790: CAT Thread

Check this out.

Here’s a CAT thread from this morning some might find interesting, between two CATs on the editorial desk chatting with two M’s:


CATs: Question: Is there anyone on the New Earth right now?

M3/7: Yes. Feels very sparsely populated, tho.

CATs: How did those people get there?

M3/7: Happened (happens) through transition here, then people incarnate there… [talking amongst themselves]… somehow. Fully formed? But different? There’s some other process in there that’s supposed to be a (pleasant) surprise. We sense those who are there have been there a while. Hardly any people have made it, less than a hundred. (~AM was slated to go, but chose to stay and help.)

CATs: So, are we (CATs) here ’cause it’s part of our mission? or did some of us miss the boat??

M3/7: [laughter] You guys always think you’ve missed the boat! Actually, we are here because we are supposed to be here. Not sure exactly why, but feels like we are here to witness something.

CATs: Bright shiny thing?

M3/7: Sure seems like it. Something huge.