Meterage & More for Week 10-1-19 [UPDATE4]


Just a  quick update, as we’re currently busy with something very complicated. Energywise, things look rather heavy for the next few days:

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Meterage + MORE 8-20/8-22 [UPDATE4]


We were trying to do a meterage post on Monday when lots of us started feeling headaches, but kids, and end-of-summer chores, and back-to-school wrangling got in the way. Anyway, it’s perhaps good we slowed down, ’cause we spotted something. We’ll get to that in a second, but first…

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Travel Meterage for 8-4/8-5-19 [UPDATE2]


Many of the CATs are out and about the world right now, doing this and that… but as physical meters ourselves, we can’t help but compare notes. And lots of us were very uncomfortable today, and fell asleep at the worst times, such that we voted to do a meterage post while out and about.

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Meterage + MORE 7/24-26 [UPDATE6]



We’re having so much activity we needed a new meterage post, mid-week. That’s a first.

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