785: Infinity and Beyond

A meditation technique from ~AM.

You are a SOURCE portal. You have a small, inner SOURCE portal in your “heart-chakra” region (though we don’t have chakras anymore, we have light bodies). You manifest your reality from this location — just as Portal One manifests the Sun and the solar system, et al, for this locality. Gaia does this and it manifests a planet. You do this and manifest… you.

If lots of people do this one exercise, it manifests… infinity and beyond. It might even create that thing you’ve been waiting for.

No more waiting. Make it yourself.

What To Do

In meditation, after you G+P+C (see the SÖC Meditation Primer), imagine an infinite ball of light expanding out from your inner SOURCE portal. Then do it again. And again. And again. Generate this infinite light ball twice a second, 10 times a second, a 100 times a seond, a million times a second, infinite times a second. You are limited only by your imagination. Note that, since you yourself are a sliver of infinity, this infinite flow goes so far out that it merges with SOURCE way out there and re-emerges through your SOURCE portal. (This is what Guides talked about with Gary Renard in terms of us “pushing past infinity,” in his book, Disappearance of the Universe, a primer for A Course in Miracles.) [NOTE: CATs receive no money for book referrals.]

This meditation expands our definition of infinity. Since you are infinite, and have infinity inside you, this infinite action extends out to SOURCE and loops out through SOURCE and back around through you. This is how stars work. Nearly all of you were stars at one point looooooooong ago.

This meditation exercise expands our definition of infinity. Call it Infinity Plus. It’s rather mind-blowing. Give it a try.

Note that you can invoke this “infinity ball” at any time; it is an excellent “grocery store cleanser” when you’re out and about, and is an excellent defense against any nasties that might show up in meditation (some of the more powerful ones can sometimes sorta get through your protection… because we’re basically all connected; to close this door, ask Brother J to be in charge of all your connections).