784: [Something] Ahead ~ [UPDATE2]

Looks like we’re headed for a kerfuffle…

…to be steered through. No fear, certainly.

Some of the CATs dreamed/had visions of traffic last night/this morning, which usually means timeline. They were negotiating traffic that suddenly went into a highway tunnel that was collapsing. A giant being/Archangel then stepped into the tunnel to hold the roof up while we went through. The tunnel was dark, but short, the obstructions a little hairy, requiring a bit of vehicle negotiation…

and then…

Looks like we only have to go a little further (from Spirit’s perspective).

NOTE: We have no idea how long it will take to get through the aforementioned kerfuffle. Might be a week. Might be a season. If you trust in SOURCE, you can’t go wrong. In the meantime, meditate meditate meditate.

UPDATE1 ~ 1/28/23


Calm before the storm?

Note that this morning saw several CATs reporting “ticket” dreams, where they’d just bought plane tickets, or equiv., and were waiting to board; more than a few saw that they had packed their shoes (?) and were now… barefoot. (?) Also, ~AM reported that the AAs appeared to him this morning “in a tight white circle, high up, white light, hands clasped with each one’s arms folded (in an X).” They had a space reserved for him, which he took. We have no idea what that means, but it seems that things are progressing.

And it is very quiet today…


Others are having “last call” ticket dreams. One reader saw herself on…

…with no water yet around it. “We were calling for the last four or five people to run on, the gates were lifted and we were ready to go.”

So. If you are reading this and are late to the party, or have had no ticket/graduation dreams, etc…. don’t despair. They could still be coming… depending on your desires. It’s never too late to wake up… even if you thought you were already awake.

Rather than WISH yourself somewhere, or fret about what is to come, we suggest putting yourselves completely in SOURCE’s hands — into the SOURCE Ark, if you will. SOURCE knows where you will be happiest, where you need to be to honor your greatest good/soul contract. Some of you have already agreed to handle things from the ‘frothy’ side, some might yet get the invitation. (NOTE: If you get an invitation that is DARK, or involves violence/low-vibe action of any kind, that ain’t SOURCE.) Every STO (Service to Others) minute you spend in the 3d froth is worth a hundred years of spiritual development in Spirit, provided you are truly STO and walk with SOURCE. You can be a 3d STO volunteer.

In the meantime, take solace in small pleasures, like a cup of coffee/tea in a quiet corner, or a morning/evening meditation with SOURCE. Every moment of peace/silence/stillness is SOURCE speaking to you. This is all Illusion. The real YOU is with SOURCE right now. Meditation is simply you communing with SOURCE, getting you closer to this SOURCE/YOU reality. You only think you’re in a body reading these words. Only YOU and SOURCE are real. Nothing around you is real. As The Course says, “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.”

In the meantime, watch out for cups.