SÖC Meditation Primer

Meditation typically doesn’t involve putting a sock on a tree, but you never know.


What is meditation? We’d say it is literally plugging yourself into SOURCE, but you were already plugged into SOURCE. Meditation is communing with SOURCE, and remembering who you really are: a tiny teardrop of spirit in an ocean we call SOURCE. It’s actually pretty simple.

What to Do

While many have their own techniques, this is what most of us do. Note that we typically sit in a comfy chair while we meditate; we don’t sit zazen, or use certain hand gestures, or chant, or burn incense, though some people do all these things, which is fine. You don’t have to get hung up on traditional forms to meditate. It’s the meditation that counts, not how you do it. There are just a few rules.

Once you practice meditation, you’ll find you can get into a meditative state quickly. Nearly all of us at The CAT have been meditating for many years, and we can say with a great deal of authority that (for us, anyway), it takes a little time to get the hang of it. Could take a week, could take a month, could take a year. It depends on where you are on your journey and how deep your desire to make headway. So… don’t expect to be a meditation master after a week.

We practice doing the following while walking, driving, being out in the world, dropping into “the zone” literally anywhere and at any time. It takes practice. Fasting for a day or two also helps with meditation, but you don’t have to fast — esp. if you’re just starting out. Note that you shouldn’t expect to eat a heavy meal of meat and alcohol and expect to be able to get into a meditative state easily. We try to meditate 2-3 times a day, morning and evening, with one in between if we can manage. Do what you can. And don’t beat yourself up if you miss some meditations. You have to live, too.

Note that there’s no specific amount of time you need to meditate for it to be effective. Five minutes is better than nothing, and three hours seems a bit much, unless something good really has your attention. You may notice that you’ll START TO LOOK YOUNGER the more time you spend meditating, as meditation takes place outside of time; most of us felines look old and furry, so it’s kinda hard to tell.

Most importantly, when you meditate, you’re using your free will to get “closer” to SOURCE. There is no better way to start or end your day. (We use the quotes as you’re already with SOURCE right now, you just think that you’re separate.)

You’re doing it right, especially if the Klingon cries.

Schrodinger’s Other Cat’s Meditation Primer 101

[Note: We call this “Ground + Protect + Connect,” or G+P+C. Know it. Learn it. Live it.]

Five Easy Steps:

1. Sit comfortably, somewhere quiet. Close your eyes. Ground yourself to the center of the earth with a cord attached to whatever chakra calls out for “grounding.”


2. Now imagine a big ball of white/golden SOURCE light all around you. Think, “Infinite SOURCE light all around me.” Voila! The origin of this energy is within YOU. Visualize a Golden Shield of Light all around you. Any negative energy trying to penetrate that shield bounces off it. KNOW that nothing can get through.

3. Say to yourself: “SOURCE armor UP. Only those with my ACTUAL greatest good in mind are welcome past my protection.” (The word ACTUAL keeps out those pretending to have your greatest good in mind. It happens.) Then: “I place the NOW in the hands of SOURCE.”

4. Empty your mind and relax. Pay attention to what happens. If you hear a tone, concentrate on it. Don’t try to steer the meditation. Give in to your higher self. It knows what’s best for you.

5. We then connect to Brother J, and to Guides.

6. NEW: After all that, you can also turn up the light with: “LOVE and LIGHT *UP INFINITY.*”

Step 1 is Grounding. Steps 2 and 3 are for Protection. Step 5 is Connection.

Once you get comfortable with Steps 1-4, try asking for a spirit guide. You can be general, or specific. Just say, “Brother J, you are welcome,” or “SOURCE, you are welcome,” or “Guides, you are welcome,” whomever you choose. (Note: we don’t like to use religious names or terms, hence the slightly more generic verbiage.) Later, you could send cords to Brother J, your spirit guides, etc., while meditating.

FYI, we meditate 2-3 times a day: morning, noon(ish), and night, for about 15-30 mins. We also do “mini-meditations,” sneaking 5 minute sessions in here and there. Btw, don’t meditate so much that you start neglecting things; you want to make it a part of your life, not make it the only thing. Balance is important. And be sure to drink plenty of water — but not too much.

NOTE1: Grounding and Protecting are the most important parts of any meditation. We strongly advise you NOT to strive for contact with other beings/ETs/spirits if you’re just starting out (or even if you’re an advanced practitioner); you need to develop a feel for who’s being genuine and who’s a trickster spirit (SO many liars in that realm). Even advanced practitioners are (still) fooled, often by beings that are very sophisticated at pretending to be something else. It takes time to learn to discern. Don’t stress about it. We advise caution, as lots of spirits and ETs are jockeying for position right now. When in doubt, ASK THEIR NAME. If they won’t tell you their name, hang up.

NOTE2: Once you turn your meditation “light” on, all kinds of things are going to come out the woodwork to startle you or look at you. You’ll get used to it.

NOTE3: Special caution to anyone reading this who’s underage. We advise those underage to consult with a trusted (enlightened) adult (there aren’t many!) before beginning any meditation work, if you can. Young people who “turn their light on” via meditation are huge targets in the spirit world — ESPECIALLY IF YOU DO SO AS A GROUP. Please be careful. The young are already attractive to the spirit world because of the somatic changes you’re going through, or the raw power of simply being young. Please, be cautious.

Some have foolishly tried to contact beings they thought were benevolent, but didn’t set protection properly and had some bad/weird experiences. We always get asked about possessions. Note that possession can typically only happen WITH YOUR PERMISSION. So, just say no. Break out a whole pocketful of “NO.” As a being of light, YOU ARE IN CHARGE. There are LOTS of trickster spirits out there; not all are malevolent, just merely… tricky. We personally don’t understand why trickster spirits do what they do, as it lowers their vibration and makes their path a longer one, but… what’re ya gonna do? You need to be careful when venturing into the spirit realm. There are lots of things out there who live to trip you up. It doesn’t do any good to label them, or try to fix them. If they show up, show them the “NO” hand and shine them on. Remember: YOU are an immortal son of SOURCE. Your will is the Will of SOURCE. (Like your Mind, you’re just borrowing SOURCE’s WILL. We’ll have to give both back one day, but not for a long while.) Your will is very powerful. YOU are very powerful, hugely so.

NOTE4: NEVER USE A OUIJA BOARD. Read that again.

There are nasty things out there in the spirit realms, so you need to be careful. You don’t need to be paranoid about it, but don’t be foolhardy, either. The good news is that nasty spirits, like good spirits, HAVE TO FOLLOW THE RULES. Yes, there are rules, most involved with WILL and INTENT. Your WILL is infinitely strong. If faced with a nasty entity, just exercise your WILL and push your hand out [mentally] and say, “You need to leave NOW.” And/or: “Go where you’re better served.” Or a simple, “Get lost,” also works. No need to be rude, but be firm. Believe it or not, since you’re in a body, you technically outrank all lower entities, and even some higher ones. Being in flesh is not easy, and in some cases it’s a privilege you’ve waited a long time for.

Additionally, if at any time during your waking day you have what we call an “attack thought,” which is any negative thought that intrudes — or you start arguing in your head — recognize it, attach an imaginary rock to it, and drop it to the center of the earth. Do this every time and soon you won’t have as many attack thoughts.

NOTE5: You don’t need The Event to make a connection to SOURCE.

You can be your own Event. Technically, you’re already connected to SOURCE, to the Oversoul, and to all of us. We are all connected. It’s good to remember that. You’re never alone. We are literally all in this together.


1. Some people, CATs included, used to like holding crystals in their hands while they meditated… but we don’t need these anymore, unless we’re doing healing. That’s not to say it won’t work for someone else, we’ve just outgrown the practice, and only use crystals for healing. You don’t have to hold crystals or orgonite, certainly, but it does seem to help if you have too much energy. We use amethysts, amatrine, citrine, clear quartz, jade, moldavite, etc., or (well-made) orgonite with these things in them. If you go to a rock shop and touch lots of different crystals, you’ll probably find that you have an affinity for a certain type. Again, note that it’s not necessary. Lately, we’ve been experimenting with placing small pieces of (well-made) orgonite on chakras that are painful, and this works well to remove pain and pressure… but again, we’re now outgrowing this. Note that good orgonite is kinda pricey, but not if you get small 2″ pieces. It doesn’t take much.

2. Try meditating in the sun (for a short period of time — the sun is very strong, now). Throw a cord to the sun from your 3rd chakra. Don’t sit out too long! The sun is much more intense, now, for a variety of reasons.

3. Try meditating with others on a specific topic. This works exponentially. One person meditating on a topic has 10^1st power, while ten people meditating on a topic is 10^10th power. A million people meditating on a single topic can change worlds. This is all illusion, after all.

4. When out in the world, feel free to throw grounding cords on people who need it — that is, a cord attaching them to the center of the earth, not them to you. If people seem crazy, angry, out of sorts, driving too fast, inebriated, annoying, sad, etc., attach a grounding cord to them. Or ten. This works well. Just throw the cord and forget it. You only have to ask once. Trust that your Higher Self is working for you 24/7/365.


Like The Unknown Commenter reminded us (thanks, Unknown), try focusing on PURE LOVE in your meditations, see where that leads. Remember, all expressions of love are MAXIMAL, so when you turn it on, you automatically turn it on full blast. This might be why The Event is taking so long; we might’ve been concentrating on the wrong things in meditations, instead of simply focusing on LOVE. LOVE, is after all, SOURCE. Or it was always supposed to happen this way, with a gentle nudge here and there. 


** For those called, please ground to SOURCE and Gaia, not the 3D earth.

Good luck. We’re all counting on you.

NOTE: DO NOT meditate with a red plastic cup on your head and crawl across a parking lot EVER… unless you’re sure you can get away with it.


We now have a technique for the more advanced meditation student.

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