Yow: So It GOES


This is the current raw data off the GOES satellite. Check out the magnetometer at the bottom, the black/green lines. It drops to nothing, then… BLAM. Not sure the device even works, now.

Here’s the data for the last 108 days:


And this was the Schumann Resonance around the same time, and shortly thereafter:

And this:


Something major is going on upstairs.

11 thoughts on “Yow: So It GOES

  1. I'm pretty sure by now that I'm part of some kind of barrier that slows down the energy before it reaches less unfortunate friends. A day or so after the really crappy days, when I'm finally bouncing back up to the surface for air, people in my surroundings typically start going under left and right. Probably happened all along, but with intensity comes contrast…


  2. Please forgive my lack of understanding this data but I am curious what this means. Could you explain a little more for those of us wishing to better understand?


  3. LOL @ CAT3 – Thank you!Big news day! Any thoughts about Hillary's arrest, and the Grave mark on the Drudge report and veritas radio?”BREAKING: Drudge signal spotted.Don't ask how I know and obviously ignore at your own risk, but for years now Drudge has had a signal, a bit of a secret code, to alert various people that something massive is about to go down. People have paid him to give them a few hours head start, so to speak. Today for the first time ever he has used that signal. The signal? A ` symbol in the upper left corner of the page. Go look for yourself. It looks innocuous, but… Well… This is a friendly heads up. Best of luck everyone.”http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message3283479/pg1


  4. Wow I am having a headache this a.m. Thought maybe it was the manifestation of the guilt I feel for the amount of tamales and then ice cream I ate yesterday. But I just talked to a friend who says she & her elderly mother (at a different location) are also suffering with a headache. It seems to be coming from the center of my head. September 9, 2016 = 9/9/9 http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/angel-number-999.htmlAuthor: “You are most welcome to share these Angel Number messages with others, although I do request that you include this website address, credit your source/page links and author. All postings by Joanne Walmsley”


  5. Yes, and some of us would appreciate it if the late night blackhawk helicopter trawling over our houses would please stop. You know who you are. Pretty sure you can find better things to do with our tax dollars. You don't need a deeper karmic hole, we assure you.-CAT4 et al


  6. Dreamt of black eyed demons trying to kill me. When I looked them in the eye there would also be a flash of light? I awoke and a black helicopter was flying over my house. When I was outside the same morning, although very grey and overcast I could see what seemed like a light shining down upon the floor from above me, strange times.


  7. I wouldn't worry about it too much. The GUARDIANS are officially here, en masse. Read that again. It just happened.All will change for the better very very quickly. For those disinfo folks and nefarious doers who read these words, it's never too late to STOP what you're doing, and move in a positive direction. You will eventually make this decision, so why not now?-MEOWRACLE2


  8. Yepyep, second that. The icky stuff keeps hammering on my head as hard as ever, but since about a week ago I feel completely invincible with pieces falling into place left and right. My advice to all sickos out there is to either turn on a dime and become saints or start running and don't look back; you don't want to stand in our way when truth hits the fan, really.


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