645: Jumps, etc. ~ [UPDATE4]

We’re in a jump, right on time.

Started at 1:30 am PST.

Thing is, we can’t get confirmation elsewhere, except with ourselves. CATs are definitely feeling it, reporting “chakra” 1 2 and 3 “pulls” and discomfort (we don’t have chakras anymore, we have “light bodies”), along with the always popular “vibrating feet.” Other CATs are feeling it in heart and throat — and ostensibly endless upgrade sequence, bottom to top, over and over.

Part of this is from that cme we mentioned in the last post:

It’s hitting now, or has hit.

We’re not getting out of this bowl till YKW (You Know What).


Touchdown… somewhere:


Change is a-comin’. It won’t be long, now. When it happens, it will happen fast.

We had two more CMEs:

Might be here tomorrow.


We haven’t felt much of this, except for a slight headache:

There’s been more CME activity than NASA’s been reporting:

Also note that we aren’t reporting much on the spiritual front since everyone’s having very individualized upgrades. If you aren’t meditating at least twice a day you’re cheating yourself.


Someone asked about people saying that the nighttime actions of authorities and buses around the WH and U.S. Capitol are because Marines are pulling captive children out of tunnels beneath those buildings. We don’t see that, but nothing surprises us with these sick people.

Later: We looked at what’s really going on here and it seems law enforcement types are compiling evidence…

More later.