Rare Repost: Vision Of Freedom Coming to Earth

Vision Of Freedom Coming to Earth September 28, 2016 by Diane Canfield Dear Beautiful Souls, I received a vision of the future that I am told by the LIGHT GUARDIANS to pass onto to everyone. What is a vision you may ask? A vision is when I see a message play out in front of me that is not of this reality and is not … Continue reading Rare Repost: Vision Of Freedom Coming to Earth

M3 for 9-26-16 [UPDATED]

Ok, many of us hated calling these psychic musical segments the “Musical Meowracle Minute,” so we’re going to refer to it as “M3” till we come up with something better. Don’t hold your breath. One Meowracle has had the theme song from, “ATTACK of the Killer Tomatoes” in their head all day — returning a few times till we made this post. Why? No idea. … Continue reading M3 for 9-26-16 [UPDATED]

A Musical Meowracle Minute for 9-19-16 [UPDATE!]

Here’s a new segment. One (or sometimes all) of the Meowracles — our nickname for those CATs seriously connected to the spirit world — often awaken in the morning to a song, provided by the Oversoul or spirit guides. A few weeks ago, it was the theme from “Perry Mason“(a ’60s courtroom drama, for those too young to remember). This morning it was, quite clearly, … Continue reading A Musical Meowracle Minute for 9-19-16 [UPDATE!]

"The Accelerated Timeline Has Been Chosen"

WHEEEEEE! Where to begin? It’s all happening, as they say. To answer your questions, we’re going to be leaning on others for this Friday update, as we’re just as wiped out as you are. We suggest you get some comforting beverage, strap yourself to the lever, and read these drill-downs. Here we go. 1. Firstly, we missed this, a must-read message from The Lighted Ones … Continue reading "The Accelerated Timeline Has Been Chosen"

Yow: So It GOES

Krikey. This is the current raw data off the GOES satellite. Check out the magnetometer at the bottom, the black/green lines. It drops to nothing, then… BLAM. Not sure the device even works, now. Here’s the data for the last 108 days: Wow. And this was the Schumann Resonance around the same time, and shortly thereafter: And this: BLAM. BLAM. BLAM. BLAM. Something major is … Continue reading Yow: So It GOES

BAA: Be Awesome Always

Ok, well… don’t meditate THAT hard. Just posted this at Lynn’s site, but it bears repeating here. Apparently, a bunch of countries are amassing war toys all over the place in Europe and the Middle East to throw at each other and start something. This will not be allowed — by you. You all have significantly more power than you realize, a near-infinite amount. Meditate … Continue reading BAA: Be Awesome Always