The Quick Exit

Near and dear to the hearts of those…

…who have lost pets and people recently, please note that animals and people are passing as part of The SHIFT.  They are taking advantage of an exit point (we are all given the points and we can chose to take or not to take them), and are moving on. Technically, they are not dead, as spirit is indestructible and eternal; they have just transitioned back into spirit until their next choice point. This entire Construct operates on free will (though we suspect that SOURCE will be giving us a special upgrade in this regard, at the time of The REBOOT). Even pets have free will. And if pets or humans feel like the energy is too high for them, they will choose to move to their next destination in a different way. There is a very good chance that you will see them again.

Note that, if you do see them again, they might be a little… different.

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  1. Oh the Synchronicity! I was drawn to a couple things lately… all of them about exiting the construct….

    Thanks for letting me know I’m following the right path


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  2. Thank you for this reminder! It’s comforting to hear. I have had a sister-in-law, two family friends, a cat and a dog transition this year. It has been a lot to deal with.
    I keep getting this image of my beloved cat on a starship being in command. And my wonderful dog Syd, who transitioned very unexpectedly in August, she came to me in a vision soon after and told me she had to catch Sirius. But I’ve had a feeling when I see her again she may not be in her usual dog form.
    I think one of the most difficult aspects of this is that I believed they would be with me throughout the ascension process. Now I know they still will be, just not in a physical presence.

    And just two weeks ago I’ve had my mom’s cat transition which was very sad for me, and just yesterday my brother’s dog that I loved as well.
    I’m really hoping I won’t have to deal with any more of this anytime soon. I don’t know that my heart can take it.

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  3. Noted. Thanks for looking into it.

    Much love to everyone else who has suffered a loss during this crazy time, and sending wishes for comfort and peace to you all. ❤️🕊️

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  4. Beautiful
    love it! ❤️🌟❤️
    after being cooked today and yesterday afternoon
    I am heading to bed and will dream about NE

    love Alnilam ❤️🌟❤️

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  5. Thank you CATs for your post.

    Having had to deal with my husband of 50 years unexpected transition this past April, I had lost much of my excitement and anticipation around ascension as I had always envisioned us sharing it together.

    I did understand his transitioning was his decision and I hoped that he would once again be in a place of service to others… as had been so important to him during his life on earth.

    But a severe TBI after a fall from high up on an extension ladder and hitting his head on flagstone, and and eventual slide into advanced dementia, put an end to being able to do much at all.

    During my early grieving, I “saw” him now helping the forces of light through his tremendous abilities in communications and signals intelligence. And I was wistfully happy that he could once again find purpose in his “life.”

    I’ll hold out hope that our story together hasn’t ended and that we will find soon each other again.

    Thank you again.


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  6. My lovely husband passed away suddenly March 1st. Just had a beautiful dream where I saw him walking down a path towards me. Everything was white-no depth of field or anything else. He had the most radiant face literally glowing with love & awe. He opened his arms wide and I ran into his arms & we had the best, bone-crushing hug. I looked into his eyes that were so full of love & said (telepathically, of course, I never talk with my mouth in these types of dreams, it is always telepathic) “I don’t want you to go” & he telepathically said “but I have to go”. That was it. It so warmed my heart because I knew he was “home” where the only thing that really matters is all encompassing love.

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    1. Ruth, our friend and general contractor for building our new house passed away suddenly on March 1st also. It was a sudden snowboarding accident. His wife is bereft. I have been asking him why did he choose to go like that? Well, now I have some answers. I do hope I see him again.

      love love

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      1. my father choose the time before the virus restrictions started for good to pass to the next life, got even once a touch of the shoulder after while driving the car

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    2. Much Love/Light pours for All feeling loss. Sean says shooon, so I’ll see You All there at the Party. Peace.

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  7. Thank You Cats. I did feel at the time that the energy was too high for my cat and she just couldn’t take it. She accompanied me in many of my dream time adventures and I hoped we would step onto New Earth together. Hopefully she just got there early. Condolences to all those feeling and going through the same thing. Funnily enough the cat pick at the bottom, thinking cat, looks just like her.

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  8. My question is a heartbreaking practical one…in my grief I wonder if it is bringing my vibration down? I told my girl it was ok, if she needed to move on, it was ok…but ‘I’m heartbroken, crying aLl the time. It was nice to hear a message for this context…I let her go in love, I grieve for that loss…I hope it is not affecting the ascension process.

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    1. Dear Joanna,
      I understand your quandary, but want to say:
      Love is at the root of your grief, and,
      emotions wanna emote! The only way out is through.
      So let yourself grieve fully. It’s bittersweet, not “bad.”
      Holding a high vibe is an overarching goal, not a 100% rule, IMHO.
      Your Self knows what you need, so cry when you need to!
      That’s how you get through it, and back up to speed.
      Sending you lots of love,
      Laura ❤

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    2. I’m very sorry for your loss. 😢❤️ I know the feeling. We can love them enough to let go, and be happy they’re Home, but… What about US?! To be thrown into grief when we’re trying to raise our frequency to make the jump – is that a danger for us? I’ve struggled with that thought for weeks now. I had also posed this same question (comment on Tibetan proverb post). Didn’t really get an answer on that part.

      For whatever it’s worth, my personal gut feeling is that somehow those of us in grief will receive a mega boost of joy energy at go-time (the Exit, the Pull) and/or a grief clearing just before, so we can definitely make the jump. The Yellow Rose for Texas info says that if you’re “sitting,” you’re on the Exit and good to go. So if for whatever reason (like grief) our frequency is below gate speed but it’s our time to shift on over, IMHO, it’s only logical to assume we’ll be specially assisted up and out. I can’t believe Home would be either so negligent or so callous as to “leave a (wounded) man behind.” That doesn’t resonate at all. So, however it plays out, I feel that we WILL be okay. Just take it one day at a time, one minute at a time if that’s what you need, and don’t be hard on yourself. Let yourself feel and let it out. You take care of you, and when you can, just try to focus on the outcome you want as if it’s a given. “I’m okay to go. I’m definitely going. I’m ready to go. This is happening!” I hope that helps! Much love! 💕🕊️

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      1. Thank you so much for the kind words and the feelings they convey. I haven’t wanted to talk too much to anyone about losing my dog. There’s so much going on now for our Earth, but In My little spot here we are all feeling lonely missing her. I had really hoped we make it to 5d together.. I can remember A weird feeling very soon after meeting her (only happened a few times in my life)…that feeling where you choke up knowing it’s not forever. It’s so incongruent. You’ve just met and yet the feeling is overwhelming grief.. Then that day comes…man it was a doozy this time. Sincerely..j

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  9. Thank you.
    I knew this, but it is comforting to be reminded.

    The latest Gaiaportal is comforting too:
    Portions of Light combine into the New Vibration.
    Fortunates collect the forgotten.
    Particles of Sight are beamed to all.
    Final stages have been set.

    ❤ Love to all. ❤

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  10. Thank you for this 🙏 ✨ my beloved Grandmother just passed a week ago unexpectedly, and it’s been a rough whirlwind of a week for me. I look forward to seeing her again 🌟✨💛and feel that she exited during a perfect time.

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  11. I think I was presented with (and declined) such an exit point early this year! My vibe was low and I felt desperate to escape this life. A psychopath on the street offered to grant my wish–with a kitchen knife. I dodged and escaped unharmed. I still have business here in 3d 😌😇 Perhaps he and I can have good laugh about it one day

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  12. What a lovely post, thank you. When you are grieving it is hard to remember it is not the end so this is a timely reminder 😻😻😍😍🥰🥰💜🌈

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  13. Thank you Cats & M’s answers the question I asked last week but there is no post for it 😉
    too many deaths in the past 3 weeks I don’t wanna hear anymore & with restrictions on hospital visits & funerals its just so darn sad 😦

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  14. Blessings to Lucieh and Ruth. My husband also passed suddenly this year, February 28th. His Cat, Buddy Love, passed exactly two months before him. I receive Loving messages often. But last night I was told to talk to him all day long, that he is working with me for the Shift. Which feels so strong today! Much Love,

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  15. Would this include babies that did not make it Earth side? Will we see them again?


    1. This is much misunderstood. Babies that don’t make it to term for whatever reason, or who transition early, always go back to the head of line for rebirth with the same mother/parents. So, if you lost a baby, your next baby is the very same soul of the baby that was lost. If things don’t work out, it’s no big deal to the baby-spirit to step back and wait for the next opportunity; it’s of course devastating for the parents… but mostly because they think death is the end. There is no death. That said, we have no clue about how reproduction and births will work at the next stage. There’s a huge backlog of something like 50+ billion spirits trying to get into a body, with more coming in all the time — BUT the higher vibrational requirements should whittle that number down.

      < CAT Eds.


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