Resolving The Loop/9-2 to 9-5-20 [UPDATE5]

Finally, something to do.

Ok, we need to inform everyone we know about this timeline loop that SOURCE has been maintaining for a while now:

The more people who know, and the more it’s in people’s consciousnesses the better. You can bring this about in any way you want.

Again, this looks to be SOURCE running things in a time loop until something aligns and we can move forward. Could be a pre-SHIFT ‘Divine Timing’ kinda thing, if you’d like to read between the lines…


Hm. Could what we’re seeing be the beginnings of what Laura talked about in the second part of today’s “Great Shaking” video?


In the meantime, here are recent timeline jumps on other meters:

We also had another big GRB in the wee hours of the morning:


Well, that’s interesting. We have apparently arrived… somewhere:


Some activity of late:

Yet another quasi-earth-directed CME, with fresh tangential programming, probably around 9/9 (UTC).
The PTW keeps trying to carve out a timeline (via various machinery in Antarctica, which is ‘downwind’ EM-wise from this Swedish meter), and they keep failing… and this trend will never stop.

Meanwhile, we’re having jumps and adjustments almost constantly:

We’re currently seeing these white streaks as adjustments.

So… we didn’t want to mention it, but as an FYI… the Chinese have a HAARP facility near the Philippines…

…and they DO NOT know what they’re doing — and are, in fact, in grave danger. Gaia is being stirred up there, and nearby, and… well, they need to evacuate this facility while they still can. Same goes for those manning other HAARP stations. You have no idea what you’re doing, or what’s in store for you in your various locations, given the energies you’re literally playing with. Your end will be swift and horrible. We urge you to stop before it’s too late (for you). Contrition is a necessary step toward avoidance of a loooong multiple-lifetime reincarnation loop sentence on another (much more primitive) 3d planet… on the other side of the universe.


Ok. We aren’t sure where we jumped to, exactly… but it feels like someplace heavy. There’s no reason to feel any way, in any direction, since jumps happen so often. This past one was a big jump, though. And SOURCE is here with us, as are all your Guides. We’ll know more soon.

168 thoughts on “Resolving The Loop/9-2 to 9-5-20 [UPDATE5]

    1. @Mark… I seem to remember something about a yr or so ago? about not being too concerned about the 5g thing because it was going to be used or transformed to a different purpose? but I don’t remember where I read or heard that…


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    1. Hi Lily 🌸,
      Thanks for sharing.

      When I read this
      “He tweeted: ‘A free press is vital in holding the government and other powerful institutions to account on issues critical for the future of our country, including the fight against climate change.” I laugh that much that I was falling from the chair.
      First of all, in these words I can see the “we don’t really know what the hell we have to do to stop the awakening” in the politicians mind.
      Then I see an attempt to confuse people by saying words almost put out of the black hat.
      In the end, when I read “powerful institutions” initially I felt as imprisoned in their “game” but just then I laughed and I recognize how much poor in Spirit they are, and I felt free and immune of all their words.

      Peace in the heart, peace in mind and trust in Source 🌊🌈.

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      1. AeS ❤️ Yes they are desperate to keep everyone silenced and under control.

        The sign in the picture says
        ‘5 Crooks control the news’!
        People are waking up and understanding a lot! The PTW don’t know what to do. The protests are more than just about climate control which in itself is a joke! I am trying to stay in a state of peaceful observation even when my lovely Dad speaks of his frustration at not getting his newspaper!

        Elsie was drawing a spiral at the time, a great distraction, I was able to break from the conversation by applauding my daughters artistic efforts 😉

        At this point in time, if folk, including those I love dearly still choose not to see with a passion then I must let them be, it is their choice…

        Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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          1. CAT Eds ❤️ Thank you for the confirmation! I had a feeling this might be happened!

            She draws a LOT of spirals and also two parallel straight lines, usually in red pen! You should see her paper! She has a large sheet on the table in our little conservatory/lean to. It’s literally covered in lines and spirals. I think the spirals are usually blue but there have been other colours!

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. Lily 🙏 I understand your position; my Dad was like yours.
          I used to pray for him and I often shown him how the media keep his vibe low but he couldn’t stop watching it. It’s a choice I think.
          Sometimes I look at Q’s posts and I recognize that’s something similar; I look at them to know if some big change is coming in this 3d world.
          Maybe I need/needed to forgive him. 🙏
          Peace to you and your family Lily 🌈

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  1. Had the (mis?)fortune of witnessing some mentally unwell, angry looking dude walk into the supermarket, brazenly, without a mask, and clearly ignoring/picking fights with security as they tried to send him away (it’s still mandatory to wear them here in Italia, or you get no service at literally any commercial business).

    I felt no fear or nervousness at all, simply reciting the “mantra” a few times for him and for everyone involved there. I immediately let that go and shopped without a care in the world.

    See the effect you can have, even on others such as myself?

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  2. My body’s been feeling very uncomfortable for the past few days. I cans get comfortable no matter what I try.
    Could this be the energies finally affecting me or maybe they’re ascension symptoms?

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    1. I shared this info together with one video in my language, and there were only few off my friends who responded in a way they know this all pandemic is a fake, some are more aware, some are less, my own brother who is MD does not believe it, even he is aware that the test are not conclusive, and that about 80% reported death are from patients with already chronic diseases, I believe it is more then that, but…

      But one longer discussion with one cousin who is owner off one software development company, and he except that there is a lit of strange thing around this virus, lot off non logical explanations, but he does not believe that this can be organized on a global level, and that is really hard to prove without telling that person to investigate it on its own, which he will not do it as he already decided that in his mind it is impossible to be organized on a global level.

      I realize that it is not up to me to twist his arm to go and find the real truth, but at least I planted a seed off doubt that everything is not as it seems and what are been told, I am OK with that for the time being 😉✨


    1. I woke up to a strong ringing in my ears which lasted for quite some time. I haven’t experienced this for ages, so I’m hoping that’s a positive sign of incoming energies too x

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  3. So many comments to catch up with.
    I wanted to share this song as it made me hopeful and sad and happy in equal measures x I hope the link works.

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  4. this is crazy
    1.8 million people to evacuate in Japan:

    Typhoon Haishen battered Japan’s southern mainland with powerful winds and rain as it drew closer to the island of Kyushu, cutting power and prompting authorities to call for some 1.8 million people to evacuate

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      1. Probably. China has this tech, now, as do other countries. None of them realize what they’re doing on the surface of the earth, above the surface, and more importantly — BELOW. Whomever is in those facilities should run.

        -CAT Eds.

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