Meterage Week 10-13-19 [UPDATE6]


We’ve augmented the previous Sunday post to include the whole week. We’ve had some interesting activity:

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Special Project #4: Solstice Meditation and Jumps/Meterage [UPDATE6]


Since we seem to be working together so well, we might as well all meditate an hour before the summer solstice. Howbout if we imagine…

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Special Project #3 [UPDATE]


Hello, all. We were guided toward another Special Project: Lily’s daughter, whom she’s calling “Elsie.” (Not her real name, of course — UPDATE: We got our name-wires crossed.) Anyway, here she is:

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The Rip for 6-12-19 [UPDATE5]


A recent commenter (Pam141) wrote that Guides told them that The SHIFT… which slooooowly got under way a few days ago (and astronomers are blaming on a “stealth CME”)…

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