Incoming [UPDATE4]



Ok. Some of the M’s woke this morning (after a night of huge portal energy, ugh) and, while awake…

…saw a group of people looking up and the people winced as they were suddenly engulfed in WHITE LIGHT, then the M’s flashed to seeing six or seven gynormous lines of white energy, equidistant from one another, steaming up the inside of a cosmic-sized omniversal conduit or tube toward Portal One (inside the sun) damn fast, like synchronized white bullet trains.

We think that imagery is pretty clear in its meaning.

This is the first time we’ve seen those two images together, one after the other. We’re guessing The SHIFT is imminent. (Of course, Spirit has a different definition of “imminent” than we do.) Chills all ’round.

Ahem. New moon at 11:11 pm EDT on 7/31.

Good morning!


Despite what we saw, we *aren’t* seeing The SHIFT as far out as we can see… which is admittedly not very far considering the energies, and our lifeless bodies. This means it will come as a total surprise from outside of time… at any moment.

All Cats report feeling totally dead today, btw. There is simply not enough coffee. Cup three and no effect. Ug. The energy should calm down after the new moon, though, so we can all get some sleep.


Yowsa. Anyone else feel this one? We all did. This is kinda how the site works: we experience energy X, then go looking for its echo here and there. What we all felt was cosmic in origin, then it bounced off the earth’s core and was reflected out, so we felt it go in… then process out:

It’s the spike around 3:00 UTC.



North Dakota SID meter
You can see it here at the 10/11 mark to the right, that straight white line. Note: This meter is in Tomsk time.

There was also this GRB, six hours before:




Hm. Some of us had found our way to this earlier in the week — Monday, Monday — as part of a Top 100 hits of… 1967? 66? Anyway, we didn’t think much of it. Now we’re hearing it again this morning, and when we asked “Is this significant,” we heard: “This is significant.” Note that we’re not sure what it’s referring to. It could be personal or unique to us, or it could be for all of us. DON’T CLICK IF YOU WANT TO AVOID THE WHAMMY.


Oh. The above song was about the political machinations. Today was a major move toward truth. Things might break this week, justicewise. We know all this has to come out, but we’d rather just skip the cleansing and go to the NE early, if it’s all the same to SOURCE. But if we need to be here for crowd control, so be it.

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        1. oh my soulsistaaaaarrrr
          you are a m a z i n g
          I make less “likes”cause my
          account makes it difficult to click
          but I read everything of your words
          filled with pure love-light and I am

          3> 3 > 3> 3 > 3> 3> 3> 3>

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          1. alnilam144 ❤️❤️❤️ Awwww, you are so LOVELY and so LOVED Thank you for your words, always make me smile 😊

            So much LOVE to YOU ❤️❤️❤️!!!!


  1. Look up definition of ‘imminent’…PTW promoting doom and gloom…heehee jokes on them!! Love the two Earths pic…was meditating this morning and felt NE closer to my Heart than ever! Waiting patiently with gratitude! 💚

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  2. Bring it on. I’m ready.

    For a long time now, I’ve honestly felt like “I’m done” with this world as it is now. There is almost a complete detachment, as well as no interest in any “worldly” endeavor.

    Couldn’t care less to accrue as many goods/money as possible before my body collapses. I pray that this Shift takes us all somewhere we can shine at our fullest…

    I’m just so darn tired.

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  3. I’m genuinely feeling something imminent too.

    I’ve said this before I know, we all have, but it just feels right now.

    If i can ask, have the M’s recognised the geometric pattern?

    This is so bloody exciting isn’t it? Love you guys, I just want this all to end so we can begin living for real. Oh, and so I can turn my back on Mr. Grumpy lol.

    Mark x

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    1. Sorry, that was a difficult thing to relay accurately. It was six or seven fast moving, thick white lines (like trains) hurtling up a giant tube equidistant from one another on the inner edge of the tube, which appeared to be a cosmic conduit in the omniverse. That’s what we meant by geometrically.


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  4. Ok, talk about heptogonal. An hour ago, while running errands, some CATs and I saw a restored red 1966 Ford step-side short-bed pickup on one side the road (we were following it, going uphill), then we passed on the immediate opposite side of a road a blue 1966 Ford step-side short-bed pickup (!?) that was the blue mirror image of the red, going downhill — just as we all simultaneously passed a red fire truck on our side (where the firemen had stopped to get lemonade from a little kid’s lemonade stand), and a red 1966 Jaguar convertible parked on the curb, and then we saw a flat-bed tow truck carrying two red and blue 1966 Volkwagon bugs on the back (!) going in the opposite direction — and then a 1966 sky blue Volvo going the same way! All within seven seconds of each other. I’d call that a sign and a half.


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    1. I wonder why everything from 1966? Some sort of watershed year? My husband and brother graduated from High School that year; I was 14. Seems like a long time ago or only like yesterday. In any case, I am excited and ready. Let the wild rumpus begin! I am the Light, I am the Love, I AM. ❤

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        1. My brother lives in Clarksville…LOL.

          Yesterday (Friday) I was working fixing a canopy on this house, the wood rotted out from years of uncleaned rain gutters and the resulting overflow. Folks who own this place have been very gracious to me given the twists and turns of my journey and locations last two years, so I am returning the energy by fixing up that which needs fixing up, installing lighting and getting more sunlight into this building… and there’s some metaphor in all this for whatever the greater part of me is doing… anyway…

          I woke up that morning feeling odd. Needed to drill a hole in the angle iron that holds the canopy up to attach the 2×6 beam. Drill broke in half when it emerged from the other side. Got in my car to go to the hardware store, car battery was dead. Had my friend jump the car, got the battery tested (it was of unknown age) and a new battery at Allstate battery. I buy some drills at Lowes. Get back and attempt to finish the drilling, drill catches and torques hard to the left smashing my thumb into some wood. My thumb is now black and blue. At this point, given the energies I decided it was no day to be using power tools and called it a day. Ugh.

          Today feels lighter. Some days you’re the hammer, some days the nail. Or drill as it may be….

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      1. Sorry, M5. That was a *1956* Jaguar Convertible. And those were *1967* VW Bugs. (Diff taillights and bumpers.) We’ll have to meditate on what this car thing was significant, if it indeed was. It was weird, though, like we were driving through some alternative earth.


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          1. The Cats have answered this on multiple occasions, but always in the comments; very difficult to find! So we’ll see how good my memory is: M stands for Meowracle, which is a combination of meow and oracle. They don’t really like that term, so they shortened it to M. The M’s are, for lack of a better term, more powerful than the Cats. The Cats may have one or two of the various clairs while the M’s have most or all (hope that’s right; please correct me if I messed it up!). AM or Angel Meowracle is a special case; he was an M, but now when the others look at him, they see a cherubim overlay. This means four heads; lion, ox, eagle, and man. Not a naked baby with wings! Oh, and they’ve also said that they are all of feline origin; different types, perhaps, but all feline. Amazing what you pick up when you’ve been around here for as many years as I have (I even have thoughts on the identity of the Superfriends; won’t tell, though!).

            Hope I did right by you guys; please make any necessary corrections!

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            1. Thank you, Kolibri. No one here wanted to write the “M” term again. They don’t mind “M,” but the full version of it makes them want to mutiny, it sounds so dumb. Alas, it has stuck. We also don’t like blowing our own horns, so thanks for taking up the loose thread. Thisis why there’s nothing officially listed here that talks about us in specifics. [Note that ~AM has put an overlay over his cherubim thing, as it’s a bit much to look at, lemme tell you, so instead he now looks (astrally) like a massive lion being; I think he tries to reign it in, but he scares the hell out of our dogs! He typically chuckles and pets them, but the dogs are still convinced he’s going to eat them.]

              As for the M’s themselves, they are indeed imbued with more and varied (deeper) layers of Clair-X powers, and are also higher vibration. All the other CATs each have various Clair-X powers, but each is more specialized and singular… though this is changing as each one opens up. You are all in fact changing, awakening, and your own powers are coming forward. M’s can see farther than CATs, typically, but since the energy has been so high, and all of us are in the midst of transformation, that vision is spurious, it comes and goes, so sometimes one will look at another and ask, “Do you see anything? All I got is WHITE.”

              As for The SuperFriends (they like that name, but lots of us see that as a term from the ’80s!) have no identity you would recognize or could imagine. They are singular, and a bit of a rag-tag bunch; we all basically found one another, though randomnicity is unlikely. SOURCE put us all together to survive. The CATs were under serious attack at one point (there used to be an unbelievably huge darkness contingent here, operating 24/7, in ways that would give you nightmares), and we all found and assisted one another at just the right moment, and then synthesized ourselves into a kind of unit/family… one of them just said, “SOURCE FORCE”! That’s pretty funny. The SF have not been to earth before, and have no mythos surrounding them, except for the rainbow dragons, whose biggest name from the past was Quetzalcoatl, the Rainbow Dragon, who has since transitioned and been replaced with a giant female counterpart (who’s in charge of all the rainbow dragons). The RBDs are quite singular and most higher-order beings had never seen them before (they had actually been seeded in the earth long ago and hatched back in… 2014? 2015? I can’t remember. Anyway, a bunch of dragons were flying around a little while ago, and some neutral lookiloo ETs who’d been here spying on things suddenly saw them, got scared, and started shooting at them because they’d never seen dragons before, let alone beings that can fly through space, effect portals, change form, breathe concentrated energy, etc. — without a ship to surround them. Those who read this blog will probably see them one day. They’re very feisty.

              Anyway, we work so well together that SOURCE is preparing us, along with the SF, to be Stewards for the New Earth (and some of you, too), as well as turning us into “SOURCE bridges.” We still aren’t sure what that’s going to entail. Basically, our job will be to keep beings from exploiting the earth — or this system, or the beings here — in any way, ever again. We just need to find a better name. (CAT5 just yelled, “Space Rangers!”) Hm. We are indeed going to be kinda like super forest rangers. Another dumb name. Just like “Meowracles.”


              P.S. We often write out loud, so whomever’s around can chime in. CATof9 just said, “SuperCats!” Arrg, all these names sound like ’80s kid shows. Howbout, “The Goonies.” 😉

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    2. My neighborhood got a visit by a silent cylinder shaped ufo with so many glimmering lights at 5:55 am this morning and a large black helicopter flying very low over and over this evening. 😉

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      1. And now the car will not start the energy and whatever is coming out of the portals I guess just took it on a long trip and it has been serviced recently.

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      2. Bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning @ 5:55. Then it was heaven 01 next time I looked. So I went to fix some plumbing for a 89 yr old 11:11. Just knew a perfect day was ahead. I Am All of That. Peace.

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      1. Something tells me she wouldn’t even want that if it wasn’t freely shared with everyone. She’s fine. I don’t know how I know; but I’ve followed her adventures and everything about Heather tells me she’s fine wherever she is, doing exactly what needs to be done. Very few people are that chill and confident, she makes the Dalai Lama look like a nervous wreck.


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        1. Yes she’s fine. She would like to be out but at this stage it may be more protective custody than anything at this point. The “Universal Cleanup” she told me in the fall of 2017 (and I had my doubts about an ongoing cleanup as it was not yet visible) have happened as the corruption in DC is methodically exposed and cleaned up. Q appeared out of nowhere about 2 weeks after the first hearing where she flat out told the court there was corruption in the FBI and DOJ and within the govt. The court laughed at her. Nobody is laughing now. Strzok, Comey, McCabe, and a litany of others gone. Everyone involved in her DC arrest, at the behest of the Chinese Dragons and Fed Res, have been exposed and fired in quite a public manner. And the Uranium One stuff and Mueller’s connection to that and the Russians has yet to come out. While the pace seems ponderous at times, it does seem to be well planned.

          Heather has insisted that everyone gets their value at the same time, unencumbered and self directed and no back room NDA deals with elites to “manage” it all. That’s not directly related to the length of her detainment, except as a pressure move by those that consider all of us to be “chattel” (they pronounce that cattle btw).

          She expects to be released soon. Heather’s “soon” is not always the same as my idea of “soon”… She doesn’t do time lines, only event lines (time is an illusion). Things happen in perfect sequence, and in a higher view of it all its all happening at once (my head hurts when I ponder that LOL).

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    1. That looks…really promising from here 🙂

      Like mentioned before, something’s definitely up. All the “stars” are on the move, some flying in formation and flashing lights. All night, all the time.

      Got my partner out there to watch the madness, 10 seconds later she’s glued to flight radar trying to find “the airplanes”. What airplanes?

      Then there’s the weird strobe thing going on from the ground up, flashes like lightning some distance away from here but no clouds or sounds.


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      1. That’s so cool! Had a very similar experience last night/early morning.

        Mr H and I was out on the porch untill 01.00 this morning, looking at the stars. They are becoming more and more visible now as the evenings get a little bit darker by each day going by. After a while, he spotted something that made a flash high up in the sky and pointed me in the direction, and he went in for the binoculars. We watched it as closely as the binoculars would let us…

        It was something way up there that went in a straight line heading NNE at extremely fast speed, but it was as if the craft itself tumbled around slowly in a forward rotation because the intense white light from it that was almost blinding when the light “pointed downwards to us in a sort of flash” kept dimming slowly up and then slowly down. After a couple of rotations, it gained even more altitude and then went upwards in the blink of an eye(?!) It was awesome to see!
        But Mr H persisted “No, it is an airplane – it’s gotta be an airplane!” No planes flew there at that time according to the flight radar😄

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  5. Amanda Lorence says today is significant:


    Let this day be remembered…26 July 2019…HUMANS now begin to BE CONSCIOUSNESS first, with a physical human body.

    It is easy and clear for all awakened to say, that each human being’s awakening process, has been guiding each, thus building, shifting each, step by step since 2012. It’s a VERY individual and unique process for each, UPON a Collective Galactic Timeline.

    The HIGHEST objective for each SOUL has been an internal human one; to raise the energetic frequency of the human being that perceived separated state. By personal and human inner work, to see and thus dissolve all former mind patterning that we can ascribe to the 3rd and 4th dimensional bandwidth of energies. After we clear lower (Hz) frequency programmes that embedded and cycled, that created repeated patterns of mental, emotional and physical experiences in our solid holographic realities, we SHIFT, one stage at a time, in our HUMAN energetic frequency. These shifts raise two things for our human experience:
    1] Raise the energetic frequency/vibration of the PHYSICAL human body.
    2] Move the ‘human’ one step closer to become, a CONSCIOUS AWARENESS, that ‘resides’ outside of the human vessel and holographic reality.

    We can hear, read, quote several human phases that have been perfectly placed within our minds during this ‘ascension’ process. Such as “I AM Consciousness with a physical vessel” and also, “Being in the world but not of it”. 26 July 2019 marks the start of being primarily, FIRST and foremost, CONSCIOUSNESS experiencing and operating a human vessel.

    “Ascension” can be perceived, as the raising of our energetic frequency, yet also a perception of descension of the:
    1: HIGHER SELF becoming the human mindset
    2: SOUL integrating INTO our awareness within and around the human experience and form.
    3: CONSCIOUSNESS becoming our PRIMARY state of BEING.

    Each of the above changes are embodiment stages, designed for us all. Always in parallel with us each looking at, and OWNING our inner patterns of our own mind, that we agreed to experience. We realise, via our Self Realisation stages, that ALL is our unique Self Created Reality and perspective. To negate complete Self Responsibility of our thoughts, words and actions, that ALL are an ENERGY and FREQUENCY emitted, is to just negate ourselves and our very own Ascension/Descension. To blame another, to take the ego’s high road, is to be the one not looking within, but looking without, fully immersed IN the Dream. And thus, lack of self responsibility of one’s thoughts, words, and actions, creates by divine design, a repeat cycle to gift again, what has not been seen, owned, cleared and LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY. We each reach stages within “Ascension/Descension” at uniquely designed, most perfect and beautiful timing. Remember, our Soul HAS chosen certain experiences here, that have to be played out, experienced. So we can want to ascend, yet our SOUL has designed other experiences to be had first, before another higher energetic stage is to be reached. It’s all perfect. There is no hierarchy, no better than, no one less than, except that perception experienced via the mind that still may override the human experience.

    Each stage, or shift WITHIN ourselves, is a starting point of more integration, for that SPECIFIC and FOCUSED STAGE of embodiment. It’s all an inside job. And infinite. Ever expanding. If we choose to be the open mind and the open heart portal.

    In terms of the GALACTIC TIMELINE we are all a part of (whether known or not known), we have, as humanity awakening, reached a HUGE and significant juncture at 26 July 2019. We can say we have always been continually building to this momentous stage. But the last few weeks can now easily be SEEN, as massive CHOICE points for Forerunners. I don’t like to use the label “Forerunners” at all, as it can create a feeling in some, of Lack. But the reality is, some human beings have volunteered to do this first, then more human beings do, and more and so on, a dominoes effect, until it becomes the CHANGE of the world, and the NEW norm. The more that reach higher frequency, the easier and fast it is for others, as all our energy is also a part of the whole and human Collective Energy. I mention “Forerunners” only because, it is NOW, precisely ON the Galactic Timeline, 26 July 2019, that the Forerunners embody to become, CONSCIOUSNESS. They have shifted. And are NOW aware they are “Consciousness, with a physical vessel”. This is the start point, for them to NOW become more and more of “that”. Integrate that. Allow Consciousness to permeate their living state and become that STATE of Awareness FIRST, the human vessel being ADDITIONAL; a solid vessel they can operate and experience from, act from, create with, in the solid reality. So whilst many around the world will be experiencing this CONSCIOUSNESS shift that has been building for some weeks, it’s early stage of this INNER CHANGE that is occurring.

    Meanwhile, the ascension goes on for humanity, as more and more NOW awaken. This will soar from 8.8, the Lion’s Gate. For others awakened, many are gifted starkly, MORE scenarios, MORE experiences, via people, circumstances and events, to CHOOSE their perception and reaction, to observe their OWN JUDGMENTS of the OUTSIDE (dream/illusion/holographic reality) to then look WITHIN any remaining old programming that their Higher Self wishes to be seen, and cleared, for their further energetic rise. The aim, always, to raise each human’s energetic frequency and become the change, as the Consciously Aware Human Energética. An integrated and equal part of the ONE. Living, experiencing, creating, BEING, an integrated presence within the collective.

    There is nothing to loose, except old programming WITHIN, that limits and contains each within the hologram, and restricts their human and soul experience, creating repeat physical experiential cycles as a result of the engrained mental behaviour they agreed to transcend. There is everything to gain, by simply, daily, always observing our reactions, inner thoughts, words spoken, and actions of our own choices made.

    As each human raises in energetic frequency. As each become primarily, Conscious Awareness, and get use to it, allow it to integrate and expand more and more, naturally so, no force…we become “The Change”. A change this holographic reality has not experienced before as a Collective Human Race.

    It takes courage to decide and choose to find YOU by looking only at our self. It takes INITIAL courage to BE that newer version to the world, family, friends, partners etc. But then…when you realise it’s all YOU, no courage is actually needed. Just your desire, to BE, your purest, latest version, that is never ending in it’s own Self Realisation. To not be, is to deny our own Self. You are ALL.

    Knowing, that the only energetic frequency that assists our rise, is the energetic frequency, we call “LOVE”. And why “LOVE” has been humanities fascination and desire to be sought and found. As we embody more and more energy, thus more awareness, we learn that LOVE is an energy frequency, that has higher and higher, never ending divine values and understandings, that we can embody and become… to ourselves and to ALL THAT IS. As One.

    26 July 2019, marks the beginning of CONSCIOUSNESS becoming US. It has begun. Gratitude to ALL.

    One Love,
    Amanda Lorence
    26 July 2019

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      1. “Being in the world, but not of it”

        Yep. That sums “me” (and I suspect many of us) up quite beautifully, if I do say so myself. 😉

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  6. Last night, I had “seizures” while falling asleep. it’s like horrible glitches or spasms in my head. I saw lights ( i think) and i remember saying to myself to just go with it because this is the event. Then I opened my eyes. and it was 2:30 am.

    on a separate note. could have been stress. my friend is putting her 14-year-old dog down today and i was w/ the dog last night crying all night know. it’s happening today at 3:15 MST. can we get a full prayer posse going for MELLO the pitbul in phx w/ Angels and Source.

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    1. Right before Charlie passed away to Heaven, I held him in my arms and sang “If I had words” to him.
      He is waiting for Mello upstairs.
      All the best.

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    2. First time posting… thank you to all who are “aware”… this happened to me two weeks ago but I heard a horn first, which woke me up, then the blue flash then a gasp of air as if I was holding my breath. This continued thru out the night.

      Then the alarm went off and as I lay there thinking about it I thought I had died but my body was still trying to continue on like the living. So I told myself to get ready for work to see if I could be seen… as I was trying to get ready I couldn’t seem to control my actions as though I was a staggering drunk and brain dead!

      Fortunately my boss said “morning” to me so I wasn’t dead lol.
      Unfortunately my staggering and brain deadness last 5 days which made me think it it was a medical issue not a spiritual issue. And luckily my job is mainly rote learning so I don’t have to think about it while doing it lol!

      I’m very happy someone else had this “issue” and yes I was hoping this was an upgrade!! Happy Sunday to all..I’m in atlantic Canada and have been aware for four years.

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      1. Anne,
        I hope it is an upgrade as well. I too got fried last night and have been trying to shake that “hit by a truck feeling”. I am taking a Serrapeptase supplement in an attempt to gently thin my blood and dissolve scar tissue. I am not advising it for everybody, but most of my family members died from strokes. I hope it may help to remove arterial plaque. Conversely, if a stroke is caused by a ruptured blood vessel rather than a clot, it could cause a massive bleed and quick demise. “Go big or go Home” comes to mind. Stay healthy. We need all awakened on deck. Cay

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        1. Cay
          I too thought I was having several mini strokes all thru the night and it was my mind’s way of waking me up thru sound, light and spasms… I reasoned it out by telling myself that it wasn’t my time to transition lol as I am still in this now!!
          There is no history of heart disease or strokes in my family
          By the way I am a senior, work part-time in a convenience store but spend my real time in the garden!


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        2. Got red clover,it has good contents for You. Make tea w/3 or 4 heads once a day for women, not as often for men. Helps regulate blood w/coumarin and others. You should read on it, for it thins blood. Was widely used before co’s made fake version. Peace.

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    3. I am sorry to hear about your dog… 😦
      I just went trough the same road with my gorgeous, beautiful and so much loved cat… 😦

      ((((HUGS)))) and prayers…


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  7. I picked a dandelion seed puff pod from my yard today and scattered the seeds with a quick out breath while thinking. “I AM THE LIGHT”, ‘I AM THE LOVE’, “I AM”. We are the light, we are the love, We are “I AM”. It would seem that blast off is imminent for some. Cay

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  8. Loving the sense of humor here! Bring on the Sixth Sun! Grateful to hear this message today confirming a huge change in consciousness myself and all of us here right now….. Wow! Thank you! Was so excited to hear the word INCOMING! Been definitely building up…… Thanks for sharing the meditations and mantras, too! They have helped immensely during the past few weeks! As always, enjoy all the comments from everyone also.

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  9. Those are great dreams! So exciting! Mine were extremely vivid and unique… no light show tho. That said, I’ve definitely have had that “impending” or imminent feeling for a few days now. I’ve really been obsessed with Gaia’s quakey rumblings around the globe too.

    Side note-now if I meditate on where I should move too all I get is a screen of bubbles. Quite unusual. Usually I just get told “be patient” over and over again. All quite peculiar.

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  10. Thank you thank you thank you to Everyone! I’m really feeling it. Feeling I am the Light, I am the Love, I am … on deeper levels. My heart feels boundless. Amazing. Bring it on! Infinite Love ❤️ ❤️

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  11. Everyone Jesus is airborne lol funny how I saw a weird ufo this morning not like this but it was very long with lots of lights and made no noise.

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  12. @Cats Eds, Ms, etc… something came up when rereading a comment by Cats Eds under the Timeline post, but it’s getting so long there I kind of get lost in the comments, so thought I’d address it here… It was about portals and it’s something I had never asked before – – My daughter hates the energy of this apt – ‘there’s something here’ , but not like a previous person – I had that at my last apt – nice flowery scent now and then, companionable… (we’ve had them in other apts)

    Anyway, for some reason tonight I asked if there was a portal in this apt, I got a yes feeling, but anytime I thought about where or size My brain goes extremely funny, non-functional and almost put to sleep – eventually, not asking, got impression it’s above the apt –The first year or so we lived here I subscribed to Focused Life Force Energy service because of the intensity of family’s reaction/emotions here… After some extensive Timeline jump things this past year or so I stopped getting that energy sent – felt the energy had changed or was higher or something so what they were doing wasn’t valuable in this regard anymore…
    Still if I turn my mind/awareness in the maybe portal direction it’s a magnetic rejection thing – slide rapidly off it and side-head pressure ache – it’s like I’m supposed to ignore it or it doesn’t want me to perceive it…

    Please, am I mis-perceiving here? – I could really welcome some advice regarding this – — My animal lady is still here, but removed a distance, feel because if she was closer like yesterday I get headaches, but since perceiving this she is father away, but still there with infinite patience…
    Is there something I’m to do in this regard – feel like I’m repeating myself – not feeling anxious or afraid just a bit… don’t have the right word…?

    Help would be appreciated – I’ve never been around a portal that I know of – if that is what this is. weird, just got? that there was a portal at the property where I grew up…? ugh, headache… and eyes hurt…



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    1. Hi Kagee,
      We have a portal in our place too. We live in a duplex, and its in/on the wall we share, in the kitchen. I see much movement, comings and goings… sparkles, light, peek a boo’s… its been quite the entertainment.
      At first, I was a little surprised, and also thought ‘no way, couldn’t be’.
      But.. it is. We have a lot of crystals around, and our meowzer’s have their food bowls on the floor just below it. I’m not really sure as to all the why’s of how it is okay being there.. but I do feel a calm about it.

      OH! Was just shown a Green Dragon ‘parked’ atop of it.
      That may explain the ‘calm’ and ease of this portal?
      Okay… I also got that there is a part of Me that also ‘makes this at ease’.
      I don’t know if that is of any help to you at all, but would love to hear if others have used types of crystals or anything other, to keep the portals that are near to them ‘easier’ or ‘at ease’?

      There was also that triangular quartz portal(?) that woke up whilst I did the first meditation evening here a little while ago. That was about a meter’s length each side. I suppose there’s also the calmness of my own mind with all this going’s on.

      Wishing you both peaceful calm, ease and Much Love ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. @Tea Kay, thank you for your response – it is helpful and oddly validates, or some other word, the perceiving I’ve been having since I wrote this comment, seems a long time ago. 🙂
        I can’t ‘see’ what’s going on physically unless I climb on the roof and that’s not ‘gunna’ happen, lol, but a couple of days ago I ‘saw’ a dragon curled up around where I thought the portal is, if it is. Hmmm, not really sleeping, but curled around it, encircling it non-the-less. The portal seems to be above the end of the living room nearest the kitchen. My daughter does NOT like this energy – it doesn’t bother me. My room is probably 15+ ft away from center.
        As to the dragon I perceive a dark red color, but iridescent under-tones of green – I think I’ve seen fabric like this sometime/somewhere, a heavy silk or satin that has that shifting iridescent coloring. red and green… a Christmas dragon? 🙂

        Thank you, Tea Kay, you can’t imagine how much your response has helped and comforted me…


        Liked by 7 people

        1. I’m so happy to hear that sharing helped Kg, and you are so very welcome 🙂 Heehee.. yes… it does seem so long ago now.
          Each day that passes feels wayyy back to me too.
          I can see your Dragon, as I read the words… yes.. curled around it.. like over the top and down each side. I can also see the color you are describing.
          I understand the heavy silk coloring you speak of, its BeautyFull.

          I wonder…. if your daughter would benefit from what I suggested to Lily?
          With the Rose Quartz energy.. envisioning her in a bubble of it.
          Hmmm… and maybe.. if its possible.. to give a piece of rose quartz, or have one near to her, and one (or a few) around the area of where you feel the portal is?
          Like… a connection thing… showing her its okay, in a way?
          Don’t know if that makes sense, just what I’m feeling atm.

          Lots of Love and Hugs to you both ❤ ❤ ❤

          Liked by 4 people

          1. Thank you, Tea Kay – what you described seeing IS what I see/perceive.

            I had a heart shaped rose quartz crystal which is probably somewhere in the house – probably packed in a box somewhere that never got unpacked – I remember it well, so I think I can use the remembrance and the inherent frequency/vibration to aid her and the area… I think a lot of her internal problems (all ways) may stem from her cutting off her connection to her gifts after some comments from a quite evil behaving person. – there’s quite a litany of his actions towards and to people I won’t go into… She came ‘in’ with many gifts and right after she was the happiest she’s ever felt in her life her fiancee’s, dad to my grddghtr, brother who is either or both a sociopath and or psychopath said some very neg. things to her – why she has incorporated these things into her mode of being I don’t know. But I know a lot of the physical ails can be what happens when you cut yourself off from your gifts – which I can still perceive them in there – misery of denial; how many of us are doing that to some extent? I know I still do, doubting what I perceive or can do or cut it off after after being able to do something – I’m being corrected that that last one is more of lingering programming put in place – don’t know how to remove it and others, so try to ignore that stuff, just try to accept that gifts may be there – Hmmm, this took a turn/tangent I wasn’t expecting…
            Anyhoo, I can and will use the rose Q vibration in the area and if I get permission and direction with her also – She hasn’t been accepting of anything that she used to love and use in the past, but I will ask in ways that I can without her shutting down.

            Thank you muchly, Tea Kay.


            Liked by 2 people

            1. @kagee3 old programming….. I hear you. It’s been a daily thing hey? To overcome, or at the very least, acknowledge that ‘it’ is the ‘how’ & ‘why’ to so much of the crap so many have endured.
              I’m so sorry to hear that your daughter was in the firing line of such a nasty piece of work. I can see the energy of it.
              I understand her reason’s why she feel’s to pull away from what is so innate and BeautyFull.

              It’s in that basket of ‘unworthy’, and ‘if its looked on in such a vile manner by someone who’s intention was so strong… then ‘they’ must be right’.
              Sensitives… we’d be. In every way. Makes it so very hard to remove ourselves from the old ‘nasty’s & programming’.
              People can be so very cruel.. and I often wonder if they really understand the immense repercussions? (Shakes head).

              I agree… gently does it. A little a day maybe?
              Would love to hear how you both go with it.

              So much love to you both
              ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  13. How can you tell if you’ve seen a cloud cloaked ufo?
    I ask because I have now twice seen a cloud moving faster than all the others (including clouds at its own altitude) and their shape never altered. They also passed right through other clouds.

    Liked by 7 people

  14. Hello all you beautiful people
    It was late last night here in Melbourne when I too saw the “light tubes”
    Curious, I closed the door and went to bed to give my full attention.
    The last thing i remember was my protection mantra and I was out cold, for 15 hours.
    Awoke dazed, confused and quite emotional. I’m lucky to sleep 5 hours straight.
    ❤️ To all xxx

    Liked by 12 people

  15. My , I’m surprised that I’m still here today (Sat) I fully expected to spontaneously combust in the night! I was so Hot that I’m sure you could feel me 50 ft. away. Most interesting experience! I guess it was simply burning away more dross. Would awaken every 2 hrs. all night. Other than that, it’s business as usual.

    Liked by 10 people

  16. Greeting beautiful beings!
    Thank you for the graphs and info sharing on this forum. Another mantra to add, which claims you outside of the density of the collective field and even your own history throughout time is simply, “I am free, I am free, I am free.” Three times, yes, as it’s important to claim ultimate freedom for mind, body, and spirit. You can also claim it for another: “You are free” (x3), even silently – with intention.
    Viewing those most outside of the light, most separate from Source, as of God is how we help to claim and create the New Earth. Claim the Divine in all you witness, everything, no matter what. Your witnessing is powerful, and it can shift the field of another to align them with the Light.
    This is the work of a Lightworker, not casting another further into the darkness they’ve claimed, but sharing the Light with everyone through our witnessing of them as of Source. We create the New Earth through our intention to claim everyone and everything as of Source. No exceptions, or we place ourselves right beside them in the darkness that we’ve agreed to. No more us and them. We are one, and it’s time to reclaim all as of Source. It’s the only way to remain in the Kingdom of the New Earth. No judgment, no fear, only love.
    Here’s an excellent channeling by Paul Selig:
    Peace and love to all, we’ve got this. Time to ride the wave.

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  17. Another school dream. Was back in high school for a week of solo intensive study. No other students only teachers. Each day was for a particular subject and today was math. ( I have always struggled with numbers and equations.) Forgot my text book, but my old math teacher Mrs. Wingo was there calmly telling me not to worry. She went to get her book for me to borrow. I’m guessing this will be an interesting week. Cay

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  18. Last night I dreamed about contemporary me. I realized that I came here to learn trust. It was as if Source spoke to me. Upon realizing that indeed that was what I came here for, I cried very deeply. Perhaps the most profound feeling I’ve ever had. It felt so real that it makes me wonder if that was the “end dream” of my journey here on earth, that my (dream-)work is done. Seems improbable yet my days are filled with deja-vus which adds to the end story scenario.
    I will let you know tomorrow morning. Unless…

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  19. Shepherd sitting today – dead tired, hard to stay awake – dog owner wanted me to wash the floor – his downstairs is about half tile – the shepherd is over 15 and may be leaking a bit – working in slow, small segments – back hurts from 4 2/3 yr old Autistic grddghtr pushing me twice yesterday (didn’t want to be moved from in front of fan to get an extremely smelly, messy diaper changed); she is so strong – I had a verbal /mind image talk with her about why pushing me that way was not a great idea – with my spine fragility – telling ya’ll this because of the after – later she was looking at me intently holding her hand(s) up to mine, like comparing size, but she was LOOKING at something, then would place her hand(s) down on my palm and in my right palm she scooped/grabbed something out from my palm, still intent and looking at me – it had a feeling of apology, but something else, too… I know she’s been out of sorts with the energies, too.
    Been having what feel like significant dreams, but not retaining them lately…

    May all be well, may all be soothed, may all be (beneficially ) energized,
    much love,


    I AM the light, I AM the love, I AM…

    PS: still looking for insight (if anyone has any) about what is above our one story duplex apt, mentioned a a comment of mine last night – I don't get a neg feeling about it… ?

    Liked by 7 people

  20. I Just read update 1. Per Cats, we’re in a new energy/new rules. We Are The Energy, so I feel coffee/etc. wont have the old effects. Drink if You like the flavour. Peace.

    Liked by 10 people

  21. Well, it’s now Sat. night. The latest is that I seem to be phasing in and out of this reality. It only lasts for a split second, and yes, I’m grounded and protected. It is definitely not dizziness, but more like a wow-wow-wow pulse. Regularly spaced. This should prove most interesting! Cheers!

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  22. Woke up with this chorus in my head:

    “Everybody’s happy now
    The bad thing’s gone away
    And everybody’s happy now
    The good thing’s here to stay”

    Song is: I saved the world today

    I might not have direct contact with my guides, but we do seem to have fun nonetheless.

    Liked by 11 people

  23. Three different explosions tonight that sound like actual bombs plus more helicopters portal fun and games I guess. The house is making odd noises as well.

    Liked by 8 people

  24. Gaia Portal ❤️

    “Greetings from the ÉirePort Group.

    We felt the time had come to communicate certain essential items for the Hue-manity collective.

    As we have explained before, the term “Hue-manity” represents the Rainbow Higher Vibrational collective currently residing on the Planet Earth, or Gaia, who are here to demonstrate and assist the lower vibrational residents (collectively termed, “hu-manity”) to raise their Spirit frequency so they have the opportunity to ascend with the Hue-manity collective.

    Since our first communication on 5-22-12, significant progress has been observed. hu-manity is now at a point where “major awakenings” for the hu-man collective will occur. Nothing will stop this.

    We call upon all who consider themselves part of, and know they are part of, the Hue-manity Gaia group to remain open to Guidance as to their role at this time in assisting those of the hu-man collective.

    Your assistance will be key to preparing this planet for the full Ascension Event.

    Thank you.”

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  25. Cats. Re Update two. Yes I felt that energy bounce. Had to lie down for an hour during the spike. The cat was well out of sorts too and needed lots of love. It made my feet feel like they were being poked by lots of needles. Tired and spaced out today. Nearly coffee time.😲😊

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  26. The flower of life carries all patterns of life from SOURCE.

    The Cats saw an enormous tube with 6 or 7 inner tubes of light equidistant to each other.

    If you look at the flower of life, the central circle contains 7 points of intersecting circles all equidistant.


    P.S. Woke up to seeing these bloody flowers everywhere! 😉

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  27. Asked for any needed guidance in dream state and was given the example of fortifying barriers around my house (person?) to keep out irritating intruders. Time to amp up protection. I think the nasties are tantrum prone. Power up, anchor down. Love to all. Cay

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  28. Rough day today, had to sleep from 3pm until 6pm. Complete system overload and shutdown.
    My kid has a severe ear infection on both ears. Had to visit a doctor and get antibiotics. That’s like listening to techno for me, horror.
    But it was necessary. If you read this do send my little angel some blessings. Thanks so much sweet people.

    FYI: Nice album name…

    “Monday, Monday” is a 1966 song written by John Phillips and recorded by the Mamas & the Papas using background instruments played by members of The Wrecking Crew[1] for their 1966 album If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears.

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    1. And 1966 is when Star Trek was created.
      From what I’ve heard the guy who wrote Star Trek was on a special commission of select people who had access to Area 51. In other words Star Trek was based on his conversations with an alien.

      Liked by 12 people

      1. @Stefan, Star Trek was my immediate thought for 1966, too. Both my father and I liked the show and he died a few months after the show began to air. It showed a world and type of functioning that COULD be, despite it’s later season writing flaws. Star Trek and it’s re-runs kept me sane(r) in following years…


        PS: wishing lots of healing energy to your child – a massage client of mine went on vacation to Maine once stayed at a Bed and breakfast – she had developed a severe ear ache on the way, extreme pain – the proprietress of the B&B baked and cut an onion and had her sleep with it to her ear overnight – earache completely gone in morning – if you cut an onion it will absorb bacteria and maybe viruses (not sure about the viruses) from the surrounding area, so good to have in a sick room or if coming down with something. DO NOT eat an onion that has been left out cut for this reason, has absorbed things you don't want… Also very helpful in reducing hematomas – like from getting hit in the forehead with a baseball or bat (the incident I'm familiar with ) if cut side put on fairly immediately, no lump and no bruising…

        Liked by 9 people

    2. Sent your kiddo some energy healing; hope she’s feeling better. Back when I was a kid (started kindergarten in 1966, as it happens!), no one ever got ear infections. Now it seems like they all do. What’s up with that? Side “benefit” of vaccines, maybe? Someone’s got a lot of ‘splaining to do!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks. In this case it’s caused by swimming in the canal during the heat wave in combination with ear fragility from her mother’s side.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. FYI, one of the M’s said people should stay out of water till the fall. Something about bacteria in the water going crazy, esp. on the East Coast of the U.S. It’s causing small cuts and lesions to become infected, and ear aches 10X worse.

          -CAT Eds.

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  29. What up Cats, M’s and All! Thanks for the updates, and comments. I am feeling like I can’t get out of second gear the past few days. Sleeping like my cats used to, and just glued to my bed. I tried to do some errands, like I usually do on Saturdays, but just felt almost out of body and lethargic. I remember reading something a ways back about these energies affecting cars, electronics, and people, lol, clearly. The radio in my car started going off and on at a whim yesterday, the power looked like it was on but the sound kept coming and going. Then the engine picked up a really bad smoking habit, which is still going on today. Perhaps a message to keep home, meditate and breathe through…..And to take the car to the station. Just saying the mantras repeatedly, and still sending out Love to All.

    On another note, this cracked me up, and helped a lot today. Cats are the best! This one is a student of the sport-great run. 😻

    One Love All! ❤️

    Liked by 10 people

    1. @mootzfriend This beautiful cat looks just like the precious one that owned me over a decade ago. She was spunky that way, too. Best Cat of my life. Twice since our parting, she has visited me in the dreamtime. I miss her so much. It was a great comfort to feel her energy again. Thanks for sharing this video. Enjoying the memories : )

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  30. Well, I’ve mostly made it thru the weekend. Made it through the heat and pulsing. The latest is a tremendous pressure on the forehead (3rd eye region) I vote yes for Monday, Monday!

    Liked by 9 people

    1. @J… very enjoyable – love their energy (Blossom and White Cloud) – good way to start my day, thank you, J.

      take care,
      much love,


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  31. Very difficult night, much back pain… eyes hurt, teeth been hurting again this last week, pain in thighs right one encircling, and feeling like they were going to be amputated… fun…

    Would so like more harmony and less stress in family (is better than in the past, but still would like more, and less yelling…
    I mention ‘housing’ not liking our anti-flood levies – they slapped us with an inspection notice for tomorrow – if they don’t like anything we get an eviction notice – always stressful… ALL IS WELL, ALL IS WELL, ALL IS WELL…

    I AM the light, I AM the love, I AM…

    MUCH love to ALL,


    Liked by 12 people

    1. kg
      I send you blessings with solutions to all the tests that you are going through now, and I get hit hard in my back with each wave X and I have recently made a discovery, If I remember to take 1500 mgs of magnesium before bed and when I get up , I have far less pain and sciatica and stopped the leg cramps in the middle of the night. this last wave was INTENSE such a strong wave I staggered with pain and the Magnesium seemed to help. I am a person that can not take any nsaid over the counter products and I still have to show up for work at 2 different jobs. if we can just withstand the external drama being thrown at us and the pain, we will all get through it. Blessings to us all…

      Much love to you Kg and everyone else

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  32. Just an observation: More than 50% of the eggs in each carton I’ve bought since the first week in July have been double-yolked; in some cases it’s more like 75%. This usually means happy chickens, but in this case I suspect it means something else.


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    1. Hi. I have some unusual stuff going on, is there a way I can communicate with you or any Cat/M privately? And I myself may be one of the unusual things. 🙃 No one can seem to help me. I’m not super tech savvy but I am @magicgirlsue on twitter if that offers an easy way to DM. (I think A Man Called Dada used to be on therewith me, if that helps know I’m not a total Asshat or something, lol. I think he left though, otherwise I would have DM’d him)


    1. Saw the DON’T CLICK IF YOU WANT TO AVOID THE WHAMMY and being a bit of a rebel and system buster 😉 and clicked to experience the whammy.
      Not sure if I’m out of step, won’t be the first time, or high pain tolerance but Monday at work was ok nothing of import to note.
      I did fall 12 feet into a river in Snowdonia and landed on my back on a large rock. My friend thought I was dead. Cracked ribs, sprained thumb black and blue so maybe my whammy visited early?
      Thank angels, guides and all unseen help that time as should have had far more serious injuries.
      Don’t claim to know anything anymore. Not even sure what question to ask. One foot in front of the other.
      Are we there yet?

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  33. 93 million miles from the Sun, people get ready get ready
    Cause here it comes it’s a light, a beautiful light, over the horizon into our eyes
    Oh, my my how beautiful, oh my beautiful mother
    She told me, “Son in life you’re gonna go far, and if you do it right you’ll love where you are
    Just know, that wherever you go, you can always come back home”

    240 thousand miles from the Moon, we’ve come a long way to belong here
    To share this view of the night, a glorious night, over the horizon is another bright sky
    Oh, my my how beautiful, oh my irrefutable father
    He told me, “Son sometimes it may seem dark, but the absence of the light is a necessary part
    Just know, you’re never alone, you can always come back home

    Every road is a slippery slope
    There is always a hand that you can hold on to
    Looking deeper through the telescope
    You can see that your home’s inside of you

    Just know, that wherever you go, no you’re never alone, you can always get back home

    93 million miles from the Sun, people get ready get ready
    Cause here it comes it’s a light, a beautiful light, over the horizon into our eyes

    Liked by 11 people

  34. @~Cat2 and company, re: the reply above to Kolibri that also mentioned 80’s cartoon series – remembered another series and my 3 or 4 letter word/species, not-to-be-mentioned, seemingly to do with (P)eeka-(T)aboos-(W)e’re… My animal mid-night visitor, then my new gwide could be a member of the cast of that series – Prettier, less over muscled and no KISS musical group make-up. 🙂


    PS: I did click on Monday, Monday – result in extra back pain and amputated-ing, feeling thighs OR just another night in my life and living, lol 🙂 ALL IS WELL, truly…
    BTW, all the need for cryptic-ness… IDK

    Much love and thanks to you all,


    Liked by 5 people

    1. Well Princess, I’m getting a little peevish about the pain, too. Teeth, my god, back, can barely move, calves. Brings back the lyrics from I think, that old Carly Simon song ” I haven’t got time for the pain! ” Whine, gnash teeth! On the other hand, all the gang has gone back home from their annual vacation here at the farm. I find that I am reveling in the quiet.

      Liked by 4 people

  35. I just got a big ole DEEP tone in the left ear, like a hollow tube to another dimension, exactlu 4:40, so I came here to see what was up. Having lots of tones lately, but usually high freq., & this was Such a difft level. Looking forward to reading… SO glad yr out there;-)

    Liked by 6 people

    1. June….you ARE coping with it. You are so strong. That’s why you’re here on earth at this time.🥰

      I also have days when I just want to give up, but you know….in those moments when you’re down on your knees, something inside of you tells you to get back up again, to brush off the dirt from your knees, stand up straight and lift up your head up no matter what. To fight it by focusing entirely above the issue to get perspective, along with mentally transfering yourself to a place of your own choice that is your ‘heaven on earth’ – the place where you can recuperate yourself entirely, body and soul, and find internal peace…

      You did’nt come here to give up – you came here to stand up tall. Lift your head up, June💖

      Loving hugs❤️❤️

      Liked by 5 people

  36. Hi Cats & M’s … Intriguing how Spirit/Guides communicate, Im not psychic I sense Feel, intuitive & I receive signs like that all the time you just cant make that stuff up lol. My Initial thought was not only the date of the cars but the colours, red & blue 50-50 = violet/magenta 🙂 1966 many many Starseeds started arriving on the planet for the shift right now & my focus on gridwork/meditations from 26th to the New Moon is connecting/attuning/activating the Monad/Monadic Consciousness Body (Monday Monday) Mother AquaBlue Ray inner Holy Spirit Higher Diamoned Heart 🙂 Its always a puzzle adding one piece at a time to see the bigger picture … I Am Light, I Am Love, I Am, we are One.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. In 1966, I was finishing the 6th grade. The last day was June 6, 1966. I remember standing out on the playground pondering the significance of all those 6’s. My antennas have always been active …

      Liked by 5 people

  37. We set a trap for a groundhog last night and caught a raccoon. That was a surprise. The very one tearing up the garden and bird feeders. We’ve tried before but it tore the cage apart …it’s big. We just released it to an upscale neighborhood (a deeply wooded/creek area). Still it hurts my heart … I want everything -All Life- to be FREE. Love to All.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. @Stefan – the ol’ Schumann blast might just do that – When I saw that yesterday I wondered why I wasn’t feeling affected more, but the kerfuffling 10+ hrs later got me – extreme neck pain, wipe out and an extra special uni-brow of ache/bruised-ness/pain from under brows esp. eyebrow bones and up into third eye area – funnsies… 🙂

      Be well, my friend,


      Liked by 3 people

  38. Today’s Big Adventure: About 6 o’clock PDT on Tuesday, I decided to go to dinner along the remarkably scenic rivers of NW Washington. The beauty of it is, in this populous area I can drive along these backroads and will meet usually only 2 or 3 cars the whole route. This particular route of 20 miles takes one by the SE visage of Mt. Baker. It was shrouded with pink mists this afternoon. Most ethereal! The point of this disclosure, however,is that the skies surrounding the mountain were filled with so many luminous spheres that it was absolutely awe-inspiring. They were winking in and out and were visible individually for brief moments. Clearly some major action going on! It looked like parking was at a premium. Just another day in paradise. Woohoo!

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