Healing the Shot

~AM and the Archangels have come up with a way to partially heal those who got the jab for whatever reason and now regret it. While we can’t completely heal people from their free-will actions, we can help ease their suffering and get them back on the shorter path to SOURCE. This does NOT mean you can go out and get the jab and be healed of it. If you know the jab severs your SOURCE connection and then you get the shot anyway… we can’t help you. But perhaps you got it to save your old way of life and now you wish you hadn’t.

Now, please note:

You can’t do the following with anything other than complete sincerity… otherwise, it won’t work. You can’t trick or prank SOURCE, or the real you (your higher self). You can’t do spiritual things half-heartedly, or half-seriously. YOU are the judge of you.

What to Do to Start the Healing Process

~AM, Archangels, Brother J and SOURCE have created an “escrow healing account” for everyone, a reservoir of special SOURCE energy for this healing purpose. It is ONLY for this purpose: a one-dose-only kind of thing, one per person, so you can only do this once; doing it repeatedly won’t do anything, and will in fact weaken the process. You need to trust that what you’ve done will work the first time. You need to trust SOURCE. If you are reading these words, you are being guided to. We have your greatest good in mind… because you are us. We are all of the same spirit family.

Anyway, for those who want to be healed of the jab, you will need to first admit to yourself that you made a mistake. Some people have a problem admitting they have a problem. If you got the shot, you used your free will to choose FEAR over SOURCE — basically making a god of the fear, which is worse than the shot itself. This act (the shot) then worked to separate you from SOURCE in your mind, but not in reality. (This is all Illusion, after all, a concept beyond the scope of this healing, but please take our word for it). You can never fully cut yourself away from SOURCE completely, but you can become rather insane and wall yourself off in a prison of fear and darkness and vice and addiction and self-pity and perversion, rolling around in 3d horror for a very very long time because you feel you deserve to be punished for things you never really did because none of this is real.

So, if this is all Illusion, did you not get the shot at all? Indeed, you did not. But you think you did, and YOU are very good at punishing you. However, using your free will to begin the healing process is a good first step.

It’s both simple and complicated. You DON’T deserve to be punished, because you’ve done nothing wrong, but you THINK you’ve done something wrong in trusting those who suggested you get the shot. (That’s where the insane part comes in.) The good news is that your spirit is indestructible, so what you really need is your mind healed, and what we detail here will get that ball rolling.

For the following, Brother J and the Archangels are on hand to express this request to SOURCE for you, acting as bridge. Please be respectful and show gratitude. Pride and snarkiness will literally get you nowhere you want to be.

Accessing the Reservoir

Those who wants to access this reservoir of jab-healing energy should go into meditation (there’s a meditation primer on this site; prayer works too) and humbly inform SOURCE that you now choose LOVE over fear, and that you give your free will to SOURCE from now on, and that you respectfully request a dose from the jab-healing reservoir. (Exact wording is not important, the intent is fine.) Then just sit quietly and wait and SOURCE will do the rest. This will take time. Ther is no quick fix here. The efficacy of the healing is up to the person and their mindset, and to SOURCE. SOURCE always has your greatest good in mind, and wants you to return home as quickly as possible; SOURCE doesn’t want you to suffer in the interim. But SOURCE always wants us to take the first step, thus demonstrating our free-will intent to seek a higher path. You have to at least try to do the work.

This healing energy will be held in escrow indefinitely, even after the CATs are gone. We budgeted 7 billion ‘doses,’ one to a customer. For those who are sincere, this might heal you a little, it might heal you a lot… or it might not do much at all if you’re half-assing it. Like anything, you get what you put into it. Also note that you’ll need to sleep on it, afterward. We’d love to individually heal everyone who needs it, but there isn’t time… and in this case, we simply can’t heal you if you’ve used your free will against yourself… because, like SOURCE, we can’t go against free will. This approach will also last long after the CATs are gone. Again, we caution the foolhardy and the insane to NOT mess with this energy for personal gain or malicious intent. We are not responsible for what happens to you if you do.

Note that choosing the shot will invariably add more lifetimes to your curriculum, but that is what time is for: learning. In most cases, you will be required to take another turn on the 3d carousel… which takes a long time to make one revolution… but you can always leave in the middle of the ride if you’re really diligent. (We’re speaking of Ascension, not suicide; the latter causes the person to have to live the exact same life over again until you learn the lesson you came for and get past the previous mistake.)

Your free will and your mind are very powerful, so choosing LOVE over fear is always a good idea.

We wish you well in your healing. Tell SOURCE we said hi.