WHOMP Snapshot for 1-6-18 [UPDATED 1-7-18]

Wow. Had to show you all this. In the first six days of 2018, we’ve seen pretty serious WHOMP-age, the cabal “detained for questioning” at Gitmo (and worse), a 4.5 earthquake in the SF Bay area, and now a (conjured, PTW tantrum) “superstorm” on the East Coast and the South (getting their last digs in where they can). We hope everyone’s safe and warm. Big … Continue reading WHOMP Snapshot for 1-6-18 [UPDATED 1-7-18]

Monument(al Energy) Valley Days

Um… SOMETHING is happening. Something extra. We know that this is an obtuse statement considering all the things that are constantly happening, faster and faster… but… something EXTRA is happening. We don’t know what it is (Lion’s Gate? Wave X? All of the above?), but it feels good and ominous at the same time.  It feels BIG, at least our pineal glands/chakras are saying so! … Continue reading Monument(al Energy) Valley Days

Your Heliomancer for 4-16-17 [UPDATED]

This is interesting. Not only do we have a wizard currently performing some charm on the sun, front and center, we also have one of the bouncing heads from “Spirited Away” at his feet — AND the StarBaby from “2001” moving into frame. Something is happening here. 😉 Oh, and to recap the comments from the previous post: There will be no WW3 (sorry for … Continue reading Your Heliomancer for 4-16-17 [UPDATED]

Day 16 UPDATE: WHOMP & Circumstance [UPDATES]

Ug. Currently having a WHOMP. Everyone hang tight. Want more? Ow. AND… the day after we first showed this graph, the system in Italy is having typical Voyager problems (systems offline). Today’s heliomancy is interesting: A witch show-jumping a bison toward a snake. No idea what that means. BUT… “witch riding a bison” has never appeared anywhere before. Another first!  Don’t forget your 40/40 meditations. … Continue reading Day 16 UPDATE: WHOMP & Circumstance [UPDATES]

Day 28 Graph-ic Update

Welcome to Day 27 of the 40 day meditation challenge. Anybody else feel this, or this… Heart palpatation city from about 3:00 to 6:00 am PST. Also, while we’re being graphic, check out this advanced magnetometer reading of the earth’s magnetic field bowshock from last November, as taken by India’s new magnetometer (whose name escapes us because it has no live public feed; once it … Continue reading Day 28 Graph-ic Update

Day 31 Update [UPDATED]

Look at this Schumann Resonance/magnetometer beauty from NW Italy. (All that purple is right NOW, @ 17:47 UTC.) What does it mean? Could mean a train came into a nearby station, or someone’s operating some construction equipment nearby, or someone in the lab is making toast, or something magical is happening to someone driving a bulldozer and eating toast at the railway station lab. OR it’s … Continue reading Day 31 Update [UPDATED]

Yow: So It GOES

Krikey. This is the current raw data off the GOES satellite. Check out the magnetometer at the bottom, the black/green lines. It drops to nothing, then… BLAM. Not sure the device even works, now. Here’s the data for the last 108 days: Wow. And this was the Schumann Resonance around the same time, and shortly thereafter: And this: BLAM. BLAM. BLAM. BLAM. Something major is … Continue reading Yow: So It GOES