755: Jumps, etc. ~ [UPDATE8]

We’re seeing lots of jumps.


Lots of jumps are being reported in various places. Is this a mass-jump? At this point it’s difficult to say. However, Tomsk is in a jump right now…

We won’t really know if this is a mass jump till later.


ALL CATs are reporting seeing COLORS in meditation, all kinds of gorgeous colors. Some of are due to the New Earth, some Wave X energy/upgrades, some are Archangels, some are caused by their own personal Ascensions, etc. Lots of people are having expansions of various senses… and lots of people AREN’T. Some people are doing everything they can to stretch the dark’s agenda over the eyes of those just now trying to SEE. (AND every time one of those people approaches the CATs in any way, they invite us to reintroduce them to SOURCE!)

Also, last night several M’s dreamt of…

Autumn on the New Earth

They also dreamt of…

A holiday party

…a group of happy, festive people setting up a table for a holiday party amidst the Autumn colors. Lots of CATs and readers have been having these ‘party’ dreams for some time, but this latest one was surrounded by trees experiencing an early fall. Some of the people in the dreams were wearing Santa hats.


  • Keep meditating. It’s the increasing frequency of MEDITATION and general spiritual upswell that’s causing the jumps. The more jumps and jump-adjustments, the better.
  • Looks like we’re going to have an early Autumn.


Ah, just a glitch… then a little jump… with some groundhog-day thrown in:

But Canada is still in a jump:

UPDATE2 ~ 7/4/22


That recent unclaimed crash of a “rocket” on the moon… as (erroneously) reported by NASA…

Crappy low-res image NASA gave to the MSM.

…wasn’t a rocket at all. Like the earlier crash of what NASA claimed was an “Apollo 16 rocket booster”…

Mmm, no.

…neither were human-created craft that crashed. Each was actually an ET mission — or more specifically, an ET altercation. The reptoids were trying to land on the moon, and the other ETs (there are four factions) on the surface/inside the moon, didn’t allow it. Each was a real Star-Wars kind of battle… which the reptoids lost.


AGAIN, please note that we cannot reply to gmail or yahoo (and others) — especially it seems when we try to offer spiritual advice. In many cases, if you’re awaiting a reply from your email, we’re not being allowed to respond.


This is accurate and recommended.




Ok, these tidbits from the news are Illusion… but they’re interesting and we keep being asked about them:

FYI, CATs are going to be out for a week, attending a CAT meeting in one of the Carolinas [oops, it’s actually in TN], helping others to move there. We may be able to update things, but there might be interruptions. Keep meditating.


Our email continues to be blocked when we try to offer spiritual advice/info. So, we will do it here:

“Joe”: We appreciate the offer, but there is no need for violence. This would only harm YOU. You are actually very close to growing beyond this phase of your existence. Try spending some time in nature and ask Brother J (his real name is Yshúa) into your heart. Some CATs were in a similar place as you once upon a time, and J helped us. Try connecting to him. Brother J is everyone’s bridge to SOURCE… and he’s also the ultimate elder. Some of the M’s just paved the way for this… for you. Give it a try. You are perfect, immortal spirit, whole and innocent… all is forgiven and released.


We saw this while we were waiting at the airport… so satisfying:

GA “Guidestones” Come Down