783: Odds + Ends ~ [UPDATE5]

Ends and odds, more odd than end.


  • For those who haven’t seen it, this latest piece from Denise La Fey is instructive. Note that ridding yourself of the things she mentions will eventually happen as you raise your vibration and absorb more the energy coming in. Team Dark is having real trouble with the vibration levels, which cranked up in earnest starting in December. (~AM was attacked — by the TWBs again, since they want a certain portal — and he had to be repaired by J and the AAs.) And we have personally seen that periwinkle orb-thing that Denise mentioned…
There it is. It can’t get past the shields.
  • One reader asked about the SRC (Soul Recycling Center) and whether it was working again. (We threw a monkey wrench into it years ago.) Sadly, the SRC is back up and running after ~AM and the SuperFriends disabled it for a time. WHY it’s back up was a mystery till we looked at it anew. It’s actually people’s expectations and belief in the thing that’s keeping it going! It’s still a trap, but… as long as people think they need to “go into the light,” that trap will keep trapping. If you DON’T want to fall into this trap right after you transition, think/say/shout: “BROTHER J, SHOW ME THE WAY!” when you’re faced with that light, and then let him direct traffic. If you don’t believe in Brother J… well, time is an illusion designed to help you learn lessons. Have fun in your next semester.
  • FYI, some CATs had dreams about Sal and her system last night, seeing her and her odd satellites in the sky… until one got really CLOSE. We saw her flying around the sky like a “comet,” though brown dwarf stars don’t glow on their own; as Sal gets closer to the sun, she’ll start to react with the sun’s energy, giving off a glow. Proximity to the sun and earth could also create something akin to a static discharge (like gigantor lightning) on cosmic steroids, but this doesn’t always happen. She’s keenly aware of of our Ascension situation (as are Gaia and Sol) and will do everything she can not to cause too much mayhem. Her proximity to the sun has already caused the sun to burn WHITE instead of yellow (remember when the sun was yellow?), and is of course affecting the earth’s climate, which was to be expected. There is most definitely climate change on the earth, as there has been since the earth’s creation, but none of it is man-made. That’s just ridiculous. Note that that “comet” the media has mentioned is now being said to be closest to the earth on 2/2. Expect earth effects to become more pronounced, dissapating with distance. However, effects with the sun will last longer, and will be… more dramatic. The one that zoomed toward us and FROZE in the dream looked kinda like this:
FREEZE! (Ok, bring in the next timeline…)
  • Because of this… catastrophic opportunity… we had another segue to another reality in the night. It wasn’t a timeline jump, exactly, but a redirection by SOURCE. This involved one timeline where either Sal, or one of her satellites, came right at the earth very fast — and to us, it froze… then there was the segue/redirection. Luckily, SOURCE moved us away from that (you should all thank SOURCE now):
Happened between 18 and 20 Tomsk time, or 3-5 am PST.
  • By the way… CATs often use what happens to ~AM as a kind of litmus test for the rest of us. After he made his “Ascension number” (we don’t talk about this much, but people and entities and ETs and beings and Angels all have a number loosely associated with their vibration level), ~AM noticed that he kept having upgrades, that is, he kept going UP. Upgrades look a certain way and he said he was still seeing that kind of motion (it looks like your vision, eyes closed, makes a little circular motion, back and forth, as your DNA is “knitted”)… that is, until this activity was suddenly SPED UP by SOURCE a few days ago (looked like four or five serious spins, like record LPs!)… and he’s now at a new level, which was brought to his attention by a little ceremony at the AA level; he’s now a new kind of AA, but still in a body). We don’t say this to brag (~AM prefers not to discuss it), but to show that ~AM’s progress was sped up because something is coming and he needed to be done before it got here. He’s now achieved that mark, so….
  • There was also a CME on the opposite side of the sun, directed away from the earth… which we’ll probably feel in a protonic/action-reaction kinda way in a few days, hooray:
  • There’s also been some interesting muonic activity, lately:

The above are jumps, adjustments, and blasts of ultra-Wave-X energy (hee, seen in muons) currently saturating us. In reality, no meter can really detect what’s happening, that is except YOU. Such energy is also in all that rain California just got. Let it soak in and see what happens.

More as we find it. Be sure to keep meditating twice a day, it’s the only way to get any OOMPH out of this energy. Ground often.


Wow, this is TRUE. We have been discounting “Real Raw News” because of all the hopium they crank out, but this one story is accurate:


January 16, 2023

United States Marines on Friday rescued General David H. Berger from a Central Intelligence Agency “safehouse” in northeast California, sources in Gen. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

As reported previously, Gen. Berger went missing on January 6 after leaving Camp Pendleton at 6:30 p.m. His disappearance alarmed White Hats because Gen. Berger characteristically informed persons in the White Hat chain-of-command if he planned to embark on extended sabbaticals. After 36 hours had elapsed without hearing from him, Marines systematically searched the Camp Pendleton area and nearby towns and wooded terrain for signs of him or his vehicle. Their efforts, though, proved futile. Camp Pendleton staff monitored law enforcement frequencies for any mention of a decorated Marine Corps officer crashing his car or showing up at local hospitals. Meanwhile, U.S. Army Cyber Command and Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command scrutinized Deep State chatter in hopes of gleaning some insight into the general’s whereabouts, in case he had been abducted, but their efforts were in vain.

They caught a break late in evening on Friday, Jan. 13.

According to our source, an ex-CIA spook contacted Gen. Smith’s office with a disturbing message: Gen. Berger had been abducted and was being held prisoner at a CIA safehouse near Cedarville, California, about 600 miles from Camp Pendleton and 10 miles from the Nevada border. The agent, our source said, gave a skeptical Gen. Smith a layout of the safehouse and details on its security measures—it wasn’t the monolithic, windowless, brick and mortar structures often depicted in movies, but rather a humble and somewhat dilapidated farmhouse on 10 acres of windswept land.

The agent said the farmhouse had shatterproof windows, a keypad entry system, and between 4-6 CIA operatives on premises. He claimed he did not know the entry code.

“When Gen. Smith asked him why he wanted to help, the guy said a few people at the agency were trying to do the right thing. He couldn’t or wouldn’t give info on how and where the kidnapping happened, but he insisted General Berger was there and still alive, but maybe not for long. He said General Berger could be moved or eliminated,” our source said.

Though suspicious of traps, General Smith at once dispatched a Recon platoon to get eyes on the farmhouse. As time was of the essence, the Marines were flown aboard a V-22 Osprey to a desert clearing a few kilometers southeast of the farmhouse. They then travelled on foot, stopping once close enough to surveil the target without getting spotted themselves.

A single sentry dressed in black tactical gear walked the perimeter.

He was lighting a cigarette when a Marine ambushed him and held the blade of a K-bar against the sentry’s throat, our source said. When threatened, the cowardly sentry input the door code, giving Marines access to the interior.

“They gagged him, told him to take them to the general,” our source said.

The captive sentry first led them to a kitchen where two men in dark suits were sitting at a table and drinking coffee. Marines shot them dead using silenced sidearms. Two spooks napping on sofas met a similar fate.

They found a semi-conscious Gen. Berger in an upstairs bedroom. His left eye was black and blue, swollen shut, and lacerations covered his face. Someone had immobilized him by fastening him to the bed with ratchet straps. He tried to speak, but his words came out slow and odd, as if drugged.

The strongest Marine lifted Gen. Berger using a Fireman’s Carry and humped the 2km with the general slung across his shoulders. The surviving CIA agent was taken into custody as a prisoner of war.

General Berger, our source said, has been transported to a secure location for wound treatment.

“He was beaten, tortured, and drugged, and is recovering,” he said.

UPDATE2 ~ 1/19/23

Ok, someone asked us about this “earthquake” which was MINUS 0.6 km in depth (another one) — that is, it was 0.6 km above the earth:

This was of course a ‘portal BOOM,’ energy venting through a portal, which has to do with all the energy coming in, AND the fact that there are several ET bases underground around there. At any given time, there are at least 200+ ETs on, in, and around the earth. How many of them have your greatest good in mind? That’s a good question. Not as many as you’d think.


This just in: Magnetic north, which has been advancing steadily toward the 40 degree mark… has stopped… and is now going back the other way. The fact that Sal is going by is a part of that. SOURCE is the other 10 bazillion percent. CO2 has dropped a bunch, too. And the NZ PM is out… New Earth is as New Earth does.


You recall the recent ‘photonic knock’ we’ve pointed out? Check out the X-ray knock, which is also coming from Portal One, representing much higher energy:

And, one of the Siberian muon meters is showing… 0… since 8 pm (PST) last night:


Aha. Finally got confirmation: That comet is just a comet. Sal is still unseeable, unless you can commandeer an IR telescope.