THWARTED Shooting in Round Rock, TX [UPDATE2]



CAT7 discovered a call for crisis actors in Round Rock, TX, which we then looked at. This looks like a pre-false flag thing, gun related. Here’s the ad:

Human Domain Solutions (HDS), LLC is now hiring Casualty Role Players (CRP) / Actors to participate in a National Guard Disaster Response Training Exercise, taking place near Round Rock, TX on Dec 3-7, 2019.

Emergency responders will exercise search and rescue, medical trauma treatment and first aid application.  As such, CRPs will be moulaged (application of injury makeup and fake blood) to portray various physical and emotional injuries and conditions, before going through simulated medical triage and decontamination processes multiple times during the exercise.

Everyone please send light in advance to Round Rock, north of Austin. And forward this all over the place.

Sheriff Cat says, “Not on my planet.”


Pardon the delay; we were looking for clarification. Here’s our plan of action. Everyone please imagine light flooding this area around Round Rock, Texas…

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 9.17.36 PM.png

…to the depth of 20 meters above and below the surface. Please do it now, and have it also work to completely resolve the situation.


Well, well. Are you sitting down?

We did it, all of us. What we did, together, WORKED. We stopped the shooting… here, anyway: While it didn’t happen here… it did happen somewhere else. Look at this:

We tracked it here, between 14 and 15 on 12/2 (11 pm and midnight PST).
Here are the jumps.

What we did shifted our timeline, a smidgen; what was to happen felt inevitable, but it didn’t have to be in our timeline, so we basically forced this act somewhere else, where a smaller group still needed it to happen in order to learn a certain lesson. Those of us here are beyond that kind of lower-vibe lesson, so we pushed it away. The worm has turned, folks. 

So, a fairly small sampling of humanity (still working on the exact number) were able to circumvent a cabal operation. This is why when the PTW looked ahead with their special (ET) future-vision machine (Project Looking Glass), they only saw LIGHT past a certain date. What they saw was all of us working together.


129 thoughts on “THWARTED Shooting in Round Rock, TX [UPDATE2]

  1. So thats what them ads look like…

    Will do. I’ll send Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White LOVE with the intention that it will wash the shitty ones and their shitty plans clean. Hope the dirt will have a hard time escaping those loving bubbles✨😉

    (I get a vision while reading your post. Am seeing a male figure standing slightly infront of me to my right side. Can’t see his face. Only from his ribcage down to his upper thigh. He’s wearing a long sleeved shirt made from a somewhat thicker cotton fabric. Khaki-beige coloured. His trousers are black and either in a durable polyester or cotton material. He looks to be left-handed, because his left hand is either nervously and/or eagerly in anticipation, touching the trigger and squeezing the stock of his gun wich is placed in a holster, attached to a belt around his waste and thigh. He feels very low vibe. And he looks forward to this event!)

    Take care ALL.
    Loving hugs💖

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      1. I apologize for a very late answer to your question, but I’ve been totally knocked-out from working mandatory overtime at work since the 2nd. It turns my life up-side-down, like work-eat-sleep-repeat…

        I never asked Guides about this. I simply acted upon what I felt was right, and what happened after I wrote my initial comment to you was this:

        I strongly felt that I should “step into” the vision that I got, and so I closed my eyes and I did. I hovered in the air about two meters from him in a sort of an orb of consciousness – I was without body. I told him that “I see you. And if I see you, ALL can see you.”
        He began turning his body to his left towards me a couple of times (I could still not see his face, but I perceived what looked like a dark blue baseball-cap on his head) and I took that as a sign that he might sense me and my words to him somehow, so I decided to tell him that “evil acts is a thing of the past. It ends here. From now on, the Way of the Heart will guide what lays ahead” and then I just sent love energy from my heart to him.

        And the strange thing is that he began to behave just like those men did on that rouge ship you Cat’s told us about some weeks (months?) ago – he began to sort of “flicker” rapidly in front of me?! So I thought that I will send him some more love, because he probably has’nt got that much of it in his life so far, and I amped myself up even more. And he “flickered” even more…in a way he looked like he was moving and turning in a fast pulsing white strobe light?! Don’t know how to describe it, but when I sensed that my love had reached beneath all his layers of anger and hurt, down to a little young boy, I stopped. And before I left him in my vision, I told him that “you are loved. you have always been loved” and continued with the mantra “you are a perfect, immortal spirit, brother. Whole and innocent. Everything and all is forgiven and released”. And then I came back to my body.

        The day after, before I went to sleep, I tried to check into that place where he appeared in my vision, but I could’nt find him. Can’t even sense him. Even the place where I saw him was empty! No desk with papers, no desk-lamp, no chair, no computer-screen, no grey steel-lockers. It was just an empty warehouse with dirty windows high up towards the ceiling…

        Anyway, I just hope he lets Love guide him from now on❤️

        Loving hugs💖


  2. Done! BTW, I felt all of your presence. The first time during one of your asks. I’ve never felt that before with you guys. It felt like home. ☺️ 🤗
    …(On the flip side HOLY BATMAN CATs GOOD FIND! Who is behind this?)

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    1. Felt you too unearthlytravelblog and everyone else doing this very strongly ❤️ I asked Gaia, Source, AA Michael, Brother J, Guides and Higher Self to help and to continue keeping the light shining SO brightly there.

      Felt amazing, really strong!

      Much Love ❤️

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  3. I believe the FISA report is finally due to be released on December 9th, so we can expect [them] to get up to whatever mischief they can manage before that. Eyes open, and keep holding the light….

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    1. Thanks J,
      I was thinking Blossom may have a message out today. This one was especially important to me as I have been having difficulty Feeling the light/love expand and envelope recently when reciting “I am the light, etc.” I will keep on until the code is cracked and I have learned to use this body as an instrument of love in action. (Hopefully joined with service to other beings as found in this forum. ) Cay

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  4. Shining Light on the “turds”! I Am The Love/Light, I Am. You Are Perfect/Immortal Spirits/My Brothers/Sisters/Whole & Innocent. All Is Forgiven & Released. May You Go to You Perfect Place. Peace.

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  5. Passed this on to a few people, including someone that has relatives in Austin. Thank you Cats. Shining our light on this should melt it away like snow. ❄️🤗

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  6. This casualty role player ad was covered in a new video from In Pursuit of Truth, so now over 27,000 people have been made aware of it. I won’t post a link, but you can find it on You Tube – titled ‘Gnarwhal II’.

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  7. I think it’s 👍🏼💕🎉
    Random pop up message from my drive around town yesterday 🎊💖
    (don’t know how to post a photo)
    License plate 8880 “Round Rock”

    Austin, the people who live here and most of the surrounding areas are full of so much ♥️ its definitely 💎 💖 home.

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  8. Some people in Austin are wondering why they hear Ave Maria by Schubert all of a sudden. One can’t do but good when hearing that.
    Glad to be of service.

    Reading other comments it seems I am somewhat behind in dreams, visuals, abilities,…
    I’ll get there, meanwhile it’s heartwarming to read and know we’ve finally entered the “sci-fi” stage.

    Grateful to be on Planet Earth at this time. 🌍

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  9. Having some difficulties today – I think I was young in most/some of my dreams last night, but ‘doing’ similar ‘things’ that I’ve been doing, and not remembering, the last two months –
    I did a lot of the ‘I AMs’ and a few ACIM mantras(for my self) this morning, even before reading Blossom’s new post. The pervading moood this morning (when asked, it isn’t ‘mine’, but haven’t been able to lift/move it with the usual tools) – mood, not despair, but a pervading UN-joy. Not to do with or from family or any member of household…
    I’m asking for SOURCE to come ever closer and fill me to whatever capacity I can find it in myself to receive – I don’t want to be just a manifestation of resignation and perseverance – which seem to be my modes… I would be better, I feel, if I could have a constant slow leak of joy – how is THAT done…I remember a few times I felt more than appreciation of life and a palpable joy in life around me/Earth beauty. It would be nice if those times weren’t so rare.

    Arrggghhh – I’ll take this mood out of here say a few hundred more I AMs. See if I can find an inner light stronger than a 2 watt bulb…

    love to all,


    I think perhaps I might need to watch a Laura Whitworth marathon – absorb a bit of her pervading energy…

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    1. Don’t know why it took so long to THINK to ask… HOURS later into yesterday I did ask and the MOOD yesterday had to do with Round Rock… Not a great deal better today (12/3)…


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  10. Blackie and I are wearing black today
    as we learned that our dear friend, who
    was on hospice, passed last night at 3:03
    PST. He was a dear, kind, wonderful person, who generously gave of his time
    and spirit to help others, and he will be
    greatly missed. From the time he entered
    the hospital, until last night, he only lived
    23 days. I think that someone I worked with, for 15 years, has also passed as I
    have been unable to get in touch with her.
    I know they have gone onto something
    better but it is still sad 😢

    Love to all,

    Coriboy and Blackie

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      1. Dear June Happy,
        Thank you for your kind and loving
        thoughts…they are gratefully appreciated. 🙏❤️ This morning,
        after having to reschedule a number
        of times, I was able to talk with Lisa.
        I told her that I was sad about the passing of my friend and then she said he was there, showing himself
        jumping in the air and clicking his
        heels together!! When she said this I
        got a HUGE vibration through my whole body, which had always been
        a verification of truth. I am so happy
        and to hear this and feel much less

        With love to everyone,


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  11. INTERESTING-on it-in it-with it-border breaking on so side-heads up-yet if call out then its part of their movie-keep your cameras ready and catch the mistakes-and THEY ARE MAKING MANY-TWOTOO MANY- twists and turns along the whole line-best of luck2all-but the cameras catch the image and include time stamp/date and get it up and out aspa-was listening to this sent as a vip2seeFOR/FROM:FRIENDS OVER SEAS and the deeper illusion of cinematic scripting and managing the story….but not the truth…PS remember what they did to her

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  12. We had a slight delay as we were trying something. We’ll see if the one thing and the light flood do what needs to be done in Round Rock. It feels like it has to be unraveled a certain way… with actual CATs on the ground… in a manner of speaking…


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  13. Sending as much LIGHT as I can muster. Elsie joined me this morning, double rays joined with ALL of your LIGHT/LOVE. Asked Source, Gaia, Guides. AA’s to hold the light there for the next week 20m above, 20m below and all around 🌟🌟🌟🌟☀️☀️☀️☀️


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  14. Interview with Virginia’s father on GMTV in UK. More girls are coming forward. He mentioned how those harmed and their families are threatened to remain quiet. They did stop the interview but not before he gave a lot of food for thought to the public. He described how there were many other powerful people involved, no names but will get folk thinking. The unravelling described by Blossom’s channeling, the can of worms…I believe it is really starting to happen. Let it all come out then let the healing begin…

    Love, Light, Peace ❤️🌟🙏

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  15. Hi family! I was busy with other studies but stopping By here again to add my light to Rocky Point. I requested Mushaba Force to surround the town with its energy. 20 meters above and below as requested. I felt love love love while doing it this morning, so I’m not sure if it was other readers I felt, since i did it after you all.

    Good to be back! Love to all in the room. 💕
    – Also One Who Believes

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  16. Been keeping an eye on the sky a lot lately after seeing beautiful pink/purple/blue skies as she sun sets the last few nights.

    Just looked outside and the sky is different! It looks like someone has painted sand dunes in the sky! There are also lots of white lines as if someone has got a fine chalk pencil and carefully drawn them. Some are short and straight, others longer and curved. Some are also darker grey but perfect! So hard to describe and even more difficult to capture on my mobile camera! I have never seen this before! Are they ships or something else? They are all low on the horizon…

    Much Love ALL


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    1. I just also saw a wide pillar of purple light coming down through the clouds blurry but definitely there! Either my eyes are tired or something is happening!


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  17. Oh whine! I was at the point yesterday that I couldn’t lift my left leg. Better today. I’ve been out placing the dogwoods and hydrangeas in the mild Pacific air. (We’re gonna make it!)

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      1. Well okay. Consider it done. (I didn’t mention that I’m barely here. Need to complete the dogwood energy field before I disappear entirely!) The portal here has been most interesting, but I’ve not mentioned the crystal heart of Gaia. (For another time. Must nap!)

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  18. Acchh, @M5 – “December is gonna be tough. ” So did not want to hear that… :/
    So hard to do things as is –
    I can hope for more positive TLJs… to… toward…
    @Cat 2 – too much – ya – I know I don’t ‘get it’ anywhere near what others do – It’s like home here with daughter sick and still trying to get through work – others have their troubles here – I don’t feel like I can say anything about how my body is NOT doing – but sometimes it just doesn’t work, so can’t do household chores besides childcare a good number of days – others seem to have the same/similar problem.
    Is there a high road or higher way of functioning?

    Thank you for all the updates and the calls to action(s). Helps some mentally…

    much loves to alls,


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    1. Part of our aches and pains this morning are from energy work, and living in proximity to portals. When we say tough, we mean because of the high energies. These energies will make some tired, make some crazy, and remove some from the game board. There’s no way around it.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Definitely a high energy day, loads of ambulances around and went past a car in the hedge (there was already loads of people stopped to help) sent them light. Just glad I got home from work ok.

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      2. Yes, my husband and I have really been feeling it, lots of strong muscle aches for us the last few days. And people are getting sick… had a rehearsal yesterday morning with a pianist, all went really well, chatting, small talk, and then 2 hours later I hear that that person had a heart attack basically right after we rehearsed and had to be airlifted to the next big hospital! These energies are picking up speed and power! Sending love and light to all of you and Round Rock! ❤

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        1. Yes, the heart is an energy organ, and there is a TREMENDOUS amount of Wave X energy coursing through us and Gaia. This is why it is imperative to ground to: 1. the New Earth; 2. SOURCE, and; 3. Gaia. It’s also a great help for people to first protect, then ask Guides and/or Brother J, to “enjoy the energy with me.” Then, by breathing through the energies and thinking “SOURCE” on the intake, you have a fighting chance of getting through the worst of it without damage.

          -CAT Eds.

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      3. @Cats Eds. Thank you, it is really more about my less than brilliant ability to overcome how the energies affect me to deal better whatever life delivers .

        I do wish I’d remember my dreams more – I think that would help – still seem young in them though…


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  19. Anyone else have a tight headachey head today? It’s not a normal headache. Feels like something is trying to get out of my skull. Wish it would.🤔😒

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  20. I think it’s significant that this is in Austin, where Alex Jones is.
    He has been trying to let us all know what is going on and what has been hidden from us.
    He has been saying that “they” will do a BIG false flag, blaming the patriots of this country.
    Yesterday, he played a video about a homeless man in Austin who was getting a free hair cut, and the man was talking about how they have put the homeless in a big warehouse and put chips in their hands.
    Also, Jones has been talking about Austin being a “Smart city”, with surveillance and cameras everywhere, and that chipping the homeless is part of that agenda.
    Hope this helps.

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  21. Thanks to all who contributed to Round Rock directed energy project. Joining with you beautiful and powerful souls helped to kick start my light. I saw the love/light melting the anger in that young man’s heart followed by tears of release. Hope it sticks around to purify any residual pain. Their are many souls in a confused state of anguish due to brainwashing and lack of love.
    I got roasted early Monday morning. Then dreams of young, self absorbed, sociopathic zombies being dropped off in front of my house for a day. They wrecked my house but left me alone. Thankfully the bus returned to take them back to the asylum the next day. Cancel that thought. Cay

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  22. Infinite Love and Appreciation to Cats, M’s and All here … love you so very much.
    and yes, I did participate : ) the energy felt clear, snappy and powerful!

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  23. I dreamed these big wolves showed up to get the cats and I destroyed them. Then the men showed up to destroy you guys too. So I threw them into the sky. Then Mr. J showed up with a ton of people and he started sorting through this reality even through people’s junk drawers. Then an evil red haired woman showed up and I stabbed her to death with a kitchen utensil because she was behind so much of the evil here but everyone was too scared to get rid of her. I just said oh well I’ll do it. Then I found superman’s special phone booth he uses to change himself from mortal to superhero it was sealed up so no one could use it so I pulled all the weird stuff off it. These were wild and vivid dreams for sure. 🙂

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      1. Cat Eds. Excellent. We need some “enough already” attitude. Time to really show them that no really means NO. I wondered if we could do the pillars of light meditation again where we were huge and joined hands. That was brilliant.🤗💖

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  24. Wowzer!!! I think that quietly planting blessed trees and being in the garden is most useful in these higher energies. I’ve noticed a remarkable change in Gardener these past few days. She has a radiant smile on her face constantly. Something has taken a change for the better. If I avoid the Kabuki theatre going on in d.c. I am in bliss. (Blind staggers not withstanding.) I also think that absolutely KNOWING that all is well is extremely powerful, which WE are!!!

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      1. Cat Eds. Not surprised as you are taking the lion’s share of the work. You are truly amazing. Get off that floor and into a nice comfy bed lol. 🐈💖🐈💖🐈💖

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  25. How can explain to you ALL where I’m at so that you ALL can be there, too. I seem to be in a space “between” what, I can’t say. It is a firm, unshakable KNOWING of connection with SOURCE. I can’t really describe it, but it is real, full, and remarkably calming and peaceful. I don’t question it, it just IS. There needs to be no dialogue, sufficient and full in BEING. How to impart this to you ALL is the difficult part because words cannot express how it feels. My Christmas gift to you ALL. (If I go on, I’ll start to blubber)

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    1. Thanks J,
      Lead the way and pass the peace round. I want to be THERE in the spring when the dogwoods and redbuds bloom in perfect symmetrical placement within your garden planting/painting. Cay

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    2. J. Your posts are very calming. I almost feel that I’m in your wonderful planting areas with you. Keep up the reports of your endeavours and tempting us with lattes. 🌳🌳🌳💕

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  26. So great to hear good news! I feel really blessed to be a part of our group here. Faith, Love and Light is really going to get us to the Shift!


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  27. Yay, Go team 🎉👍🏼✨🌅👍🏼💐🎊✨🤗
    Last night we had a random gun incident south border of round rock (public shots fired gas station ) police response, no one was injured. I was starting to feel like 🤔 and then went home and checked in and got it was not going to happen (big incident) and to not worry. Whew! Collective power of the light 💪🏻💛🎉


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  28. Yes!!! So happy to hear that our collective directed energies of ***Light*** changed our timeline even if it was only a smidgen! I feel honored and blessed to have participated. Thank you CATS, M’s and fellow posters!

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  29. Ahh, lovely. So happy the operation worked. My contribution was to put the entire area in a sphere of light (looked like a dome above ground, but continued underground) so blindingly bright that nothing else was visible, with the intent that it remain in place until all danger was past. It felt powerful and, oddly enough, seemed quite easily accomplished. Loved your idea of multiple portals to just siphon the baddies off to who knows where!

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    1. @ Kolibri, that was my image/visualization as well, really bright light and a dome/sphere, and I witnessed the person just sort of dissolving into light, starting with little dots and then taking over his whole body until he was nothing but light. I definitely felt all of you there as well, what a glorious feeling of family and ‘we got this!’…I am feeling very privileged to be able to experience this historic transition with you all! What incredible times, to be here on Earth for this monumental shift! Much love and gratitude to you all!

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  30. A beautifully positive friend of mine, on fb, must have posted this the other day, but it didn’t come to my seeing until a few moments ago – I’ve asked permission to share it (I didn’t specify why – she said she’d love nothing more) as it seemed a perfect poetic punctuation mark to the recent days’ LIGHT’ operation aftermath -after(heart)math?
    The picture that went with it was a simple sapling log and posts arrangement with numerous (Tibetan looking) bells of different sizes hanging with this message over it…

    “when one bell of peace rings, other bells will echo the sound… let us resound tones of hope to uplift our spirit to see in the dark a thousand dancing stars lighting the sky…
    ~Jo Beall~
    · ·
    Poetic PEACE Pilgrimage – Year 6 – Day 348 – 11/29/2019…

    hallelujah! ha ha, hey hey, it’s dolphin dancing day! the moment of ringing a bell of peace and everyone’s soul entrains to the sound which resounds as an echo of hope and faith and trust in the divine unfolding of our ever expanding cosmos…
    joyful in this moment
    being true refuge here and now
    coming home to peace
    trusting in the waves
    to bring us home with every breath
    deepening and widening the arc of our one heart
    from me to thee to we
    as we dance the pathless path of great mystery
    may we all be filled with lovingkindness
    may we all feel peaceful and at ease
    may we all welcome ourselves just as we are
    may we all be free
    thanks be for this moment of resonance, this portal of peace where all our relations, one by one, are ringing bells of love creating a wave of our one heart dolphin dancing supporting earth mother supporting us… one cosmos, many stars, expansive roots, all belonging to each other woven together with invisible iridescent threads dancing rainbow mystery… Jo Beall

    Thank you to ALL here and all the Cats, Ms, AM and all their guides and ‘S’ Friends, Brother J and SOURCE and the light that was convened for cause this past day…

    Much love to all, good night – going to sleep whispering the I AMs, welcoming Brother J and breathing in SOURCE – and remembering to breath out – exploding is so messy…


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    1. Beautiful Kg, thank you so much for sharing that, it really is pretty profound what is happening, little miracles making bigger miracles and so it grows and grows…

      Much Love & Light & Peace ❤️✨🙏

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  31. Update 2 ❤️ That is Awesome, so amazing! Wow, we can really do this! Shows what can happen when you give it some welly, in this case, super light charged Source wellies!

    Much Love ❤️😀❤️

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          1. Lily. No I’ve not whanged any wellies myself! Probably wouldn’t get one more than ten feet. Anyway my new birthday wellies are for using on my feet only. Have some lovely furry insoles too. Just need some snow to kick about in now. Keep it up with the Lily isms. 🤗☺️

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          1. Pam. Oo yes. That’s a good one. Although I do love cheese so much and have wondered if it’s still edible at the end. Would be such a waste if it’s not.😕😊

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            1. Awww….I was j/k….I knew that if Newlynn wrote it, it was okay.
              Thanks, Pam.
              This conjures up weird mental pictures. ;-))


  32. OMG! We did it! What an amazing news!!!!(update N2)
    I am so happy for all of us!!!! 🙂 Thank you everybody!!!
    🎉💛 🎉💜🎉💚🎉💙🎉❤️🎉

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  33. I was also involved as others were ✨

    When I first read about this situation, I took a look, and I saw the place for the venue, open space, but with some open covered area, I sent the light to cover everything, and after reading the request for below ground covering with the light, I sent light sphere to that area to cover even below ground.

    Beside again seen ships in the night sky with that blinking red and white, or just blinking white lights, which I now observe almost every night (this time there were 3 of them in separate position, again, I do not know if they are showing themselves for me or just passing by, I had interesting dream last night, off which I remember only part before waking up.

    I remember that I saw white dot in the sky, which was coming down and getting bigger with some definition in it, then I flu in the air to meet with that light, and as that light was closer and closer to me, I could clearly see that it is in a man form, the man had his legs crossed in lotus position, he had a goatee beard with the hair tied in up position, and his right arm was raised.

    He was all light, but there was a sharp body definition, some circles in different light colors around his body, a lot off them, it looked like a thin indian guru, also similarly dressed, and on his raised right hand there were showing brown cross image with also brown circle around that cross, and now I di not know if we touched the hands or he touched my head, and I woke up, it was beautiful image 🙂✨

    Was that Jesus, I do not know, maybe, I am not religious guy, neither I was raised in religious family, it could off been ✨

    Perica, just in case 😁✨

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  34. 2 night ago I had a dream, it was like a fake war: it was near where I live and at the beginning a black triangular and shape shifting, spaceship was flying in the sky (firstly I was thinking it was a UFO but it seemed too strange and it was so black that I didn’t call it as I usually do in my dreams).
    All of a sudden the army arrived and started to keep and kill people, randomly.
    I was scared.
    In the meanwhile the triangular shape became a military helicopter.
    My family was kept
    I was injured.
    Then I woke up…
    So strange meeen.

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  35. Wow! The power of focused positive Light filled intent literally can move mountains, and stop off track trains so to speak. Thanks as all ways for the updates, advice, real talk, comments, especially the Lily-isms. 😊. “You don’t say” has become one of my favorite ways to deal with (and transmute) some of the things coming up in the people around me at work and elsewhere, along with grounding cords, and ACIM mantras. ❤️.

    I’ve had dreams of traveling on trains the past few nights, not sure of the destination except there’s beautiful countryside scenes going by. Don’t remember much, except someone telling me “I met the scientist in Nashville”, and a Jamaican dude singing Christmas carols to folks leaving the train at various stops.

    Not caught up in the “get an exercise bike for your wife and it’s a gift that gives back” scene (no really, that was actually a commercial here, which lost a company a cool 942 milly), especially in Light of caring for my parents and newfound abilities. All borrowed dates aside, I am celebrating and turning the focus to Brother J this year, (well everyday but you know what I mean❤️), and it just has a different feeling this year. Grateful to be able to participate and lend Light when needed, and imagining the possibilities of more combined Light efforts. We literally Are the Light, Love…we ARE! One Love everyone, you all Rock! ❤️

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  36. I hope yall dont mind if I keep interrupting the regular program with updates from the wild ride formerly known as my life.

    For a few days I had my own apartment in Riace, complete with warm water, bed and lemon and orange trees outside the door. Then one morning I woke up early before the 7am alarm, which is usually a sign that I need to do something important. So I went out and sat down in front of the main square, and the owner of the apartment arrived in his truck and yelled at me to leave and hand over the keys pronto since he needed to renovate. He speaks about as much English as I do Italian, so a lot of information tends to fall between chairs.

    As a result I spent the last two nights sleeping on a pile of donated clothes in the town hall, while pulling all strings I could find. As much as I prefer not suffering, when strangers step in to help it is the most beautiful thing. I am writing this on the computer of a new friend who offered me a proper meal and help with finding a nicer place to sleep.

    Source never ceases to surprise and amaze, I am sure things will work out eventually. I have updated the fundraiser with more information about my plans and could use any help possible with spreading the word.

    A link to the first few chapters of the book is coming up any day now that I finally got my hands on a keyboard.

    Do not forget, we are the ones we have been waiting for.


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