Please Don’t Think Us Rude [UPDATE1]


Please don’t think us rude. Such is not our intent.

Several sites have recently run “Blue Avian” pieces, and have revealed this and that. This is a matter of planning and conditioning by the ‘bluebirds’ themselves. So… we looked at them again.

Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 9.15.31 AM
A recent ad. Making moolah from ascension.

The bluebirds are “Neutrals.” They aren’t accelerating anything except their own agenda. In this case of neutrality, them “helping” means they won’t interfere… but they *sort of* root for us to do the right thing. Sort of. We can’t exactly talk with them… because only those with our greatest good are allowed into the area to talk.

To make this clear: The bluebirds can’t get into this protected space to speak with us… hence, they do not have our greatest good in mind. They might mean well… to a certain extent… but it’s not enough.

They also openly scoff at our Declaration for Human Rights, which we find odd. We stand with all POSITIVE beings everywhere, SOURCE-enthusiasts all. Will the bluebirds join the rest of the class?

Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 1.00.50 PM


To quell the fears of those writing in about the bluebirds, we don’t see them as malicious or something to fear. They DO feel like they think they are superior, but we don’t see them trying to harm or “steal us” during any potential relocation portion of The SHIFT. No worries.

57 thoughts on “Please Don’t Think Us Rude [UPDATE1]

  1. Dont trust CG, dont believe in “anshar” inner earth experience. Skeptical in blue avians account , easy to make the connection/recycle a contactee’s experience with Avians (can’t remember their name and book) with the occurrence of avian type of creatures in many cultures. Making money on ascension is a joke

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  2. Glad you’ve said this. My gut has ALWAYS told me to ignore them.

    Thanks for the validation, and thanks for having OUR best interests.


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  3. Goes for any entities that by their own account are here to save us, blue chickens or otherwise. Also any one making deals with certain groups of people and/or working with the government are out, and guess who did. Are these related to the blue bird heads I’ve seen in Egyptian inscriptions?


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  4. Thank-you!! So, people should not be making money on spiritual/ascension? At all? I have paid thousands of dollars over the years and I still struggle with this. I guess it is a distraction and weakness of mine……….
    Thank-you for all you share and do. Much love to all.

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    1. No, people can make money on it if they want to. It just feels… icky… to us. We personally pay other psychics to check out what we personally are seeing, so we have no problem with that. We draw the line at “Ascension amulets” and buying tickets for relatives to ascend to the New Earth…

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Much agreed.

        There is nothing wrong whatsoever about making a living using your gifts and talent for others.

        But as mentioned, buying a NE ticket is at best ethically disgraceful behaviour and preys upon peoples hope’s and fears.


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  5. Dear Cats and all,
    I so agree with you on this. As Mark said, thanks for the validation and having OUR best interests in heart. Was speaking with my friend yesterday and this exact came up. We were weary that they had our greatest good in mind and in heart.
    Thank you for this site. I read it daily and enjoy all the information and energy exchange!

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  6. Switching subjects. I would like to stop for a moment to thank everyone for helping me get back on my feet again. And say a prayer that someone will be there for you, should the need arise. You are always in my heart.


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  7. To be honest, you haven’t proven you aren’t self-serving yourselves.
    I honestly don’t trust anyone though.


    1. Consider Golden Rule Jones. His philosophy was this: what I want for myself I also want for others. In this light, being self-serving is the highest form of service to others. Try it, you’ll like it.

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  8. Interesting post. “in the beginning” when the blue avians started being talked about I was curious, excited, eager to hear something new. Then all of a sudden they vanished out of my thought processes. Clif High calls them “the blue chicken cult” which I thought was intriguing and in a sense he’s probably correct because you either go all in or you don’t. I discovered as I read this post that I also am neutral. Neutral on them and their presence. I’m a skeptical cat. And I’m a “prove it to me at some level” cat. Well done, Cats and M’s … love to all here 🙂

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  9. You’ve clearly never read anything he said regarding them. They very openly say they only want to help us to benefit themselves. They don’t hide it at all.

    They see us as beavers damming up their water supply. they’re trying to get us to stop without killing us.


    1. Their “water supply” being what commodity exactly? Human emotional energy, Earth minerals, alliances with other species of aliens, or something else?

      Anyway, there are probably an infinite number of aliens in the Universe with their own agendas but not actively hostile. These meddlesome creatures will just dilute any human conversation about true human interests with their own politics if allowed in. So, keep them out to keep them from getting underfoot.

      Once we are free, we can decide if and how we want contact with them. Perhaps then they will have something useful to offer. Right now they just get in the way of organized progress.

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    2. Makes me wonder what their agenda is. Who they really are & where they came from but Im not so interested as to take time out to research. I’d rather work on myself, besides, everything’ll come out in the wash anyway.

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        1. Right, that’s what I’ve been inclined to do until they -uh let’s say “cross the line”. Lord knows I have enough to-do’s on my desk. But I am genuinely interested in the “why” of things. So, I’m glad I asked that question on this matter finally, because I got some partial answers. Perhaps we can use what we learn to build a Rainbow Bridge over troubled water for all involved.

          Maybe M’s and Cats can help put the pieces together. Here are some clues:
          1. Navy
          2. Crystal Moon day 3, Year of the Blue Planetary Storm. Kin 229
          3. Magnetic Moon day 17, Year of the Red Lunar Moon. Kin 5
          4. Anchor iconography like tattoos, pendants etc.

          Now back to that to-do list.

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          1. If they cross the line, they get the claws. They all know that, now. They are all, across-the-board, wide-eyed about the SuperFriends. (We were recently informed that the SF get thousands of offers of service from various ETs and HO beings who want to join the team!)

            As for the list… what is that, exactly? (Sorry, we have multiple CATs on the editorial desk and they don’t always take good notes.)

            -CAT Eds.

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  10. Yep, I have had the bad vibes on these ‘claims’ for years. Something felt off and I did not like it. I have been ignoring their dribble for ages…..

    no sweat, they can do what they want… I’m just doing my own thing 🙂

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  11. I don’t really have an opinion on the avians or CG. But, I must say that the CATs are indeed very, very skeptical of many things. I suppose that’s a good thing. I guess my opinion is that we’ll all know who’s right and who’s wrong about everything eventually. Until then it’s just one person’s opinion against another. It’s all pretty much conjecture or even dare I say good entertainment for now. 😊

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    1. One of my favorite lines from The Course fits in here somewhere, it goes like this:

      Would you rather be right or happy?


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  12. What do they get out of bamboozling people though? Is there any sort of energy benefit they get from humans?

    I can get their human peddlers can make bank selling trinkets, but what do the birds get out of it?

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      1. This is just a thought but… regarding that they (the blue birds) neglected to answer your question – could it be that they did’nt want to admit that they are unable to FEEL like we do via their hearts? As if Neutrals like them are sort of emotionally numb? Do they ‘need’ us to learn them how to connect to their feelings and navigate via them, or what?

        To me it seems weird to be a neutral. To me it seems that a neutral will neighter take sides or feel compassion nor know right from wrong via how it feels in their heart etc. And that leads me to another question; how can a neutral ever evolve and ascend upwards trough the layers?

        As always – so grateful for all the work and energy, CATs❤️ and to read all the comments from the Honorary Cats❤️

        Loving hugs and take care ALL🤗💖

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        1. They’re just self-serving and unapologetic about it. These are technologically superadvanced beings who are NOT human, so… they behave differently and have very different thought processes. We could discuss their weaknesses but that would be imprudent at the moment. The earth and solar system are a very dynamic multi-dimensional tactical/spiritual environment at present.

          -CAT Eds.

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  13. Good Morning CAT(s) & M’s and SuperFriends & anyone who I’ve missed. (time is now 10:50 AM Melbourne-time)

    For some reason, these bird-brains make my skin crawl.

    Maybe due to my previous incarnations as an Australian Aborigine & our warfare (trying to stay alive from their attempts at killing us off!) with them.

    I also suspect that I have Aboriginal ancestry in “this” incarnation, although I need to go hunting & ask questions of my father’s relatives.





    Love to ALL who read this blog.

    DinMelbourne (the one in Australia)

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  14. Hello Cats & M’s … excellent radar 😉 you are right … universal heart truth – energy doesn’t lie, cant lie & if it does it still has to reveal itself. Thankyou for sharing its so important right now to not be led down the garden path!

    the gap widens | |->| new earth its that close 🙂
    Thank you for all the updates, amazing all the synchronicity in your previous post.
    New grid work started 3rd Feb & the first thing being addressed was the ‘timelines’ woooeee lots of collapsing/jumping & its not over yet but is definitely getting sorted. The New Earth timeline is ready & cannot be interfered with. Gaias magnetics are shifting & there is a new frequency starting to emit from keops. Polarity is being unified with the Arc of Love – So many Dragons are arriving to anchor the mother Arc energy.
    Makes you wonder if Tesla worked with the Dragons hmmm 🙂

    good advice TTYB 🙂 The lower chakras are going thru a transfiguration & being filled with the radiant light of source solar fire (severing the lunar forces from manipulating them – partly what we are jumping away from all false ascension programmes) I gather it will go on till the full moon is over.

    I keep getting the message … we are learning to fly while conscious 🙂

    the Condor & the Eagle are Joining together, Uniting ALL.

    Trumps UP 🙂 severing the head & tail of the feathered serpent … watch the body wriggle & writhe now heh

    Love to Everyone … there’s a Source kinda magic in the air 🙂

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    1. That explains the “flying lessons” the higher voice gives me at night. I’m getting pretty darn good, for 2 nights before I could stay right with highway traffic without a motor. I know consciously how to control it, once My vibe is right. Peace.

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  15. I gave up reading about the blue avians a couple of years ago. Discernment was working! It’s the condecending superior attitude that got my back up. They don’t seem to understand that we are all one and no race/species is better or worse than another. The impression I got was that we are considered as inferior to them. 🙄

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      1. That is hysterical. The LOOK on their faces. They have no sense of humor!

        Actually, few ETs are funny. But The SF are hilarious.

        [Note: I vote that 3, 4 and 5 get more Editorial Desk duty. They are way too much fun.]


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        1. Do you know HOW refreshing that is to hear, M6?

          Thank SOURCE humour is not just a Human thing. These SF,s sound amazing.

          The Blue Chicken Cult… hahaha, cluck cluck!

          On a serious note, are they related to Budgerigars?


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        2. Hey I second that. The funny comments quite often make me laugh and splutter. You Cats brighten my days. Keep it up. 🐱🐱🐱

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  16. I’ve never fall for the blue chickens and CG either …something is off about them. I’ve trusted my gut feeling.
    Thank you all for the confirmation!


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