Tonic for the Catatonic


SO MANY people are freaking out, acting weird, having psychotic breaks all over the place. What’s a sane spiritual enthusiast to do?

Help ’em out!

What to Do If You See An Angry Crazy Whacked-Out Person Out in the World

1. Mentally attach a thick grounding cord (of whatever color strikes your fancy) to the crazy or angry or tantruming person — attach it anywhere you want, but solar plexus is best, or base of the spine — and drop said cord to the center of the earth. You can do this multiple times, giving them as many as you think they need. Don’t go overboard, though. (We usually stop around six or seven, but some of us have thought, “GROUNDING CORD INFINITY!” for the truly whacked.) Then, if there’s time…

2. LOOK at the person and think:

“You are perfect, immortal spirit, brother, whole and innocent.
All is forgiven and released.” 

And WATCH WHAT HAPPENS. You can do this anywhere, at home, in meetings, to people on TV or on screens, to images of people, to people in your minds-eye/memory. It has such a profound effect you have no idea. In fact, this second action mantra (that regular readers already know about) is omniverse-changing.

Memorize #2 and try it. Note the results and let us know. We’ve done this on crazy street people and had them STOP dead in their tracks and RUN THE OTHER WAY. We’ve done this to people in line at the grocery and had them stiffen and turn around suddenly and LOOK at us. We’ve had people look at us and SMILE (a non-creepy smile). It’s amazing. And it’s both an eternal and infinite expression that lasts FOREVER. Talk about leaving your mark on the world. You’re leaving your mark on the entire damn omniverse.

So many people tie themselves in energy knots… and they can be strangling. Doing the above helps the crazy and sane — and you — smooooth yourselves out and begin to let things be as they need to be. Often now, doing is UNDOING. Give it a try.


And for the record, lots of us have “superpowers” right now. All of you. Look inside, they’re in there. Practicing the two above actions helps unlock ’em. You’ll probably manifest in any number of ways inadvertently. Start thinking that anything you think is possible. Keep it POSITIVE, but don’t let anyone push you around. Stand your (mental) ground. Masculine AND feminine. Yin AND yang. Less filling AND tastes great.

The Fine Print

For the record, this post begins the process of YOU officially holding the light for future generations. Read that again. By doing the above, you’re joining the team (really, a real team) doing this work for countless billions — and for yourself, in future incarnations. It’s a big deal. Those who take up this furry mantle are holding the light-door open for all those who’ll come after you.

That said, please note that the whole DNA integration thing isn’t something you’re going to finish anytime soon. It will probably take all of us — all those who are actively working on themselves — at least two generations to get this done.

The SHIFT is not dependent on any level you have achieved or will achieve! It’s happening no matter what. But your level of experience of it will be grandly affected by working toward a positive outcome, for you and for everyone and for everything.

So… sorry, but it’s gonna take each of us about 50 years to do all these DNA integrations. Were you in a rush? It’s a tremendous amount of work. Some are closer to the end than others, but it’s still gonna take a long time. That’s the reality. We don’t care what others are saying; they’re still busy paying for and parking their unicorns (we ate ours, with some fava beans and a nice chianti). For CATs, we pretty much all have one more incarnation in order to finish this work we started (which we’ll be doing on the New Earth, at the next level). But that’s what time is for. There’s no one standing behind you with a stopwatch — except you.

Forget how long it takes and just do the work. Don’t give up on it: it’s a process, a spiritual process actually, and one that won’t magically come to fruition overnight. We are all facilitating this. We’ve said this before, but if you did all this, all at once, and introduced too much of what is really YOU (a gynormous energy being) into this current vessel too fast… you’d explode, disintegrate… and you’d have to stat all over. You’re in this for the long haul.

One more thing… you not only have the power to create, but also the power to UNCREATE, to undo what needs to be undone. This is necessary in lots of cases… which is what the above exercises are all about.

Paws are soft. Paws have claws. CLAWS can really help sort out those tough entanglements.

[NOTE: ‘The Mantra’ is actually a “Coursian” technique (with roots in, A Course in Miracles, via that one of the Course students created, later propagated by Ken Wapnick, Gary Renard, and others. Ultimately, it comes from Brother J, who is the real author of this book.]