786: Nuts + Chews ~ [UPDATE10]

As usual, all kinds of things are happening.

This Just In

Some CATs have (literally) seen fighter jets zooming out west over the Pacific as of noon PST. Could just be an exercise. Could be Taco Tuesday at Pearl Harbor.

Heavy Lifting

~AM had another idea in meditation (again). Seems to be why he’s here.

CATs and M’s have been seeing the various “stages/levels” of vibration (4, 5, 6, etc., but there really are none, per se) as rectangular boxes that they move through (on the way back UP), since we often have to go DOWN to help people, and we needed a quick shorthand way to move back UP. We used to use a ladder (some still do), but now we’re much faster about vibration movement; this also helps when you’re trying to go as high as you can. ~AM keeps ringing the bell (which isn’t surprising since he’s an AA/human hybrid who has his wings), but then he had the idea to lift people up and then slide a “board” underneath where they’d been. He did this with some people who deal with CATs often (making them purely 4d, with no 3d straggle). Then he did it for more people… some were ‘heavier’ than others, some LIGHTER than others (one CAT who volunteered jumped immediately to 6)… then ~AM tried it for everyone on earth, trying to move them from 3d to 4d: It of course wouldn’t budge. So, he called in Brother J, the AAs, and all those Positives around the omniverse who like to help. Then he put a bunch of handles on “the box”… and All of the Above dead-lifted everyone on earth UP to 4d… and then slid the panel closed between 3d and 4d. You’re welcome. (Note: 3d and 4d can still see and hear one another, for the time being.) They had to jiggle the box a few times to get the box totally up to 4d, as those not ready for prime time were shook out. We can’t tell how many there were.

Anyway, then this happened:

This time we jumped TO something, versus away from something.

Sister Sun in Action

Meanwhile, Sol’s sister sun Sal is in a corkscrew orbit, in tandem with our sun. We’re not sure if she’s coming in or going out, but Sal moves in a helical fashion. What’s funny is, it’s almost always behind the sun. We’re looking into this. Note that the sun will WAKE UP then fall asleep and start the cycle anew until Sal starts to move away.


Right before the above jump, CATs reported dreams where they’re packed up (very light, with backpacks) and on the way out the door somewhere. Less than half-a-dozen said that someone in the dream said something about the “West Coast Proclamation.” We don’t know what that is, but it felt ‘other-timeline-y’ to us. Some CATs have always felt like at some point in our lives there would be an East and West US… so perhaps these dreams are tapping into that timeline. We’ve never had an exact date or name, but we feel the division of the country will become more literal at some point.

Lots of CATs also reported hearing “Holiday Road” yesterday morning on waking, if that tells you anything. Of course, family trips can be pretty terrible, so… keep those hopes lashed to the mast.


Whatever. Here’s this from 2019.

The cabal is of course using this baloon thing as misdirection from the horrific Ohio train crash debacle, which was intentional, and which is also the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history — along suddenly with lots of other train crashes — and of course the Nordstream II scandal brewing… and the use of HAARP on Turkey to create earthquakes and kill 50,000 people… the list goes on and on. We must really be near the end of things if the cabal is playing the Project Bluebeam card and blowing up trains.

Let’s check the tally:

Of course, the Big Thing hasn’t happened… yet… whatever it is to be. Trust in SOURCE and everything will be fine; fear-up a storm and everything for you will NOT.


Speaking of that, someone has tried to forecast some kind of negative event for a few upcoming February (US Corporation default) dates… like the day after Valentine’s Day… but we’re not seeing it. They’re also pushing for an earthquake on the West Coast (by reminding everyone about it over and over again), but that’s just spellcasting. The various earthquakes we’re seeing here and there are complicated, and of course induced by the cabal (why hasn’t this machinery been blown up?), but there’s also a ‘karmic cleanse’ component for places that have been historically less than stellar towards humanity (in ancient times). We will probably see more of this.

As for shooting down UFOs… when was the last time a military successfully shot down an ET craft?

Now, check this out:

When you walk through any doorway, for whatever reason the (illusory) timeline you’re on glitches out. We asked Spirit, “Why?” and Spirit said, “Why not?” LOL.


Btw, this is true:

Where did they go? Other timelines/dimensions.

Every time you step on a plane, walk through a doorway, you have no idea where you might end up. Hopefully wherever it is, it’s Taco Tuesday.

Illusion Report

Speaking of everyone’s least favorite game (the Illusion), we typically ignore most of what goes on and wait to hear about it from others. Someone always asks, “Have you seen THIS??” We don’t know if people are numb to what’s happening, or indifferent… both states look similar. Of course, CATs try to practice equanimity, considering this is all Illusion, but… we’re all “human.” Well, sorta.

Anyway, YES that was a mask on “KH” (note the bulge at the neck); the PTW needed someone who didn’t sit there laughing like a little kid the whole time. Here’s another, this one of the “rezifp CEO” reptoid in a mask; note how his throat double swallows around the 36-40 second mark because he was seriously lying and his (inhuman) throat chakra gave him away. And check this hilarious Maxine mask …on “Maxine”! We might need to buy one of those.



Oh, and Happy Hallmark Day.


Ok, this latest from San is very interesting. Some of you may have already seen it. It seems to read a number of ways.


Please review the dreams some of the CATs had, as detailed at the beginning of Post 784. That kerfuffle we saw is still coming. Most of those who make it to the other side of the Kerfuffle will be those who placed themselves in the hands of SOURCE and Brother J. It is literally as simple as that.


All the cats are feeling it. If you want to know what “it” is, just wait. Seems like what is to come will be good AND bad, depending on how you look at it. So… it’s basically a SOURCE self-selection: Do you choose fear, or SOURCE? Ask Brother J to enjoy whatever it is with you and you will go with SOURCE.

NOTE: Team Dark is REALLY coming out of the woodwork, now. They’re panicking.

KTF: Keep the faith.


FYI, bunches of jumps/adjustments…

…and some CMEs that will def be hitting us:

And some other energy smacking into us:

Check out this energy capture over France this evening:

UPDATE5 ~ 2/15/23

One CAT mentioned something they saw today and all the CATs said, “YEAH, that happened to me!” Perhaps it’s happening to you.

About a month ago, we noticed that the icons on our phones and tablets started looking more and more 3D, which we each chalked up to advances in screen technology or a device software upgrade. But then one CAT saw the same thing today in a static 2D photo of a forest in a dentist office — and another CAT saw it in another 2D photo. Our (literal) vision appears to be being upgraded.

UPDATE6 ~ 2/16/23

FYI, all the M’s and many of the CATs are reporting feeling “weird.” They can’t explain it any better than that, for the most part. ~AM said he feels like he’d imaging the Second Buddha felt right before he ascended from 4d to 9d — and melted the rock he was leaning on (in front of witnesses) with his SIX-FINGERED HAND. (The Second Buddha had six fingers on each hand, whodathunkit.)

Also, outof the blue, ~AM saw, “a bunch of brazilians going crazy and rioting,” while in meditation. He seemed to get that this might precede something big.

UPDATE7 ~ 2/17/23 #1

Sadly, there are a class of people we cannot help. In dreams we see them behind glass, participating in their daily insanity, and we can no longer reach them… or we’re not allowed to because of their free-will choice. We don’t like divisions, but they don’t last forever — and they’re not technically real. At this “point in time,” the separation between those who choose SOURCE and STO (Service to Others), and those who choose the darkness and STS (Service to Self) is finalized.

UPDATE8 ~ 2/17/23 #2

We had a long-duration X-ray event at 11:00 am PST today:

Since Portal One is our Reality Projector, this is some high-level reality programming coming in. Should be an interesting weekend.

UPDATE9 ~ 2/18/23a

Most CATs woke up in the night due to the previous CME (UPDATE4). The latest outburst (the above X-ray energy and CME) is set to hit the earth sometime around 2 pm PST, or 22:00 UTC today… unless it misses us. Here’s what it looked like:

Then we discovered a GRB that hit right at the peak (note the times above, below), acting as booster:

There are no coincidences.

[MIND-BOGGLING NOTE: Try to imagine the level of advancement of beings who can pre-detect and determine what GRBs will affect the earth, then intercept and code those applicable GRBs’ extreme energy with beneficial information/codes while the energy is in transit through time and space… AND timing and coordinating this with another burst coming from SOURCE via Portal One.]

UPDATE10 ~ 2/18/23b

Whoa. Right on cue, big CME, direct hit:

Also of note, a ship flew right in front of the Stereo A satellite…

…but that’s just space swamp gas reflecting Venus, no biggie.