Light Staff Meditation [UPDATE1]

Light Pillar 1

Another meditation gift from Guides. This is for everyone, and is especially good for those times when you keenly feel Wave X energy — esp. if you’re feeling discomfort. This meditation will help you achieve and manage the new energy levels.

Light Staff Meditation

  1. Sit comfortably. G+P+C. No need to rush.
  2. Imagine a staff you’re holding, made of light, about two inches (five centimeters) in diameter. Hold the staff and get used to it. Take your time. Listen for a high-pitched tone; it’s a beacon.
  3. Imagine the staff expanding out to the width of your body, becoming a light cylinder. Have it fully encapsulate you, so you fit perfectly within. Meditate inside the light cylinder a little while and BREATHE in SOURCE.
  4. Eventually you may sense and see old, darker elements of yourself. See them come together into the size and shape of the original staff, in your core center. Then allow this darker, heavier material to drop right through you to the center of the earth. Now see the light staff again, again at your core, becoming pure light in the center of the larger light cylinder.
  5. Meditate on your new energy state. Breathe SOURCE. You may see/feel many effects at this stage. Many CATs have reported getting ‘flash-of-light’ downloads, as well as the ‘elevator effect,’ where you rise to a new level. ALL have reported feeling lighter, and have much easier breathing; lung congestion disappears as your heavier 3d elements drops away.


Light Pillar 1


Pillars of Light


We can say with 100% CAT conviction that this meditation has ended our “energy roastage” woes. We just had to get that last bit of old dark debris outta there. The good news is, the above works for anyone… only that some might have to do this until there’s no darkness left.

62 thoughts on “Light Staff Meditation [UPDATE1]

  1. Cat Eds. Oo am I pleased to receive this gift. I am very wheezy tonight. Worse than usual. I will do this meditation tonight. Thank you sooo much. 💖💖💖💖😘

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  2. It May be a little slow on this site, but no one can stop It! Bugs Be Gone! Only Those Who Have Our Greatest Good In Heart/Mind/Soul May Be On This Site Of Benevolence!!! Peace.

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  3. Oh Wow, thank you CATs & Guides ❤️ The timing of this could not be more perfect. Really struggling at the moment…Can I put Elsie in my Light Staff too?

    Much Love & Light ❤️🙏❤️

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  4. *Statement of the day, week, year, past few decades:*

    “It does not matter that this matrix already vibrates with upper 4D frequencies and that some of us are living on 5D and higher dimensional platforms.

    It is still the old matrix, kept alive by the collective beliefs and illusions as the current lockdown exemplifies.”

    Until we are set free to SPLIT, off of the old matrix…….we at 5d+ have been living, trying to live, (or rather physically dying from the transmutation) like this ~ (using the language of light and imagery) :



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    1. Yes, and those of higher vibrations are living in parallel with 3d, because:

      1. It helps those on 3d
      2. You agreed to come here and do this.

      We have had enough of selfish people whining about how long this is taking. You came to help, so help. It takes as long as it takes. All you have to do is EXIST in 3d-people’s presence, you don’t have to ‘do’ anything else.


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      1. Seriously. We’re all weary of how long it’s taking, but we’re doing this as part of our agreement to help those at all levels. Every time you help, even a little, it shaves thousands of years and lifetimes off the time necessary to return to SOURCE. And if people decide to check out, they don’t DIE, they transition back to Spirit.


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        1. M7, M6— Thank You for your responses. That’s exactly why I co-created this garden. It resonates and uplifts by it’s very presence. That’s why I always had my previous gardens open on Mother’s day for over 30 years. I was always flabbergasted over how many people went through those smaller gardens (compared to this one at the farm) Literally hundreds a year. I would discover later at how the experience touched people’s lives. We do this simply because it’s what we do.

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        2. ACIM talks about doing the course because that’s what time is meant for. From what I recall of the early chapters, you shave a LOT of time off “getting to the end” which seemed to be the goal, the state of enlightenment, nirvana, or something like that.

          I really like that we don’t have to DO anything,and just BE. Perhaps have told me that I “healed” them just by being with them and loving them as they are. How easy is that!!??

          Love to all in the roooooooommmmmmm ❤

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      2. This is so true and poignant. It – “Source” – was flowing out and affecting people around me when people kept asking me personal belief questions. The asking triggered me to try and understand this phenomenon….and I came to believe this was part of my purpose. Thank you Cats for this validation of service to all. Peace & Blessings to all.

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  5. Wow, did I need this. Things that I thought were long overcome have been resurfacing. In gratitude. One Love to All. 🙏🏽❤️🥰

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  6. I think I did this (above), if my leaky memory serves, when I saw it posted –
    last night was one of the most difficult nights I can remember having in a LOOOONNNGGG time – don’t know if it was just pain, but even forgot how to ask for help… did finally remember my little dog, she came up and helped me for awhile before I remembered Brother J and SOURCE then undesignated AAs – things eventually got better.
    I hope the experience was helpful in some way – better today – pretending to be normal as usual…
    All the best and more to you all,


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    1. post addendum…
      My daughter and I seem to feel roasting, no matter what the thermometer says is happening out in our local world today, also only feel like sleeping, food has been in short supply lately, but I can’t seem to care – I do have ample oatmeal and donated bags of pieces of nuts and dried fruit… maybe that’s all I need – I don’t feel in need… baby/tots need things more… tot is not really a tot anymore, I think she has some giant genes – up past my chest at 5 1/2 yrs old… I’m rambling… So tired, may seek unconsciousness again… so thankful for ‘small dog’…

      may all be well, hope some darkness has been cleared from me…
      much love,


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  7. May I please request that anyone that wants to. To do a light pour on a long-standing dear friend “M” that has been told this afternoon that she has myeloma blood cancer. She is in the UK. Thank you to everyone. 💖🌈💖

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      1. Angela. Many thanks. I very much appreciate your light pour. She is a lady with a very big heart. She fostered a lot of children when she was younger, and despite many health issues and a troubled childhood,always thinks of others.💖💖💖

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      1. Christopher. Ahh thank you. She was really looking forward to a trip up North to see Luna and have a peaceful time in our conservatory. Hopefully she will be healing and convalescing on NE in the near future.💖💖💖

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    1. hi, dear @ Newlynn,
      ‘Miracle Healings are pouring to Earth’!
      Great LOVE and Healing and Source Light pouring on “M”.
      Expect Instant Healing Miracles. Diagnosis was wrong.
      In Love,

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      1. Oro. Thank you very much. It’s interesting what you said about the diagnosis as I also thought that. I’ve no idea why. I just felt it. Bring on the healing miracles.💖💖💖

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  8. In this meditation – longest one I’ve ever done, so there’s that… – my mind kept being drawn (pun unintended) to a video I’d seen regarding the manufacture of glass fibers used for Fiber Optics purposes. [Video link (remove the spaces): /watch? v=6CqT4DuAVxs] I’m guessing the message I picked up was that to be effective carriers of light, bringing a message to others, we experience all sorts of indignities and pain and so on, and come out transformed – ready to be used to benefit others.

    Even as we read these comments in this and prior threads about the amount of time this has been taking, I am guessing the real message is that we continually get to experience the process of increasing our readiness to carry the light. Maybe?

    In any case, forgive my rambling. And my thanks to the Cats-n-Ms for this meditation suggestion!

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  9. That meditation is quite effective. I actually felt lighter today.
    And –
    I found a new way to let off steam and disrupt the anti-lifers. I had a moment today involving a one way arrow down an isle, and an overly helpful customer regarding my cart direction in said isle.

    I believe I could have handled it better.

    When I was finally in the car, with my daughter – the voice of reason & who owns a prodigious amount of patience. More than her mother (lots of Aries in my chart). I try, but it really isn’t my strong suit. And she was upset with the lady for upsetting me. I really should have let it roll off my back.
    So I found a way to let out the frustration and disbelief at it all.
    I looked at my daughter and said crank up your music (she takes it everywhere, tuned to 432) and lets Dance in the etheric. Disrupt the attempt at robotics, at control, at uniformity. And we blasted music and danced all up in the etheric. I don’t know about her but mine was messy and wild and knocking down artificial structures that were like crashing glass – that were attempting to limit with unnatural structures. And boy was it fun.

    So now I have that in my arsenal. As well as a determination to expand my patience ability. I can’t say that without – Sigh. I’ll get better.

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    1. ~ Angela ~ I never would have thought of doing the DANCING in the etheric! Brilliant, and Duh! I love it. Have made a new pocket in my tool pouch. This is going to be fun to try out when in public the next time! and to practice with in front of a mirror first, of course :-))))

      love to you and your fascinating daughter,

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      1. Thank you friend, she is something. Good luck with the Dance. It’s a wonderful way to unleash all the Energy when it gets to be too much. It’s resets your mood and is so freeing. And it feels effective. It’s a keeper!

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  10. Hi all, this is taking long, but I’ve personally noticed that days are getting shorter without having a chance to do anything. We have been on lockdown for more than 130 days already, this circus is unbearable.
    I don’t meditate often, believe me it is hard to do with two toddlers screaming around. But I’ve been attempting at night and noticed some energy burst near the spine and the hands, like I used to feel when I was younger and meditated somewhat often. Feeling tired but very expectant about the better days ahead.

    Peace to all.


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  11. I was on My way to Ohio to do a chore. Was called to look up, and many clouds were in the shape of the starship enterprise insignia. Talk about screaming “lookie up here”. I’m going to learn that trick! Much Healing/Love/Light to All. Peace

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  12. This meditation helped me get through mid day roastage and lack of sleep from last night. Breathing Source in and out relieved the nausea. I am amazed at the resiliency of the human body. Cay

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      1. Well last night was another story. I did sleep 3 hours, then up 2 hours, then slept again for 3 hours. It was better than Thursday night, but still nauseous with back pain today. I cannot really complain as many here have it much worse. Cay

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  13. Dear Cats
    I have a problem can you help
    My husband passed on the 5 July 2020
    My son has now gone missing as of today August 1st
    He led me to believe he was in hospital having a procedure
    He had an operation on the 17th July
    This was an added procedure to the operation
    He has been messaging me for two days About what’s been happening to him
    I went to the hospital they told me he hasn’t been there
    I rang four other hospitals in Brisbane they haven’t got
    him as a patient
    He has been his normal self
    Please cats can you tell me some information about him
    I don’t have clairvoyant skills
    Would appreciate your input about him
    You have my email address on this comment
    I am concerned for his safety
    Thank you cats

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    1. Thank God you are reconnected with your son, Susan, I cannot imagine what you are going through. I am so sorry life has put you through this. You need each other now. May deep love surround you now and heal you both ❤

      Mark x

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  14. Pleiades 1 Messages July 31 2020
    Ashtar(ans) celebrate New Cycles!
    Adjustment *PM + / Magnetic Poles / in progress.
    Peaceful transmissions expand.
    Internal tunnels are evacuated and healed.
    Astral conflicts continue, as final cleaning takes place.

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    1. ~ dear Susan ~ I am so glad Sam is located again! And I am sending very warm and caring hugs all drenched in Light for your heart, and for him. You must be a very strong person. Not easy to field all this stuff!
      love, friend

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      1. Could very well be. My face got reacquainted with my keyboard these past two days as it slammed unto the keyboard several times while trying to do some work. Could hardly stay awake. 😂

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    1. Honestly, it’s flying past at the speed of light. I’m lucky if I get one small thing done each day. And maybe it’s friction from moving so quickly through time, but I’m always roasting no matter the temperature outside. Just as glad that it’s moving fast; feels like life is on hold and I’m just waiting, waiting, waiting for something, anything, to happen. Are we there yet?

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  15. Before sleep last night (today is the first) I surrounded myself with the Rainbow Diamond Light Pillar. During my sleeptime I was visited by the Tall Master from Venus and received a Healing💜. I have been reading Volume 6 of The Ascended Masters Discourse and was thinking about it at work—lo and behold He appeared🙏🏽. Thank you Cats for your suggestion of the magnificent Light Pillar! I know it allowed me to be open for the experience 🌈🥰

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