788: Eye of the Needle ~ [UPDATE5]

Keep the faith.

It’s all happening. Meditate big. Meditate often. If something feels like it needs to be done… do it. No fear.

UPDATE1 ~ 2/24/23

Interesting energy today:

And a big CME:

And that triangular hole on the sun is back, after several years’ absence:

Aaand… yesteday, while we were waiting for a solar X-ray event fom 20-23 PST, we had a GRB then, instead:

UPDATE2 ~ 2/25/23 10:30 pm PST

More energy of interest:

There were also two big earth-directed CMEs, but the animations aren’t loading.

And, not that this is important in any way, but here is an actual pic of mothman from the ’66/’67 sightings:

It’s just a low-vibe entity that escaped here and was eventually recaptured (like “Spring-heeled Jack”). A few such entities recently escaped via portals around the Denver Airport, but they aren’t anything but a nuisance. Nothing to worry about. They REALLY dislike loud sounds, as do most low-vibe entities.


The energies are off the charts, of late. Something is building and you know what it is. On that note, some CATs dreamt last night of a huge storm, a massive flash of light… then there were no more clouds, the storm gone. Can’t wait.


We don’t like calling out specific groups or people when it comes to disinformation (esp. considering this is all an Illusion)… but in this case we’re going to make an exception. While consistently misdirecting normies in the Illusion is a well-worn Team Dark thing, it’s got to stop. We reviewed much of that one French group’s previous information, issued in the ’90s, and their info is so wrong as to be potentially harmful, but their latest meeting notes caused us to stop looking at them for good. Like many channelers, the group in question are *not* setting protection of any kind — and have never done so, to our knowledge — so they subsequently have no idea who’s coming through to speak as a “benevolent ET” from wherever. At this (3d) level, people have got to learn how to set protection.

This one early exchange from their latest meeting set us off:

Firstly, ALL the Turkey quakes had shallow 10 km depth signatures, the telltale of HAARP heating of the lithosphere (which can only penetrate microwaves into that depth of the earth’s crust, though the Chinese can go to 12 km). Then there was the ‘accelerant’ spraying in the atmosphere right before the quake, as documented in videos. Then there were all the evacuations from all those embassy personnel from those countries involved in supporting this attack. However… just in case we missed something, the CATs looked at this event to be sure… and Spirit unanimously agreed that these quakes were 100% man-made.

Yes, these “criminal actions” and effects are Illusion, but manipulating people who are trying to wake up is in our minds worse than trying to simply kill them in the Illusion, because it makes BOTH victim and perpetrator slaves and keeps them in slavery. This is our problem with bad channelers. Without setting protection you unknowingly (or in some cases knowingly) participate in this spiritual warfare. People who can’t determine lies from half-truths (that is, the majority of people on earth) should simply turn off the internet, turn off the MSM, toss away their “smart” phones, take up some sport or hobby and just meditate twice a day. They will be better off than all those who follow all this dreck like a tennis match. Controversial proclamations made by the MSM, our “leaders,” and bad channelers are blatant disinformation designed to thwart spiritual progress, which carries a huge penalty; the karmic charge for this is gynormous, hugely damaging to those who are doing it, resulting in the guarantee of thousands and thousands more turns, more painful lifetimes on the 3d Wheel of Pain and Suffering. Some channelers have learned and begun to set protection since the last time we brought this up, while others stubbornly spew forth in order to keep their site numbers up, afraid that setting proper protection will mar their abilities. Well, it’s your funeral. We tried to warn you.

We’re not going to suggest people avoid any sites, because this impinges on free will. Instead, we suggest using your own discretion in reviewing all info, even ours. Note that channeled low entities often mix lies and half-truths along with actual truth, because part of their weird rules of engagement involve them having to tell you what they’re going to do before they do it, thus invoking some kind of tacit free-will permission on your part. You can of course revoke your permission simply by saying NO and turning away.


And now, a heads-up. March is looking enormous, energy-wise, going into the equinox. Even those normies who’ve never felt anything before are going to be feeling the Wave X; for many it’s already started. “Ascension flu” symptoms will be rife, nd of course used to foment fear about the shot and the bug and all that malarkey. If people bring up their symptoms, see this as what it is — a little cry for help — and gently show them how to ground themselves, which should get them through the worst of it. Some might not make it.



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