787: Sal is Here ~ [UPDATE3]

Sal, Sol’s sister sun, is now visible.

Here she is, peeking from behind the sun (not that little lens flare at bottom right):

Thanks to AC for pointing this out to us.

Here’s the video.

Sal (formerly Trudy) is a brown dwarf that only shines in the infrared, but she’s becoming visible as she’s absorbing energy from Sol, looking like a bright ring. The MSM and our “leaders” have been suppressing this for years.

Sal’s system is transiting ours in a parallel orbit. We’re not sure how close she’ll get… but the above pic looks pretty close. THIS is why the sun has suddenly ‘awakened’ and is behaving the way it is. Sal and her system have a long periodicity, but when she gets close to Sol the two spiral around each other in a corkscrew fashion, before moving back to the nether regions till next time. The complicated bit is how the planets in the two solar systems react to the two gravitic centers moving around each other. That gravitic wobble has caused planets in both systems to shift in their orbits over the years (depending on where they are when Sal comes by); this is why Uranus’ axis is normal to the plane of the ecliptic (that is, she spins on her side). Depending on what timeline this is, we see Pluto and its moon captured by Sal’s system during this Sal pass.

THIS is why we’re experiencing “climate change.” Other planets in the solar system have been experiencing climate change for years as Sal approached (Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars). Jupiter’s Great Red Spot even turned WHITE for a time a few years ago around Christmas, after shrinking for years (though this story has been mostly scrubbed from the internet). Are humans responsible for influencing weather on other planets? Should we outlaw Sal? Or tax her as she comes by? Ridiculous.

Total eclipse of the cat.


This is interesting. We discovered this… and checked… and this really is…

…one of the 30 pieces of silver Judas was paid to betray Brother J (mounted on that silver hand). Creepy, yet fascinating. What it really is is a preserved piece of the Illusion, like an idea in a jar. Very interesting. We wouldn’t like to touch it.


Keep an eye out for a solar M-flare around 12-2 PST today (20-22:00 UTC):

The photonic pulse were were seeing from Portal One looks to now be of the X-ray variety. If you’ll notice, there were some regular pulses before the last X flare, and so far we’ve had four metered M-flares. It could be building to the next big one.


So much for that theory.