seen being taken from
        the front yard of his former family.
        Flyers and ads were used to try and
        find him with no success. Then, after
        six months, someone turned him in to a Vet, in a town, about 20 miles
        away. Since Blackie had a chip he was
        able to be reunited with his family.

        With love ❤️ to you and your
        darling daughter,


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        1. Thank you Pamela, yes I will definitely get her micro chipped. She is still hiding in her carrier. No sign of being in the litter tray etc… Have put food and water right in front of her carrier but am a bit concerned she has not had a drink ( that I’ve seen). She is so beautiful, I will go and read her one of my daughters stories later when it’s a bit quieter!

          Much love ❤️

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  17. Wondering if any of you lovely peeps could advise me?

    We picked up Willow Puss today, our new kitty! She is a 14 month old ragdoll cat. I have given her the conservatory which is attached to the kitchen. It’s a box room really with windows, about 2m x 2m! She has food out, a kitty water fountain, cat tree, scratch post etc… It’s very quiet here compared to where we collected her from (busy town, motorbikes and traffic noise everywhere.

    I put the kitty carrier on an old trunk in the room and opened the door and left the room. I have peeked through the glass on the door that separates kitchen from kitty room and she hasn’t moved! Does it take a while for kitties to settle in? Should I just leave her or should I go and talk to her? I need a cat behaviour book!

    Much Love ❤️

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    1. Lily, I got a black “teenage” cat from a local animal rescue about 35 yrs ago. He was very affectionate with me before I took him home but when we got home he disappeared. For roughly 2 months I barely saw him. I heard him eating and that was it. Then as if a switch had been flipped he popped up on my lap one day. From that day on he followed me around the house and sat on me and slept on the bed with me—on my head if I let him! He became a codependant dog! He lived for 23 more years and he was constantly near me when I was home. One of my best friends ever. I wouldn’t worry about your new friend. I’m sure that in their own time they will realise that you are family. Give them their space and before long they’ll be purring in your lap, sending out powerful love waves!!

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    2. Lily,
      Ragdolls love to eat and are not very active. Try coaxing it out with treats and sending gratitude and appreciation from your heart to the kitty. They also love to have their heads and necks scratched while you whisper sweet nothings to them. Cay

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      1. Cay, awww, thanks for the tip! I haven’t touched her yet, feel like I should wait until she approaches me? Would love a kitty snuggle but I can wait until she is comfortable 🙂

        Much love ❤️

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    3. Lily, I’ve lived with many cats all my life and when I read your post my heart ached for your poor Willow Puss sitting out there alone! Don’t crowd her, but take a book, some music and a comfy pillow or chair out there and just be a presence for her. She’ll let you know what to do when you connect with love. I’ll be interested in how WP and your daughter connect. I’m delighted you found her!

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      1. Dont forget you can get cat food that has tryptophan in it to calm them down and make them happy that might help too. It helped my cat so much I keep it around and mix a little in their regular food because I have 3 cats and sometimes they sleep together lovingly and sometimes they squabble.

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      2. jj, thanks for the advice ❤️ There is a cat flap in the door that seperates her from the rest of the house so hopefully she will realise that she can come and go as she pleases when she is ready.

        I have a chair in there and have gone in a couple of times and just talked away to myself! I gave her a slow blink and got one back, that’s good right?!

        Much love ❤️

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    4. @Lily, Wonderful name – one of my favorite things in my childhood was each year when I could find the Pussywillows, so soft and comforting.

      I’d say communicate by energy anytime ( I’ve used the Mantra with our dogs and, I think? it’s helped calm the puppy down a bit and my little friend is maybe a little bit less gremlin-y to the puppy- she has been bowled over by her a number of times, couldn’t hurt – the older Chihuahua, my daughters’ original, often seems unhappy – I think she has difficulties with my daughter’s intense energy, exhausting to her – I will continue to use the mantra with them) And using soft voice when replenishing food, water and very clean litter box – I had a client who I would occasionally cat/house sit for who had a white Persian, who would go elsewhere if her box wasn’t cleaned after EACH use AND they had a LitterMate automatic litterbox, lol – it wasn’t good enough for her, she wanted the waste receptacle cleaned, too, lol.

      Our neighborhood, in the country, not suburb, considered our place the go to for bringing any strays or box of dumped kittens to – We probably had over 100 cats over time – the most at one time was 25. I’d say mostly cats dislike ‘PUSHY’, so don’t rush things – I don’t know if they value nonchalance, other than their own, but I’d go with that – they do value service, amble and on time, lol.

      One of the worst days of my life was as a teenager coming home from camp and my mother had gotten rid of ALL our animals and had said nothing – two dogs, mine and the father of her and 5 cats including my special friend that got me through high school years and more, crying each night, didn’t know why I was crying at that time, but I lost that help and loving companionship – she had always come to me when I was really crying and been supportive. Have no idea why I shared that, but not being allowed to delete it. Universe provided me with the arrival of a pregnant stray, one of whose kitten became my next best friend for sixteen years and aided my mother while I was far away at college, notifying her of two beginning house fires by repeatedly pushing on her shoulder in sleep til she woke – my mother was completely deaf without hearing aides.

      I’m wishing you both a wonderful relationship with your new companion.
      much love,


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      1. Kathleen, so sorry that your mother took all your beloved animals away, that must have been heartbreaking. Seems that spirit was not going to let you be companion free though and rough some amazing animal friends into your life ❤️

        Willow has given me a few slow blinks which I am over the moon about! She hasn’t used her litter tray yet. Hope she isn’t quite as fussy as the persian you mentioned!!!

        Thank you for the advice, I will give her plenty of time, although I am now wondering if The Event is just around the corner after reading The CATS and Blossom’s new post. Something is on the way, I can feel it!

        Much Love & Light ❤️✨

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    5. Dear Lily,
      I have raised many kittens in my life. Each one has his personality. In general you have to let them adapt to their new space and not force.
      However, I would recommend a non-invasive approach, if you are very shy or sullen.
      Enter your space for a few minutes. Sit down to read or do something quiet, so as not to scare him and just be there. May he see you.
      You can whisper or speak softly. That is getting used to you.
      And a trick, leave a shirt or sweater of yours, something that smells like you in the space of the cat. He will approach you and smell it and get used to your presence quickly.
      Of course, try not to be your favorite garment. It will most likely end up being him. He will use it as his favorite blanket. And since you know how to take a cat away from what he considers his own, it is not a good idea at all. Jejeje!!!
      You will tell us about your adaptation and, above all, how you interact with your daughter.
      With Love

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      1. Thank you Cristina, great advice! I have spent just a few minutes sitting and talking softly about nothing in particular before leaving her in peace again. The jumper idea is brilliant, I will have a look for an old t-shirt 🙂

        My daughter has her own way of dealing with new situations. If the guinea pigs are anything to go by, she will completely ignore Willow for a good few weeks and then, when she thinks I am not looking, I will catch her smiling at the kitty!

        Much Love ❤️

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    6. @ Lily. That’s a lovely breed. Very affectionate. My friend’s two are very laid back and sleep a lot. Anyway, see if she would like some cuddling but otherwise give her time. My old boy was a feral kitten and wouldn’t let me touch him. He spent six months in the house before he let me pick him up. Instantly becoming a big, dribbling, purring sloppy cat. It seems that once they decide to adopt you that’s it! Xxx

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      1. Newlynn, awww, he sounds adorabubble!!! i know I’ve already said it but I got a few slow blinks today! So happy! 😃

        The folk I got her from said that she didn’t play with toys which confuses me as she is only 14 months old. I wonder if she has ever been taught to play, it will be fun to show her!

        Hugs and Love ❤️

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  18. CAT Ed’s., and M’s,

    Thank you so much for helping me with the panic attacks.
    I think it is true that what I am experiencing must that I am
    picking up feelings from other timelines and/or others
    around me. I have been told that I am an empath and quite
    sensitive, but I never could have gotten through all these years
    if I had been dealing with my current level of panic. I am so
    grateful to have a place where I can be honest about my feelings
    as there is no one in my life I can talk to – everyone would just
    think that I am crazy. Whenever I feel down and come to this
    site there are always funny and amazing cat pictures that lift my
    spirits and make me laugh!

    With gratitude and love to CATs, M’s and
    fellow CAT loving bloggers,


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  19. RE: Time Line Bleed Through

    Yes, just before and after a jump it feels like a mixing or a bleed through of probable events, realities and energies that create mental pictures and emotions Pro or Con. During this time we may experience several potential timelines that have to sort themselves out before a single one predominates. Think of being on a perpetual Roller Coaster ride.

    The more powerful the jumps and further away from our goals of Peace, the stronger the effects and the longer it takes to reorient to the new timeline. In other words, it plays havoc with our energy patterns, meaning you have to work harder to stay positive and vibrate higher.

    For me, it is like a Tarot reading where you are seeing and reading all the potential energies for the multiple paths and cross roads your client has before them. Only the reading never stops…how do you spell burn out…

    I Do Love Cats, Though. ~:-)

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  20. This eclipse window has kept me busy. Lots of opportunities to use and share
    the mantra with family and friends. I’m amazed at the power of it every time
    I use it. Infinite Love to All here. So much Gratitude for each and Everyone of You.

    – jane

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  21. Re: Update 5……I’ve been barely functional all day. About 12:30 pm PDT, I absolutely had to go to bed! Interestingly, the new noisy neighbors started in around 9:30 this morning with their motorcross racing and their loud music. You have to realize their house is at least a quarter mile away. One cannot see it, but the sound really carries much to my dismay. Anyhoo, I sat on the bench on the point and mantra ed them repeatedly. Funny thing, it’s been remarkably quiet and peaceful all afternoon. Don’t ask me what’s going on, but I suspect it has something to do with the mantra. Go figure! Ever onward!

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Now check this out…

      The sun is about 93.5 million miles from the earth. If there was AIR between us and it, the sun sun would register at about 120 decibels — like a jackhammer. It’s the ultimate LOUD neighbor. Get any closer to it and the sound would vaporize you well before the heat burned you up.


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      1. I’m sorry, I did not express myself well. What I meant was that there was a blue column, and then two thinner black columns appeared. And all in that time frame. I’m talking about the graph of the home page, which frankly I do not know what it measures, hehe

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  22. this is a test comment- and as to 5s… At 5:50 this evening, 7/6 MDT – I was going to post comment about suddenly becoming overwhelmingly sleepy and being alone with granddaughter etc blahblah 🙂 – pressed the post button 5:54 and wouldn’t post went to simple “sorry we are unable to post…” or something like that – tried some time later same thing… Let’s see what happens now…
    all my WP info was entered correctly…


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  23. yay ! – comment about 5s went to ‘awaiting moderation’, so progress…

    Just became a huge sense of being extremely busy elsewhere – WANT TO SLEEP !!!


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  24. Update4 could explain my sudden migraine yesterday (6.7) evening about 8 UTC. But after my evening Meditation… I went to bed, without Ibuprofen this time, hoping that it would be better if I just lay down. It did which is not normal process of get rid of migraine for me, but I knew it is not a normal headache. Then my whole body started shaking, not like cold or when energies run through…. it was different. Could not get any sleep for long. And woke up at 3:18 am again.
    Yesterday morning I felt like having horrible hangover, although I’ve had no alcohol. The whole day was just wasted. I was not able doing anything.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. I watched it and that little voice inside said that is the source. I said well isn’t everything? And it said: Yes but that really is. LOL

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Milton Keynes is not normally known for being exciting. It’s most fame to date was large concrete model cows! I’m looking forward to the Cats opinions. My gut instinct was secret technology “let’s scare the people” type projection. It’s getting to the stage where folk will say “whatever” and get on with their lives ,rather than being afraid.😲🤔☺️

      Liked by 2 people

    3. One interpretation:
      Kabamur on Twitter: “Milton Keynes, UK via #NEIOH These are Pleiadians signaling to other Galactic Forces to come to this area to disperse negative energy that was too dense for safety. Energy was cleared that would have caused a huge explosion near people. It’s gone now. https://t.co/trCoARXMAe https://t.co/xeSIuE74Un” / Twitter

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      1. It was the Pleidians trying to create a portal through which Rammstein would disappear. 100% proof for me the Pleiadians have our highest good in mind.

        Liked by 1 person

  25. Dears Cat´s
    I have a question for you that at this point is going to be absurd. But I’m a somewhat clumsy student …
    How do you know if you have a portal near your home?
    I read in many of the comments of colleagues who share their experiences here, who have one in their garden, or near their home, on their street … etc.
    I would like to know. I live in a rural, mountainous area, which is a biosphere reserve. There are nearby rivers, caves, springs and even an ancient prehistoric settlement with burial sites in cumulus and dolmens.
    So “strange” things I have seen, heard and felt.
    But a “Portal” exactly, I do not know if there is one.
    Looking forward to your response

    Liked by 3 people

  26. My nose pimple has disappeared! Yesterday it felt as if a mountain was forming either inside or on top of my nose. It hurt all the way up to my jaw and even close to my ear. Teeth & gums hurt too.
    Today: nothing.
    Wonderful & weird.

    A couple of nights ago I said the mantra in my dreams.
    Wonderful, it is now ingrained in my subconscious.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. No. Some of us (who weren’t energy overloaded) immediately thought, “SOURCE” or “pre-SHIFT.” Still, some of the M’s are on vacation and we want to get everyone’s input before we suggest anything. Then we saw Blossom’s post…

      -CAT Eds.

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  27. Cats Wonderful Video,

    Could the Sounds be ships coming through a sky Portal and the blinking be an attempt at communication???? (It reminds me of Morse Code)

    I Love Cats

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Re the zero depth, here’s what I posted on FB after the 7.1:
    July 5 at 8:28 PM ·
    ANOTHER giant earthquake; this one longer and bigger than the 1st one. Had to hold my record shelves and hall mirror. Back in a mo… They’re lying; this was longer, wiggled more stuff and too many “etc.” for me to believe the posted “19 minutes ago 4.8 magnitude, 0 km depth (what a surface quake?) Searles Valley, California, United States”

    Ridgecrest has had 595 earthquakes in the past 24 hours! 994 earthquakes in the past 7 days.


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