625: Jumps, etc. for 1/6 to 1/7/21 ~ [UPDATE4]

The one we were expecting.

We’re in the Trump/Biden timeline jump right now:

Jump started at 3:30 am PST.

AND we had a big CME — at the same time — that’s earth-directed and inbound:

As those who regularly read this blog know, the sun is basically our “reality projector,” and CMEs are fresh batches of new programming coming soon to a theater near you. There was also one due today or tomorrow, which is right in line with the previous CMEs (see previous posts).

We could write more, but we have headaches from extreme portal energy (CME, Wave X, pre-new moon, etc.). We’re gonna take a break.

Ugh. More later.


Sorry, looks like that CME is going to miss:


Schumann is back, but… well, this is a different timeline. Note the time-adjustment loops before what appears to be a little jump… but that’s a bigger jump than it looks… a jump-adjustment:


Talk about DUH. Remember those Xmas lights we’ve been seeing since 2013? That we saw again recently… a dark tunnel then Xmas lights? Spirit wasn’t talking to us about a TIME, like the holidays. They’re not Xmas lights at all. They’re…

Our DNA were going dark in the integration phase, then lighting up at the end of that tunnel. We’re currently in the LIGHT-UP phase. So, light ’em up.

Use the latest meditation, with Kitt’s addition. In today’s meditation, we saw Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel LIGHT UP and sprout wings and start flying in a right-handed double helical way, integrating the upgraded DNA strands. This is what we get for flying so low in the icy soup with skates on.


130 thoughts on “625: Jumps, etc. for 1/6 to 1/7/21 ~ [UPDATE4]

  1. Thanks cats x I’m watching the live news broadcast from the BBC from DC. It’s heartening for once x the people are full of hope and jubilation x x they can’t cover up the jubilation ❤️❤️🌈

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  2. Last night was brutal headache city – I finally asked SOURCE for some relief, and grounded the heck out of myself. Hoping today and succeeding days don’t cause as much pain…

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    1. I wanted to vent and the decided it’s not appropriate. This kitten is totally confused and exhausted and heading for a nap. Biden in my future? Great Bast. How could that be. Love and Light, CATs and M’s

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          1. duganknows, that’s funny because that’s what Charlie Ward said in Simon Parkes video update yesterday…he has 4 aces up his sleeve and he spent Thursday with his “team” to decide which to play next. Pretty exciting stuff!!

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        1. is this the shoplifting analogy in which the perp isn’t arrested until outside of the store with stolen items on their person? and if so, does this dovetail with (white hat) SecDef chris miller surrounding the capital building and surrounding area with 6k national guard?

          what’s the Cat’s take on this italy connection with 44potus et al?

          my brain is worried, my heart is uncertain and yet something outside/inside? of me is totally calm and won’t explaining why…

          once again, i must share my appreciation for this blog and all that it had brought to my life over the many years i’ve been coming to it.

          thank you. i appreciate it.

          -K gPa

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          1. Shoplifting analogy, yup. Now we’ll see (or you won’t, depending on the timeline jumps) whether One Side has the political will to save the world.

            Anyone recall the term STP? We’re all gonna have to use it. When we pressed, Guides said: “Patience is a bitch.”

            < CAT Eds.

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            1. thanks.

              once i became aware of the dopamine drop, patience had to fill the void. no choice. i still dont have a lot of it of course but who does? none of us can be accused of being “overly patient”, i would guess.

              k Gpa

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          2. Mr. T and company have aptly shown that there is little difference between most Democrat and Republican “lawmakers.” Same SWAMP.

            Now comes a new party (Patriot Party? I keep hearing that), and… The Reckoning.

            Sadly, no one in Congress (and many other places) seems to remember that Dr. Suess story, “The Sneetches.”


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            1. I read or heard the name ‘Patriot Party’ somewhere. Hmmm cannot remember at all where! Perhaps it was in a dream, goodness knows, my head is still so foggy!


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  3. Well, initially I opted for the SOURCE timeline, and yet somehow ended up in Apocalypse Now timeline a couple of days ago. So I’ll happily take this Biden/Trump timeline instead I guess, not that it seems to matter what my preference is!

    I’m sure my mother-in-law has something to do with all this? 🤔


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  4. I have tried to see the news but there is no good coverage. I saw a small snap shot on the BBC and she said people were jubilant ❤️ That lifted my spirits 🌈 she quickly got turned off 😆 if anyone can fill me in that would be great. What’s up with guns on the floor?
    Love to all. I’m going to try and meditate, if I’m able after a hectic day and a few beers x I’m not sure the two go hand in hand so I hope I’m of use x x if not I’ll resume in the morning x x

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  5. Hope we’re on the Positive, less chaotic timeline. I believe we are, but I have been disappointed so often.

    Would love to see what’s on those swiped drives, lol. Webbots originally saw secrets being revealed that way.

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      1. Cats, it appears Biden will be declared the winner this evening of the electoral college. Did we jump into a timeline you had never ever seen before where T loses and we’ve entered a very dark planet , a la the surprise switch to a timeline with Epstein being alive? It’s hard not to feel so deflated…………..

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  6. In a previous comment, I mentioned that I dreamed that last night I was attending freshman orientation in college. In the past, I dreamed about graduating from school but now I’m dreaming about starting school?

    Just had an insight (which may or may not be true): If Source fails and the PTW wins, the illusion simulation gets rebooted. So this “learning environment” happens all over again.

    Source (and Trump) need to cross the Rubicon. Otherwise all of this was pointless.

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      1. The Storm is officially here, I do believe CATS 🙂
        PEAS soon….
        Have faith in your President! He was born for such a time. ❤

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        1. We have total faith in SOURCE. We see miracles nearly every day. Then we forget we saw them and we get tired and grumpy and then more tired and more grumpy and then we get headaches and start getting truly ornery and then we get thrown off the horse, kicked in the head, and reminded that we see miracles nearly every day.



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  7. Ya’ know, the script is still being followed. Just remember that the movie still has a ways to run. Forgive ALL since WE are One. Forgive yourselves ’cause We be it! Lovely day here in the PNW. Unexpected sunny skies. Peace, calmness and love. (Also delicious coffee.) Also exciting trip to phone store. Came home w/senior flip-top that is 4G. Old phone was 3G and they stopped that. Planned obsolescence at it’s finest. All is well. The garden check told me so! cheers <J

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  8. Wow. Really fell from the high I was experiencing yesterday. Today is like, what the h*** is going on??!!
    Too many mishaps and oddities for me to recount during my work time, but on the way home I saw an older guy pulling a large cross alongside the highway. And then, when I get home, I find my husband went grocery shopping and bought a bag of bread rolls just for me – why would you buy me bread when I’m trying to eat gluten free?

    So I’ve been dealing with all of this on top of annoying headaches and body aches. And I just feel like NO ONE is hearing/truly listening to what I’m saying. My dad, for the umpteenth time, asked me today: “So you don’t think I should get the vaccine?” And then I get a list of everyone else that’s doing it.
    So exhausting repeating myself all the time. I’m really starting to think I shouldn’t bother anymore.

    And all the pets are still out of sorts and driving me bonkers. I’m trying to write this with two cats in my lap and a dog staring intently at me. Sorry for all the venting. Just hate it when things are great one minute and then the next I feel like I’ve fallen and broken my neck on black ice. Hope all of you are doing better than me!

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    1. Because he’s human and forgot? Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons is not all bad.

      You should try being completely isolated and staring into a wall for 6 months straight 😉 I would give my right arm for a dog or a cat.

      Any second now…


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  9. CATs – feel free to delete if you choose –
    I did happen to see, by chance, a side by side pics of one of inside building stourmy-er with his self labeled ID an-tiffy handle – some people not too bright –
    There are peaceful people that step over metal things to just stand in a certain place and other types that hog air space for not nice motives – such is life at this moment in this time and place… subject to change… may change be so… May go see if sharing lighting things is required again or? zzzzzzzzzzzzzz s

    BTW- breathing and grounding to S/ NE and big beautiful G was a good idea – thanks – had first settling breathes in a ?long? while since leaving HER be for a while…


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  10. Brutal Day.

    All of that focused energy, wasted.



    The way OUT for it has become quite Occluded.

    Prayers for the Trumps, the Patriots, the Nation and the World(s).

    And, of course, the CATS and us all.

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    1. Hang tight. It ain’t over. In fact… it’s just beginning. The crime has been committed. The guilty plain for all to see.

      Looks like our Love and Light timeline is cozied up to the Justice timeline for a time. So be it. Get ready to pick up those jaws off the floor…

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. I’m remarkably calm and keep reassuring family and friends. Excited to see jaws drop!

        My question to CATS, Ms, once Mr. T takes on 2nd term, how will.he get things done with the gop turncoats…? Arrests? How will those positions be filled?

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  11. So thankful I was working all day instead of glued to the TV/radio/whatever. Walked with a friend and got a briefing; dipped my toe into Twitter and Facebook just a little bit and got right out. Then meditated with three friends with a focus on peace. There was conflict/play fighting between chaos and peace and I requested that I was made an instrument of peace. That changed the whole tone of the meditation and I felt totally grounded with bright white light and champagne sparkles. Gonna finish the day off with an hour or so of DJJakeRudh on TwitchTV who will be featuring The Police tonight.

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  12. ’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
    Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
    All mimsy were the borogoves,
    And the mome raths outgrabe.

    “Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
    The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
    Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
    The frumious Bandersnatch!”

    He took his vorpal sword in hand;
    Long time the manxome foe he sought—
    So rested he by the Tumtum tree
    And stood awhile in thought.

    And, as in uffish thought he stood,
    The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
    Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
    And burbled as it came!

    One, two! One, two! And through and through
    The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
    He left it dead, and with its head
    He went galumphing back.

    “And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
    Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
    O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”
    He chortled in his joy.

    ’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
    Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
    All mimsy were the borogoves,
    And the mome raths outgrabe.

    I love you CATs

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    1. “frumious Bandersnatch” has always seemed to me to be quite the interesting creature. Wonder if a leash is required?!!? And I wonder what size batteries are needed for the vorpal blade… Inquiring minds….

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    2. I love this Amy, where is it from? I don’t know the words yet I know what they mean, very cool…
      Meantime I’m not worried a bit about the Biden debacle…I would think it will be a relief for a lot of these bad actors like Pence when they finally get caught out, just to not to have to lie for once in their life, can you even imagine having to live a lie every moment of every day?!
      Also, anyone notice there’s a lot less birds around? Here in central NY I usually have tons of chickadees, sparrows and nuthatches and blue jays all day, and cardinals early and late, but the past week or so, hardly any… I go to put out more bird seed and don’t need to… however the feral cats can’t seem to get enough to eat, they’re sticking close to the house and getting fed every time I see them cause who can resist those cute little faces!

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  13. No one said Easy. Not One. Thank you for being light. All of you in the comments. You graduated. You are now the Lighthouses. Switch!

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  14. Cats,
    Hell really broke loose on Wednesday.
    Everything I saw distressed me so much that I had to do a real exercise in self-control to avoid falling into an abyss of black ice. I keep doing the meditation of the explosion of Light … at all hours, it is the only thing that focuses me.

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      1. I had a same feeling about it, that he was setting the last trap soo that they can see all off them, strange, even all looked like the game is lost, some inner feeling was telling me that is not the case, my senses are coming more online, it seems so 😎

        Perica ✨

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      2. Will we have a Senate or a Congress? VP P chief of staff was refused entry into WH.

        I’m a flurry of emotions. I’m excited for T. I’m sad for those who played a game and lost. I don’t want anyone hurt. I’m worried for those still asleep who don’t understand this was a coup. T is fighting for America.

        Also, I’m exhausted. My mom was rushed to the hospital last night. She became very confused. It was heartwrenching. Her white blood cell count is off the charts. Possible sepsis. Dr can’t find where the infection is. Crazy. So my mind wasn’t even on T today until I saw the storming of the capitol by antifa

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      3. I figured it was not what it seemed.

        I had to ask several people what was happening yesterday as I am ardently keeping away from ice noir.

        Dreams of escalators and climbing crazy high ladders joined by many people. Witches and wizards are also filling my dreamtime, good and bad.

        Energy intense again, debilitating at times, just how I like it!

        Onwards and upwards…


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    1. I gave it a try last night. Pretty awesome. I only managed it for myself so far. I haven’t tried to progress to others and globally yet.
      Let us know when the timeline settles. On the edge of my seat waiting yet again. ✨✨ praying we make it to a better one soon x x I saw this interview recently but have no idea if this is the key to everything? It sounds hopeful.

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  15. The PLAY we are watching is reaching the climax of the story…

    The events of today were so obviously staged and ridiculous… logic doesn’t follow. Allowed in to stage the incident. Police stepped aside. No real fight.

    CON-gress changing their tune and certifying the falsities…

    Things are starting to break apart… and then fall back into place.

    I did mention to source I do not want to be on the timeline with 2 inaugurations. I mean, I think at that point people will not recover from the gaslighting…. it won’t wake up more people it will make them refuse to accept reality. So… SOURCE I do not consent to be on that timeline…. I do not want to see people have mental and emotional issues from the movie’s plot twist. Some people are not strong enough to weather it.

    I am holding as much light and love for all the planet and people here as I can.

    The night / dream work is more intense lately. I am tired all the time. Sleeping a nap mid day …. and exhausted.

    I need to try to do my ACIM daily practice sessions more. The illusion is dark and nasty and the energy is thick and horrid. I’m encouraged by the UNITY of humanity though… so I hold faith we will overcome this.

    ❤ kk

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  16. Hi Everyone
    Listened to Charlie Freak on YouTube he said it’s a trap
    Patriot 1776 @ John Kennedy tweeted
    My fellow Americans the Storm is upon us
    I feel good
    Love to everyone

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  17. I saw a bit of Trumps speech were he asked the cameras to show just how large the crowds were, was that not actually Trump?

    Funny, the night of the 5th I meditated surrounding everyone with Source light and protection starting with those in DC then the entire planet.

    Then I woke and saw your meditation but bringing Source light OUT, just wonderful.

    I managed to do the meditation for longer last night, did myself, Elsie, the neighbourhood, UK, World, then went back through time to the big inning if the Omniverse. I saw soldiers in wars all over the world I different times light up, Elizabethans, Medieval, Pagans, right back to cave men and as far back as I could imagine back to the beginning then from Source and then right back again through ‘time’ a huge golden line of light Through all time past our present into the future back to Source.

    Funny thing was, during the medieval bit I got that Monty Python sketch from The Holy Grail where there are peasant rolling around in barrels and one if the team say ‘ooooh there’s some nice filth down ‘ere!’ I was chuckling as they lit up!

    Got to keep the humour going…😊

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  18. I’d noticed the energy feeling quite a it better after the schmn showed the blck line ?tlj? last night/yesterday, but/and, boyoo, this early morning rough body-wise – kind of
    Yesterday talked to my daughter – semi-joking about considering a coxxyx-ectomy (among other things) but I’ve had major problems with spine etc. since esp around 12 years old, so probably not a great idea, lol.
    Hmmm, I think brother J just intervened even without addressing directly – many thanks – sigh- breathe…
    May your days be happy and BRIGHT. 🙂


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  19. Yesterday was brutal. I fell face first into a melting pool of black ice. But by 1 am EST I had made my way back to the surface and saw some footage of the “drapeau faux” incursion and a hint at T’s current location. So bizarre. Ended with a peaceful meditation and a reconnection to Source. Can we please somehow skip the civil war? ❤ ❤ ❤

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  20. After watching everything yesterday, I was sad because people had a chance to do the right thing, but they didnt. I went to bed knowing everything was going to work out, but sad so many people are lost. I woke up to a different day. My pillows had switched sides, my dog was sleeping close to me instead of on the floor or at my feet. I woke up with this strange exuberance. Smiles, and almost joyful. Even my daughter is acting different. No headache as of now. I cant wait to see what’s next! I have come to the conclusion that I am the only reason some people know what is going on. I watch the world with a sort of amusement. Like I already know the ending so there is no panic nor doubt. I’m here to show others how to see the truth and remind them how to see beauty in their life again. Interesting times grow interesting minds. 😉💞

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    1. Yes, fellow Cloud person.

      On one hand everything looks lost, but it is hard to imagine it stays this way.

      Some of our pundits and reporters (Juan O’Savin, notably) tells us that nothing we see is jelled until the first of April.

      GROUND to the NE/Gaia Complex. Firmly grasp SOURCE. keep the LIGHT BRIDGE BLAZING, shooting Heart-soaked Rainbow LOVE Light into the world.

      Our corporeal purpose will be to explain.

      The next two weeks and then the following couple of months promise to be tumultuous. At least, again, we are being told.

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      1. BTW, I visualize the Light Bridge as a spinning Chakra, winding out Rainbow Light just like the SUN winds out CMEs.

        I be sure to aim particular LIGHT to those BENT by corruption, but NOT YET BROKEN by it.

        Victory of the Light.

        LIGHT has WON. Now we must SAVE those in SHADE from FULL DARKNESS.

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  21. Seems stepped also good in it on the 6th, only thing that went right was good music and doing something that brings joy with bedtime earlier than normal, today i feel better with less aches

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  22. Thank you CATS for the updates! Beaten down today. Could not get up at all. Still feeling groggy and – well – need more coffee!



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  23. Hi All,
    Yesterday, I have been seeing lots of sword symbolism. I felt like it was a message, so I looked up the meaning of swords. There is the typical meaning of protection, justice, etc. But the one meaning that stood out to me, from sunsigns.org, is “In the Congo of Central Africa, swords have a slightly different implication. There, these sharp objects act as symbols of transition”. Yep, that feels right to me.
    I will continue to do the Heart Light visualization with Love for All. The babies, my husband and I are sick with some sort of head cold right now. My energy levels aren’t what they should be. But hopefully we will be better in the next couple of days, so I can put more oomph into the visualization.
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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  24. Earlier I was reading the Lisa Gawlas Jan 6th post that was shared – I think I got about half way and started to be drawn away, in a SOURCE way. As I connected more to/in SOURCE I was linked/joined – not either the correct word.. to the tall silent still figure of the young man named Dimash Kudaibergen from Kazakhstan – some may know of this extraordinary person and singer with a great wide/deep heart. He was standing still, TALL (he is in truth tall, 6 ‘ 3″ I believe and slender) – the energy coming from his presence was silent – made me think of the SOURCE silence, calm, but a sense of great resolve. He was dressed in all black, long sleeved, long over tunic, knee length, similar to their traditional ceremonial? style of costume with slacks/trousers underneath… plain, unadorned unlike the heavily beaded Kazakh ceremonial costume/clothing.
    This energy of strength and silent resolve is/was interesting because his life is so much of sharing and expanding his extraordinary vocal abilities and the joy he has in/from sharing his voice with other people. He calls his fans his ‘Dears’.
    Anyway this joined presence continued for quite some time becoming linked with one of his song performances done during quarrrintyne in his home studio, just seated cross-legged on a piano bench with two musicians using Kazakh instruments and a rainstick (length of bamboo filled with seeds or tiny pebbles, sounds like rain when tilted…)
    The song is the experience and emotions of a young man among others conscripted by the Russian Army during WWI and MARCHED (they were horse people) off leaving families and elderly home in jeopardy of danger and starvation… Dimash has lost several of his teachers and mentors this last year due to illness, One of the songs he did this last year is called ‘We are One’

    NOT Sure why going into so much detail, but seems relevant to either scenarios or emotions of these times as it’s given to me… ?? Peoples lives stolen for others’ purposes – the emotions of being used and lives disregarded for others’ goals?
    I still have the sight of his silent figure…
    The song is Dimash Kudaibergen – Samaltau | Tokyo Jazz Festival 2020

    I’ll put the link to his own channel recording – CATS Eds please remove if you wish – it can be found by those that search…
    I don’t know the complete meaning of this sharing -Peace be unto you, all…


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  25. I don’t wanna be picky but on:
    It says “We already see Mr T winning the election on ALL timelines…”
    Today he declared his own defeat, despite claiming election fraud…
    A defeat is not a win. And I don’t recall a single cat post mentioning a
    possible “apparent defeat”.
    My question to you is simple: Are you willing to commit to ANY not too
    distant date in the future by which you will accept that there is no event?

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    1. He DID win the election. He won in a landslide. We didn’t know what anything looked like past that because it was too chaotic, like looking into fog. But if you feel you are not getting the info you want, perhaps you should go elsewhere.

      < CAT Eds.

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          1. FYI: We keep a tight rein on the comments. Once things degenerate into this, it’s best to cut the cord. It says in the CAT description: “Your future may vary — a lot.” We see what we see, different things on different timelines. It changes every day. There have been a zillion timeline jumps since July 4th, 2019. We also do this site for free. We make no guarantees about the future. Sorry it didn’t work out.


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      1. Yes I noticed that wording, Trump never conceded.

        As a sidenote, even my more rational contacts social networks have fully bought into the lie. Orange Man Bad, screaming. Had to unfollow and mentally cut ties with a lot of people yesterday.

        And Big Tech has permanently banned Trump too. Unless we end up on the Source timeline and off this planet, I expect Silicon Valley to literally burn in flames for their role in the corruption.

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        1. We’re getting that this is to force the separation between the LIGHT and dark camps even further, so the dark can go off on their own timeline — and REALLY see who they’ve been following — and the rest of us go… somewhere else. It’s hard to say, the free-will FOG is too thick to see through. SOURCE clearly wants it to be a surprise, so we’ve stopped pushing for info. Some people on the site are having trouble accepting that. So be it.


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          1. At some point I read someone using the analogy of a teeter-totter…that the lower the dark go, the higher the light goes. Maybe they will just fling us into our next phase.

            Reminds me of the M Python skit: “how does your cat fly?” “I fling ’em!”

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  26. About update 2, I watch Tomsk like a hawk and this is not the first time that the graph picture has changed on me. Freaky deaky, something is up?!

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  27. So my meditation this morning I wanted to share as it may coincide / support the light bridge meditation….

    This almost happened without me knowing what I was doing which I felt was EPIC because I was lead…

    I started with grounding… then I was opening chakras, got to the solar plexus, lit it up like the sun, pushed the light to my heart chakra….

    and then it got interesting… I saw it shoot up into the sky like a pillar of light and then my intention was to spread it all over the world.

    (here’s where something took over)

    I started visualizing my DNA…. turning golden white, and said “Spread this through the world, my family, everywhere … past, present and future…

    and the network like veins in the body burst out in a torus shaped doughnut, filled with all these connections lighting up with golden white lite….

    it arched like a bridge of the past, present and future… all inside me in my DNA uniting all parts of me and all beings that are part of my DNA.

    I then saw the earth covered with a golden glow… and rainbow light shining down…

    We are all ONE…

    ❤ kk

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      1. I should maybe mention I have been seeing a golden DNA helix rotating around my “light saber” that I expand around myself for over a month. Never thought it was a big deal. Happened shortly after my session with Lisa G, that I mentioned a while back.

        Glad it helped put some pieces together for everyone.

        ❤ kk

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  28. My husband spilled coffee on the keyboard Tuesday. Another received today and was probably done on some level to keep off line during black ice slippage.
    Awoke in last night’s dream as a nurse working at UCLA and wishing I could sit down to rest. Actually felt fatigued in the dream. I have not worked as a floor nurse at UCLA since early 80’s when training to be an RN.
    Is it detrimental to “leave the light on” after light burst meditation? Maybe that is why I was fatigued in dream state.

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    1. yes. it was a bit of an accident. that was a rubber bullet the man shot, but it hit her at the wrong angle in her neck. the guy didn’t mean to kill, exactly… but did kinda have murder in his heart at the time, and shot at near point-blank range. send light to both.

      < CAT Eds.

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  29. Hi,
    I have been here with you for years. I have had many intuitions to take very specific personal actions and then seen the same things happening here which is reassuring. I have been very strong in my own life and weak at the same time and the dichotomy of it really hurts. I have mostly withdrawn from the nitty gritty (black ice) since election day (my partner will not/has not understood the darkness that has been running things and it only inflames them for me to both explain my understanding or alternatively defer engagement to preserve some amount of harmony).

    Before I knew what was happening related to the breach of the Capitol yesterday, I was almost t-boned by a speeding van. It took all my reflexes and force on my brakes to avoid a speeding wreck (the other driver sped through a red light at full speed). Immediately after that moment, I turned on the car radio and heard what was happening. I can’t comprehend why I almost got in that accident. Was that an option to leave this life for me? Was it just a nudge to tune in to the happenings? It felt like some serious wake up call but I can’t figure out if it was symbolic for just me – if it is a lesson to learn, I don’t want to come that close to have to learn it again. You know?
    Much Love and Light to all you Cats and other species.

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    1. Seems that van was both wake up call AND easy way out. You chose the harder path, as have we (when our turns came), but you’ll be so much happier in the long-term for sticking it out. While you’re waiting for your mission (we all have one, or several), take solace in small moments of peace, tiny rituals; every cup of coffee or tea and a moment of quiet reflection can go a long way. CATs watched the middle of “Evil Dead 2” earlier today on a break. 😉

      We’re a lot like Ash in that movie, and in the next one. Can you tell why ETs and spirits are a little nervous around us?


      Liked by 13 people

      1. Please dont say it’s going to be years… days feel like a millennia right now. I’m hoping Monday. Patience really is a bitch 😳

        Liked by 6 people

      2. AM, it’s because, it’s precisely because, when all is said and done, we’re a little crazy. I know this to be our truth. We, when pushed, will do whatever it takes, regardless of so called odds against us. We are warriors. Warriors of love, warriors of SOURCE.


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  30. Well, Lisa and I had an interesting session today. I won’t bring up DNA because she saw different symbology. With that said she did see an infinite array of “daisys” appearing inter-dimensionally in a vast array of colors for . . . . . The flower symbols are just a little teaser for me. Much more, but for another time. All is well! The grading is complete for the latest new area being created. All the new plants are now here. Flags will be placed so I can visualize where the plants go (always subject to change) And then the fun of planting begins. Yay!!! A very good day all around. Cheers <J

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  31. Hi Cats and Co. Another strange day. At one point there were three different versions of the #625 post that appeared in my email, each one with different videos and some different comments. One of my comments disappeared. Two of the versions had the Dinesh video in them, but this one has it before the comments, perhaps the most recent. So I am commenting here to see what’s up. I also may have lost the #624 post completely, which I’d hoped to revisit and read/view the responses. I guess I will have to see what tomorrow brings in any further contacts or connectivity with you. Who knows how long any of us will be able to share anything in this Brave New World. If this is adios, then I am Gratefully yours in Source, Love and Light. ❤ ❤ ❤ Keep me in your thoughts and I know we will meet again somewhere and somehow. It has been a blessing. – -Laura

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  32. Hello Cats & M’s 🙂 a Ginger White Cat having a very distinctive white tail with orange rings just visited me, made me think of you so I checked the page & oh my you have been busy. Yes yes light it Up dna is our light bridge & love the video a great sign … similar to a sign I was given the golden eagle has defeated the serpent, reclaiming its territory then consuming the serpent, neutralising, unifying polarity for the eagle is one with all, having no opposite only the perfect blueprint of energetic balance. thats a very happy satisfied cat 🙂

    the soup is so thick you can eat it with a fork … having lots of time outs in nature … observing … being in the moment … solace in source all is well.

    thanks for all the continued support 🙂

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  33. All I know is that yesterday was AWFUL! I had horrible heart palpitations all day, I was on the edge of tears, internal anger…kept grounding, praying, protecting. I’ve never wanted to leave so bad. I just hated watching & reading about the Capitol but couldn’t let go of it. However, I got a lot of good info from various twitter investigators and felt a little bit better by the end of the evening. (Having a beer with dinner helped a little, too!)

    I rarely remember my dreams anymore and don’t know when I’ve had more than 4-5 hours of sleep but this morning I fell back asleep for a bit and dreamed my chickens (who were taken by a coyote last fall) dug near a berm next to the dream river near my dream house. I heard a noise and went to investigate and the river was roaring and flooding and my cat barely made it out of the water. Whew! Wasn’t until later that I realized that “the dam has burst” and I feel like a new(ish) person today. Was even able to completely skip over the Lamestream media headlines this morning.

    I’m grateful to have this space to feel somewhat “normal” and grateful for all the Cats and commenters.

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  34. Hrmmmm…

    Ok, so this morning in my last dream / sleep time. I had a bad dream. They were showing people from my past and they were ‘resurecting’ them / possessing them and wanted me to kill them. People I cared about… it made me wake myself up.

    I woke up thinking I was attacked. Never happened like this before. I was told they are mad about the DNA thing. Then I heard… “KEY”.

    I don’t know if this makes any sense to anyone…

    When I woke I immediately did my G+P+C and I lit up my dna / network like to 11…. screw it. You come attack me… I’m pumping it up!!

    and then I threw a lot of protection on everyone and everything that quickly came to my mind.

    Is this normal? Or did I cause a bit of trouble yesterday I wasn’t aware of??

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    1. Totally normal. Team Dark is not happy about any of this. Even CATs have “soiled dreams” and we sleep shielded. Don’t forget: The best defense is a good offense. We also had what could be termed nightmares, but we need to check them out before we share them. Sometimes prophetic things can sound scary.

      CAT houses have been sent tons of stompy spirits to try and “upset” us. It’s just like Halloween. Luckily, we are supremely used to it. Any normal person would refuse to sleep in our spaces!

      You go get ’em! Don’t forget that light saber. AND remember: any nasty you see in a dream/vision, do the mantra on them. Spirits and ETs in disguise usually don’t come back when they get scorched by SOURCE energy. Pretty sure J didn’t mean for it to be used in this way, but we are just reminding them of their connection to SOURCE. 😉

      < CAT Eds.

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    2. Yeah this is normal… This week in particular has been off the charts with things coming in that aren’t usually there. ✨ Just keep the light flow going 👆🏼 ✨ and it’ll pass. 🤗

      I also always disconnect any cords after working to help keep my field clear. Easy to do at the end of a meditation.

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  35. Hi CATs and All,
    Today I was thinking about the Golden DNA meditation and… first of all I hadn’t enough energy to do it due to the earlier bridge meditation LOL
    Then, all of a sudden an image pop up in my mind.
    The Activated DNA became a lightning golden section (the Fibonacci’s one to make it clearer) with a starry sky in background.
    Something has activated probably.
    P.S. Today was the first day after a lot of time in which I was really full of mental energy and I was very emotional too.
    I’m so exited about the Shift right now 🤩🙏🌈
    Sending Love and Light to you All.

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  36. So much up and down, tears, prayers, clearing, a lot of CHP-FLAASHing, but gotta say the one simple thing I do when I feel all topsy turvy is I Choose Source. That centers me immediately, stops the slippy slidey. Also, breathing in Divine Source Love and Light to the CHP-FLAASH area (ie, the whole world) and breathing out all that’s not right is helpful. I do that just for myself too, especially going to sleep, or awake in the night. I’ve been doing these things for a while so they’re easier as a go to, with so much rockin the boat these days. Keeping it simple helps. Will do the new heart meditation too.


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    1. In looking at the Schuman again – there was something that called my unconscious attention – is there something about it today ( 1/09/21) that looks LAYERED???


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