More Jumps 2-6-20 to 2-10-20 [UPDATE7]


Not sure we’ve seen so many jumps before in such a short time…

…something like 30+ jumps in two days:








And three GRBs, too:






Ohhh. We didn’t understand what Guides meant when they were talking about the recent jumps. Lots of the small timeline jumps were more timeline glitch-repairs, to slide us all back together.


Hooboy. Some nausea and headachiness going around for this latest jump energy in CAT-land:


That’s a whole bunch of jumpy.


You can see seven or eight timeline echoes there.

Showing up on Schumann Tomsk as a WHOMP:


And this N. Italian meter is just gorgeous:


And then we have this from 2/6:

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 12.28.38 PM
We’re still trying to figure out what happened here (it’s multi-dimensional). We’re seeing all kinds of overlapping timeline images.

More soon.


Another jump:




7-year-olds rule.


Someone asked us about the bright lines on these magnetic field graphs:



The horizontal line at 50 Hz is a power line (in Italy), and the lines at 100 and 150 are harmonics. Note the jitter you see on either side of the 50 Hz line… those are two other timelines, showing the “curve” of how those particular timelines mesh with this current one. Sometimes there are more…


This is not only showing multiple timelines, it’s showing data-upgrade compartmentalization in the various lines for people of various vibations… which is one of the functions of the “knock-knock” energy coming from Portal One — and being reflected though out all the various Gaia portals, in sympathy to the big one. The earth is special in that Gaia portals reside above major ley line conjunctions just beneath the surface, laid out in a special way loooong ago. The PTW tried to pollute this system long ago (because we are all connected to it), but they have since been thwarted and sent packing.

As for the knock itself…

The amplitude is dropping.


This was simply… a portal burst! That is, a burst from Portal One inside the sun:

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 12.28.38 PM


Knock-knock amplitude continues to dwindle…



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    ”List of Markers
    What follows is a streamlined list from the collection in this article. I’ve grouped related/repeated things together, but maintain events (roughly) in sequence.

    Temporal Markers from the League of Light

    A gift from the past will be given to the present time.
    You will see the turning of a great clock from clear to imminent.

    You will see a change in movement for those who have been driving the world.
    The one who would be king will not be fit to take the throne.
    You will hear of the birth of an heir to a dying string of world power.
    Anarchy will follow closely, violence, and chaos.
    You will see the end of an empire finally come to pass. Pain will shift from imaginary to acknowledged. Many will demand retribution.
    You will hear news of the final end of the nation of dark secrets that operates with help from the seat of the church.

    You will hear of war, but the conflict will end before it begins.
    Soldiers on the field of battle hear something, then put their weapons down and walk away.
    There will arise a kind of echo around the world which will trigger armies to defect their war.
    A little girl gives her life for the sake of world peace.

    Japan will have issues they will try to hide, but unsuccessfully.
    You will hear of grave illnesses and death.
    The first Japanese child will die.

    Then we come“

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    1. Well, much of this has already happened. And higher-order ETs have been here for a while. There will be no “mass disclosure” ships landing everywhere, as it’s against Universal Law to *openly* interfere with a “primitive species” (that’s us) unless the planet starts to break apart. We have issues with that. The Space Police (yes, there’s a Space Police (SP), super-advanced robots created by higher-order being we’d call angels, just like that movie but not as mean) have been hanging back (too far in our opinion) but are now keeping an eye on *everyone* here in our locality. And I mean everyone. There are thousands of ETs all over the solar system, both lookiloos and NEUT-opportunists, who need supervision. Thing is, the SP are so status-quo that even CATs feel constricted by them. We’re gonna have to have a talk with them after The SHIFT — ALL of us. The SP are angel-driven, so they’re open to input, but you can imagine how byzantine a control structure FOR THE UNIVERSE can become after a very long time. Regardless, what’s been going on here for the past 100,000 years is not kosher. Oh, so much to tell… but not the right time.


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      1. Thank you TheCAT(s) That Lived! This is very interesting information!
        Yes, we definitely need to talk to SP and angels.
        It also, does not feel good, that they think about us as “primitive species”.
        It might help to understand better why they think this way, if they could give us an explanation for that…


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        1. Yeah, we know this shouldn’t bother us… but it does. The bluebirds consider us ignorant cows, and so do lots of other ETs. We’re gonna put a stop to that, posthaste. (Note: the bluebirds are cold and calculating galactic engineers, and would bulldoze the earth and start over if the SP and other Positives didn’t stop them. It’s just how they are.) The good news is: those who matter don’t think of us this way.

          -CAT Eds.

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      2. I had a dream a few years ago where a flying police robot type showed up and scanned me and I told them I could speak dolphin and whale and preceded to give a demonstration. 🤣

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    2. Okay, that’s crazy…I JUST posted this comment to that article:

      “I rarely post to ANY sites but “someone” keeps knocking at my brain door so I finally set up an account here. Last Saturday, when I initially read this post I just thought it was interesting and just more information to add to the bigger truths that might be out there. However, later that same day, I came across a twitter feed on Dark Journalist’s account that discussed the rumor that Nixon left a time capsule full of UFO information from his time in the White House (under Eisenhower, I believe) and that it may be revealed in 2020 and, perhaps, that’s behind the push for the Space Force. Just writing that makes me feel a little woo-woo but heck this could just be “a gift from the past.” Not to mention that Trump has been doing a ton of renovations in the White House and after one of them he talked about finding “gold in the walls”. Initially this was interpreted as perhaps there were listening devices found but who knows? I find it all fascinating!

      Let the unveiling begin!”

      Hey Cats, any insights to this theory?

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  2. Hi cats, and ms and all the readers.. i just want to tell you this,
    Last night . i had a dream..
    Ok im in the middle of nowhere, driving fast, i dunno what vehicle im in, but its fast and has no roof, and then i get thru a place that has a weird energy, some kind of light energy everywhere ,i dunno how to describe it but theres a rainbow like energy everywhere, then i felt like a tingling sensation all over my body.. it happens for a while And then the next scene i suddenly on a the most beautiful place a have ever seen with my eyes, even in my dream.. i remember the place,its like a dense forest.. but the thing is, the leaves is bluis green and sparkly, and then theres like one small lake.. that has the same color.. and the tree is so tall i have never seen tree like that.. everything looks so sparkly.. the air, the smell, i still can smell it oh my source im crying.. i hope to be there soon..
    Im so grateful to be here right now..
    And i love you guys with all of my heart.. thankyou for everything..
    Love n light

    *sorry for my broken english

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  3. Was thinking more on what you said about the shadows I’m seeing everywhere. You said they were beings. I said the veil is thinning.

    When I awoke this morning I was given the word “Contiguous”.

    sharing a common border; touching.”

    Certainly sounds about right!

    Dreamt of being in military operations again. Protecting something. Some issue arising in New Zealand?

    On a personal note, I’ve had bad back issues for weeks. I remember you guys saying it’s tuning up. All yesterday I was sick and spaced out and had a running nose. Today I feel myself again and miraculously my back pain has vanished. Strange…


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    1. Mark, for some reason, we had a very similar symptoms, I also had a running nose which started at Friday and a lower back pain for a week now, and today I do not have any back pain and still little sore throat, but definitely better then a last couple off days, coincidence, I do not know, maybe ?✨

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    1. Yes, things have changed there. China definitely didn’t bring this on themselves, something more sinister was at play (the “virus” is a ca8al-launched germ). While it’s killed only half the people that regular flu kills, the Chinese are now using this as an excuse to get rid of people they don’t like (calling them “infected”). You’ll notice that no one talks about Hong Kong anymore. China’s population is caught between ca8al evil and a totalitarian state. They’ve been caught in such an East-West vice ever since the country was forced open by the West in the 1800s.


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      1. This is so sad…I am sending them my love and light!
        How else could we help Chinese people?

        On the other hand should we work on stopping the spread of the virus? I’ve heard if it spreads to India or Africa it will be a total world disaster. Do you think we should pay any attention to that?

        I’ve also heard that the virus plays a role in ca8al plans to blame world economies problems on it.


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        1. Believe it or not, it’s part of various populations waking up. The “virus” has only killed 4% of those infected, as opposed to 11% for the regular flu. But govts are desperate to get mileage out of the control that perception is giving them. It won’t last, and will in fact backlash horribly for them. That blade is sharp on BOTH sides…

          -CAT Eds.

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        2. One thing I have heard is it’s not wise to go around pronouncing the name of that virus as repetition of that is only solidifying it into manifestation, but you can call it the reverse name anoroc if you need to refer to it. Best to give it the shoulder and not refer to it at all, IMO, as it’s a thing that’s had it’s day and time to move on.

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  4. Just remembered something I saw the other day while shoveling snow that I only saw one other time a couple of months ago – it was daylight and partly sunny, and as I was throwing shovels full of snow onto the bank, it was glowing aquamarine blue in the nooks and crannies and little caves of snow piling up – very magical looking and was wishing I could become tiny and walk around in there and explore. I guess the snow is so clean and pure now – and we’ve had very few chemtrails for the past few months so the atmosphere must a lot cleaner already without that crap raining down on us, yahoo!

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