789: March Ballast ~ [UPDATE6]

It’s all about ballast.

Dang. We have been trying to get this post out all week. Are we there yet?

You will definitely know when something happens. Or when the channelers tell you that the BIG THING is coming! Oh, wait. They’re always saying that. They’re right, of course, but there sure are a lot of them getting bogged down in the Illusion (SARATOGA; let it go, babe). The SBCs (Space Brother Channelers) have been saying something BIG is coming for a long time. End of the world, something big, etc. And no, we have no idea how long this is going to take. More and more it seems to be a individual thing, where YOU have to work and strive and then SOURCE steps in and takes the last step for you for each step in the process. (The ‘eye of the needle thing’ turned out to be for some CATs at this moment in time. It might be for others eventually, but you won’t know till you know.) This is YOUR journey, not necessarily everyone’s group journey.

In the meantime, DO NOT PAY ANY ATTENTION TO THE ILLUSION. It will do you no good. Let. It. Go.

And be nice to the earth and bigfoot won’t hurt you. Harm the earth (or shoot at bigfoot) and suffer the consequences. (Btw, keep your eye out for EXTREME WEIRDNESS.)

What we know for sure is that you folks reading this are like ballast in a ship, little bricks of fun and sanity here to keep the ship from going kerflooey when the energy winds hit. Why do you think Boston has so many brick buildings? SHIP BALLAST. Not necessarily fun and sanity, though. They’re kind uptight. Anyway, each brick helped right a ship, and helped build a city.

And yes, all the Boston Marathon stuff was fake.

Energy Windage

O the energy winds! Last night lots of CATs felt the energy come in to each (old) chakra point of our energy bodies (we don’t have chakras anymore, we have ENERGY BODIES). It started at RED (no comment), then to ORANGE (stomachs feeling pressure)… then GREEN (heart, spine tingles)… then BLUE (a little coughing)… then INDIGO and VIOLET (headaches). Each stage seemed to take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. We ostensibly do this over and over again until the blue bigfoot sings.

MORE energy winds? More energy winds. But this month, even the normies are gonna feel it. They already are, calling in sick with “nausea” and headaches and other Ascension flu symptoms that they don’t understand and chalk up to other things. The PTW will no doubt try to stir up Shot Propaganda or somesuch with it, and ER visits will increase, but just shrug and let it go.

Other things are already changing. Lots of people are literally SEEing things differently; CATs and others have been seeing 2D things in 3D for some time now, since we’re not really 3d anymore (3D = Third Dimension, 3d = Third Density). Aaand the PTW have lost control of pretty much everything. Note how the weather is being the weather again, what a concept. Whatever they spray doesn’t seem to work (’cause it’s the wrong tactic for the wrong density). The PTW have lost all control over everything but aren’t aware of it… or they are. Who cares?

We say that because it’s confusing to try to see 3d and 4d/5d together; we can’t tell what’s happening where. That same feeling of something LOOMING is still there, but there’s the 3d feeling about it (which feels kinda one way) — and then there’s the 4d/5d feeling about it (which feels the exact other way). Then there’s ~AM who keeps rolling his eyes at all this.

In the meantime…

The Space War Continues

Less filling, tastes great. Same as it ever was. (Thanks for the heads-up, AC.)


Btw, this wasn’t explained well by us. Let’s try again. These black/gray vertical lines…

…are caused when the GOES spacecraft is briefly eclipsed by the Earth every day, for a time, and lasts about 45 days. This is very normal. However, that said, we noticed that this strangely coincided with the Akrons’ attempts to break through Portal One, which we called KNOCK. We don’t fully understand the correlation; something about them being unobserved during those times? Anyway, it doesn’t matter. ~AM and the AAs zapped them again.


Believe it or not, all is well. There is nothing you need do but continue to meditate and try to get better every. single. day.

Oops. That darn Akron clown fell apart. Dang.

UPDATE1 ~ 3/8/23

FYI, this (upgrade) is what many were feeling recently:

While the resultant CME was directed away from earth, we’re still feeling the tangential effects; the prominence was observed beginning at 20:10 UTC (Mar 7), so large that it stretched hundreds of thousands of kilometers — past the GOES satellite sensor range (which is why the image is sharp at the top right).


That said, we suggest that people refrain from looking at meters to justify what they’re feeling. If you’re feeling it: It’s real, it’s happening. SOURCE is real and we are real and the energy is real… but the Illusion is not. However, if the meters are recording actual reality… [shrug]. It’s interesting, but it’s also a distraction. Accept the uploads, integrate, and meditate.


CATs are generally “unplugged” today. This was puzzling till we noticed that we might be in a jump:

It’s 24:00 Tomsk time right now, 17:00 UTC. But we’re not seeing any corroboration for a jump from other meters, save for the above and how we’re feeling [shrug]. Time feels slower today, too.

Note that the weather is now totally in SOURCE hands, ‘raining-in’ codes.

NOTE: The SR meter was just delayed. No jumps or abnormalities… though we are ALL feeling something.


Some won’t like this, but we like to tell the hardest truths first. So here we go. To answer people’s questions:

  1. The “White Hats” are not going to save you. Trump isn’t going to save you. (And for the other crowd, mr. nasty sure isn’t going to save you.) While there may be some WHs here and there, this has been overemphasized and is in fact an “operation” in some cases. Operation Sucker. THE ONLY WAY to get through this is to: A. Invite SOURCE into your life, via Brother J. Sure, you can take other spiritual roads, but they take at least twice as long. It’s your choice, of course. B. You have to forget this “white hat” crap and RISE UP AND DO IT YOURSELF. This is the only way things will change. The People have to rise up and take their world back. No one else is going tio do it for you. Abandon things that don’t work. Start your own parties.
  2. We are seeing that people get to the New Earth via transitioning. That is, your body has to die. We’ve always seen it this way, but thought that “The FLASH” was going to handle this for us (basically transitoning us and recalescing us at the next bus stop). This still might happen, but we aren’t specifically seeing it. Bottom line: Make the best of being here, now.
  3. Stop following the new agey ET channeler crowd. Even the CATs were following some of these people (some still do). Most of them aren’t fulfilling on ANYTHING they’re saying, with a few exceptions. We really like some of them. But many of them are just keeping you trapped, looking and waiting for some external savior or external Event to save your bacon.

The only one who’s gonna save your bacon is YOU. You have to do the work. You have to develop a relationship with GOD. Let’s just go for the G word, shall we? You have to meditate and raise your vibration. You can’t smoke dope every day and be a vegan and fondle crystals and expect anything constructive to happen except another turn on the Wheel of Pain. Sorry to be the bearers of bad news (for some), but… that’s the way it is.

Yes, the energy is increasing. Yes, more and more people are feeling it. These normies need to wake up and follow GOD (sorry, SOURCE is sounding namby pamby, lately) — follow God and not mr. nasty, and not some political party, and not some military “heroes,” and not some shining blonde ETs. Enough of this crap. There are only three things that exist: God, You as ONE (aka, The Oversoul, the ONE Extension), and the “Holy Spirit” Who is Our Memory of God before all this omniverse stuff happened. The omniverse is Illusion. YOU are not.

And no, we don’t see organized religion helping at all. They’re all about control and justifying their phoney baloney jobs.

That said… following God isn’t that tough to do on your own. Meditating and doing the right thing and standing up for yourself and others isn’t that tough. Abstaining from deleterious activities and rituals and alcohol and drugs isn’t that tough. You’ve just got to make up your mind and do it. Otherwise, you’re not going anywhere.

We’re seeing Angels nodding and looking matter-of-fact.

Where to start? Try giving your dreams to Brother J. See how that goes. And lay off the pipe.


FYI, latest rains on the West Coast of the U.S. are NOT SOURCE-based. It’s the cabal using weather modification to try to wreck the crop cycle and create hardship. (CA is reponsible for much of the nations fruit and veggies, nuts and cheese.) SOURCE and Gaia — and all of you meditating on placing this in SOURCE’s hands — might modify that. Something to work on.

Also… not to discourage anyone, but there are now people on the New Earth — but hardly any. Like, less than a hundred. You can incarnate there… if you can. ~AM was to go (via transitioning) last year but chose to stay and help; so far, all CATs are still here for specific purposes, as are many of you. We’re unsure of the duration, but every day here is like a hundred/thousand years there in terms of spirit points and advancement. It takes a looooong time to advance only in spirit; only in bodies doing SOURCE work can you make real strides. There are also those here who are very advanced and here to help. Something must still be in the works if we’re still here. Try to stay positive.

There was a minor CAT kerfuffle on the terms “God” and “SOURCE,” but AM and some of the other M’s quelled it. It is the intent, not the word. 95% of us say ‘SOURCE and J’ and it’s no big deal. SOURCE is God and God is SOURCE and we are SOURCE and coffee is good. Blah blah blah.


For those who might have a headache, we had a proton event, probably from that earlier CME(s)/filament eruption:

There have also been seven GRBs in the past two days, so someone is stepping up the pressure (here’s a sampling):


Closer and closer. You will soon realize the earth’s place in all that is happening.